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What better way to start off my Tier 12 videos with a guide on the healing encounter in the tier?! I’m suffering a tad from allergies in the commentary, so if I sound a bit stuffy you’ll have to forgive me 🙂 While I usually post tips and tricks for the encounter below the video, I did a fairly through write up in the comments to Monday’s post that I’m going to quote. Additionally, since this was only our second kill, there are things that I can still improve on doing, so I am going to outline those below.  I’ve also included my power aura exports for both Vital Spark and Vital Flame.

A friendly reminder that this video will be best viewed at one of the higher resolutions and and in full screen.

Power Auras
Vital Spark
Version:4.21; icon:INV_Elemental_Mote_Fire01; buffname:Vital Spark; x:-156; alpha:1; owntex:true; size:0.3; y:68; stacks.enabled:true; stacks.y:41; stacks.x:-141; stacks.h:0.88; stacks.Texture:Monofonto
Vital Flame
Version:4.21; icon:INV_Elemental_Primal_Fire; buffname:Vital Flame; x:-1; alpha:1; owntex:true; size:0.45; y:166; timer.h:1.89; timer.Texture:Monofonto; timer.enabled:true; timer.cents:false; timer.y:126; timer.x:-35; timer.UseOwnColor:true


Always room to improve!

As stated above, there are still things that I can do to smooth out my performance on this fight, so I wanted to outline them below so that everyone else knows to look out for them as well!

  • My Lifebloom uptime is pretty abysmal.  For this particular kill I was at 62% – which is, frankly, pretty poor on my part.  I’ve already made a little note to myself to keep it active.
  • From time to time I lose my Nature’s Bounty buff – yet keep healing instead of refreshing a rejuv or two for the faster casts.  I’m still torn on which is better – I suspect taking the couple of GCDs to refresh for the hasted nourish will prove to be more effective.
  • I do not maximize my Shard of Woe.  At all.  I should use this towards the end of my tank healing rotation, right before I do things like refresh my rejuvs and hit the tank with a final swiftmend for the extra ticks.
  • I could do better with maximizing my Nature’s Grace.  Timing it so that it’s up during my tank healing stints would not only give me faster Healing Touches, but extra ticks on my HoTs.
  • I fail at being a troll.  And by that I mean I never remember to berserk.  It’s at the point that I think I need a power aura for it.  It’s not a massive buff, but every little bit helps!

Some comments on strategy:

First and formost, for the healers to do their jobs, the DPS with the torment stacks needs to effectively do their job as well. If they don’t, it’s going to be hard for healers to gain stacks of sparks! The way that we handle this is to make 6 groups – three melee groups and three ranged groups. Each group as two people (so 12 DPS total). We make sure that each group has one person that has the ability to hold torment longer than 9 seconds (DKs, Moonkin, S Priests, Feral Druids, Warlocks). Then what we do is assign an order for the torment shards. There will be two shards up each time they spawn – and there will be one melee group and one ranged group that deals with each shard spawn. One person will hold the shard for ~9 seconds, and the other will hold it until it ends (one of those listed above). Rotate your three groups out as each shard set spawns, and make sure they have good communication about swappping.

It’s important that your ranged stay relatively close together (your healers should be near the ranged as well) so that torment shards dont’ spawn in BFE. Additionally, we have the melee all start on the left foot and then move to the right foot once the shard spawns, save the person who is supposed to take that first torment. Then rotate that for each spark.

Next let me talk about the tanks (I’ll get to the healing! Honest!).

We use a “fire weapon tank” and a “decimation taunt tank”. The decimation tank starts the fight, and holds the boss until he’s at ~250k life. Then the main tank will taunt the boss back. The taunt tank will take the boss everytime he uses decimation – and the main tank will take it back to build stacks in between. Now, and this is pretty key, the first two decimations can very hard to deal with if they come early because healers don’t have a lot of spark stacks and aren’t pushing huge numbers and able to get the tank topped off. We solve this problem by having a LoH rotation for the decimation tank for the first two decimates. We use a Ret paladin (Do not have him take torment stacks, because it causes reduced healing) and have our Prot Paladin LoH for the first two decimations – you can have holy paladins do it as well, just know that it may throw off their rotation for gaining sparks. Not a huge deal, but something to consider. However, the LoH to stabilize the tank on those early decimations is a life saver.

Additionally, if one of your two tanks is a prot paladin and you have him as the flame/main tank he can sac the decimation tank and that tank will take reduced damage. THe MT has so much life that the damage back to him pretty much only tickles – but do note that this will only work if it’s the tank using sac, as it will kill a holy or ret paladin.

Onto the healing!

We use 7 healers. We break the healers into three groups – one group of three and two groups of two. We call them group 1, group 2 and group 3.

