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I haven’t done any narrated guides yet, but I’m hoping to get some good clips of Baleroc tonight for that purpose!  I have, however, caught a few of our normal mode kills and posted them up with just music for our guild front page.  I thought I’d go ahead and share them with you if you’d like to see the kills from a resto druid PoV.  I will continue to work on the Narrated Videos, so keep your eyes out for them!  I am updating my YouTube Channel when I am able (and have time!) to toss new things up.

Beth’tilac (normal)

Alysrazor (normal)

Please don’t hesitate to let me know if you have questions!  Narrated videos should be coming soon-ish along with an updated UI! 🙂

Posted July 10, 2011 by Beruthiel in Video

4 responses to “Firelands Videos!

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  1. Wow. Awesome videos! Thank you for posting. My team is still getting started in FL and it really helps seeing the fights from a Resto POV.

    Also, your video quality is amazing. I’ve been dabbling with Fraps and Vegas Pro but don’t get near this quality even though my computer/video card are all new and top quality. I can only assume my settings need changed. Can you share any tips or settings for when you render?

    Regardless, thanks for posting these! Will pass on to our other Restos.

  2. Nice! Thanks so much. =) Can’t wait to get home and go through that guide.

  3. Can you tell me how far you had your camera zoomed out for the Alysrazor encounter? (The actual “consolecameramaxdistance” bit if possible.) I’m having a hell of a time getting through the first few seconds of the tornado phase. Seems like you had the perfect zoom distance and angle where you could see the tornadoes clearly but also didn’t end up with bird wings filling the screen. Any help would be much appreciated! 🙂 Thanks!

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