The group of three (group 1) will always start on the tanks (as there are three healers). The other two groups will start with healing torment. After about 15-20 seconds of the first shard spawning group 2 switches to the tanks (decimation possible here) and group 1 starts healing torment. At 3 seconds left on group 2′s Flame (I’m in group 2), the call is made for group 3 to heal the tanks. Group 2 switches back to torment. ~12-13 seconds in the call is made for group 1 to switch to the tanks and group 3 swaps to heal torment. We rinse and repeat this. (Note that I’m not johnny on the spot with calling switches for anyone but group 2 – as I can see my own timers. I do my best, but sometimes one of the groups will be on the tank longer. It’s not the end of the world, but do try to be somewhat consistent so that everyone can build sparks equally).

Now, sometimes with a decimation or towards the end of the fight when the damage is really high, we will overlap so that there are two groups healing the tanks and only one stacking torment for tank stability. I do try to limit this, and only have one group on the tanks at a time, but sometimes I do put two groups on the tank and then stagger them back off.

The next trick is building spark stacks. This is important. You want to build stacks as quickly as you can, so you want to use a faster heal on the torment target to build stacks. It’s tricky because you also do not want to run out of mana. So use haste buffs and whatnot to help you get stacks faster. I’m not 100% sure what other classes use, but here is how I heal:

I start with stacking LB and putting a rejuv on the Decimation tank (that’s who starts the pull). I then Rejuv the MT and the first two targets for torment, so that I have nature’s bounty effecting my nourish, bringing it down to a very cheap 1.3 second direct heal. While I am healing torment targets, I spam them with nourish – trying to remember to keep Rejuv up on at least 3 people and refreshing lifebloom on the tank. I will toss a regrowth on the torment targets when OoC procs.

When I swap to healing the tank, I will use a quick direct heal or a swiftmend to get my flames debuff straight away. I will then attempt the following rotation: Spam HT on the tank for the first 10 – 11 seconds. The last 4-5 seconds before my flames wear off I refresh my HoTs on both tanks, so that they get the increased healing from flames even after I’ve moved off the tanks. I will use trinkets, time NG or berserk (If I remember…) as I HoT the tanks and/or SM so that they get extra ticks from the extra haste. I will also ToL during a tank heal rotation for the healing boost.

When I swap back to torment targets, I try to remember to put up a third rejuv for hasted nourish.

Rinse and repeat.

I am sure that other classes have their tips and tricks for stacking sparks and healing the tank – however for tank healing, I believe eveyrone wants to start with their largest direct heals and at ~3 swap to faster heals so that they don’t inadvertantly reset their flames debuff and are able to swap back to stack sparks again.

Also, don’t be afraid to rez a fallen tank during the fight as they will retain their buff from Baleroc through death.

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21 responses to “Healing Baleroc (video guide)

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  1. Hi! I notice you have your shard dps take 9 seconds on the crystal at least. Would you know how many stacks that would amount to? Is it 1 stack per second?

    • A lot of our DPS actually hold them a lot longer because we tend to put DPS on them that can mitigate the extra damage, and the more stacks your DPS has the more stacks you recieve from healing them 🙂 I can’t recall if the stacks are 1 stack every second for the torment shards or not, unfortunately!

  2. Thanks for this, I was having trouble finding good info on healing this fight. 🙂

  3. I notice you play 25man… this seems much easier for druids on 25. I’m a 10man raider, and I have big trouble keeping up the shard dps as well as building my stacks. Nourish just kinda tickles, Healing Touch takes too long (they die while I’m casting), and Regrowth ooms me so quickly that I have no mana left for healing the tank. I loved the idea of using Nature’s Bounty for a hasted regrowth, but sadly I don’t think this would be viable in 10 man with only one healer on the shard dps :/

    • I haven’t healed this in 10 man yet – but let me see if I can ferret out a few things for you. I assume that you three heal this on 10s? And is there only one fragment on 10s? I’m guessing yes – but not positive.

      If that’s the case, you should have two healers on your torment targets at a time. Unless you are using two healers on the tank at a time? But that wouldn’t make sense, as you’d end up with periods where there is only one healer on the tank. I would assume you’d use a similar healing rotation as 25s – just with one healer on the tank at a time? I don’t have a lot of 10s experience with it, as my alt group hasn’t gotten this far yet.

      However, assuming that you have just one healer on the tank at a time and the other two building spark stacks, between the two of you healing that person, nourish with a SM thrown in for a pinch heal if needed should be sufficient for keeping the torment target stable I think. You may have to toss them a larger heal now and again as their stacks grow to huge levels – but I think you should be able to use nourish up until that point. Something to test maybe 🙂

      When I do get around to it in our 10 man run, I’ll be happy to let you know how we worked it out – but I’m sure you’ll have mastered it long before then! Good Luck!

  4. In 25m the healing assignments seem a lot more complicated than they really are. If you do the following rotation each healing group only needs to keep track of 6 people they need to heal. We also had the people doing shards switch at 12 stacks.

    3 healing groups of 2
    3 range groups of 2
    3 melee groups of 2

    Healer Group Rotation (on every shard spawn)
    Tanks -> Melee -> Range

    H1 H2 H3
    Shard 1 T M1 R1
    Shard 2 M2 R2 T
    Shard 3 R3 T M3

    Each healing group only needs to know and heal 6 people!
    H1 heals T, M2, R3
    H2 heals T, M1, R2
    H3 heals T, M3, R1

    • Assigning heals to the melee group and the ranged group is a good idea! We generally let the shard healers free for all the torment targets, but I can definitely see where a more rigid assignment might be helpful!

  5. If healing the Torment targets is proving hard, may I suggest using classes with mitigation in these roles..i.e feral druids and dks are good for barkskin and survival instincts, especially because the second half of each melee group often takes a couple more stacks (fourteen or fifteen).

    • “We make sure that each group has one person that has the ability to hold torment longer than 9 seconds (DKs, Moonkin, S Priests, Feral Druids, Warlocks)” 😉

      That being said – our feral druid can hold that sucker for something like 21 stacks. It’s crazy! I actually think I missed enhancement shaman in this rotation, as I believe ours has indicated that they have something that helps them mitigate the damage and hold them a bit longer as well.

  6. Oops sorry for that. You already said it.

  7. Shards stack Torment each second for 25 seconds. Because you only gain Sparks for every 3 stacks of Torment, the first 8 stacks aren’t especially important. Also, it is better for Sparks if a dps takes 15, 18, or more stacks than if they swap at 12/13 every time. Cooldown usage which allows healers to spam quickly onto the soaker at high stacks of Torment are ideal. As a paladin I use Beacon on the soaker (using Tower of Radiance) to rotate Holy Shock, Word of Glory @ 1 Holy Power, and Flash of Light which is rather low output but results in very fast Spark accumulation.

    DPS with their own mitigation cooldowns are great for this. Hand of Sacrifice is good too because it is unusable on the tanks, though not for the last 3 to 5 stacks (the last stack or two can actually 1-shot a paladin if HoSac is the only cooldown in effect – I have proof).

  8. Hi Beruthiel !

    First of all, nice video and info !

    My Q is about youre Grid, the soakers gets a stacking debuff on youre grid, and the tanks have something aswell. Are you using an extra addon for youre Grid ?

  9. Very nice video! We got Bale last night on our first night of attempts, on 10 man. We tried 3 hrs on 25 and it proved too difficult for our first night. Healing as a druid was painful, so thanks for your tips. I didn’t even remember about the hasted Nourish, it’s been so long since I tried that, it will definitely help for our next kill to save on mana.

    I’d also like to ask what UI you’re using, it looks wonderful! I’ve seen it before but I don’t know (besides Grid and Recount) what is there. I like the streamlined look on the bottom that covers chat, toolbars, and recount all in one pane. What is this addon? Thanks!

  10. Hello – I’d like to start by saying TYVM for the post – this seems to be *just* what I was looking for!

    I saw a question/reply on YouTube re: lifebloom and the “bloom” not triggering Vital Flame [when blooming on tank – of course]…

    My question – related – is does the “direct heal” portion of rejuvenation ala Gift of the Earthmother *also* fail to trigger Vital Flame?

    Also – in 10 man – we tend to leave 2 heals on tank and one on sparks… we may adjust as needed… but along these lines… is there a “cooldown” for the Vital Flame buff that you know of? Or can a direct heal on the tank apply Vital Flame again regardless of how long since the buff has last fallen off?

    This fight is particularly frustrating for me as we got this down first week – even though my stacks were quite low…

    But struggled a full [unsuccessful] raid night the next week because of inadequate stacks/mana/experience/understanding…

    Reading that “healing the tank” would grant Vital Flame – which meant no stacking Vital Spark – caused me to stop using hots on the tank – and without properly ticking LB’s granting 1% mana regen [T12 2-piece] and OOC procs – I quickly oom’d!

    I may have seen the error in my thinking quicker – however my UI did not provide an easily visible way for me to track my Vital Flame/Vital Spark stacks and duration…

    Which your supplied Power Auras setup looks like it will do… and beautifully as well… if your video is any indication 😀

    Anyway – thanks again for this post – I can’t wait to get back in there and kick the gatekeepers butt – LoL 😛

  11. Very helpful video and detailed explanation.

    Could you list the addons that you are using in that video? Thx!

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  15. i am trying to heal this fight on 10 man as a holy priest, using healbot, and am having a hard time of it, mostly because i cannot see the buffs/debuffs in this fight. i too would like to know what addons you are using, esp your main heal addon. is that vudho, grid? and the ‘watcher’ like bar moving along the bottom toward the left? i would really like to know all the addons you are using on this video.

    thanks so much for a great guide.

  16. I realize this is about 3 months late, but I just pulled up this post *yet again* for a guildmate who hadn’t healed this fight before. Your guide remains the clearest that I’ve seen, and I think I have every healer in the guild using your Power Auras for Vital Spark and Vital Flame. Thanks for this, Beru!

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