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So, this weekend I saw Cowboys vs. Aliens.  I will come out and say right now that the only redeeming thing about the movie was getting to see Daniel Craig in chaps for two hours.  In fact I’d even go far enough to say that I got more enjoyment out of wiping to Alysrazor all night on Sunday than I did watching that movie.  I mean, to be fair, I really didn’t have high expectations for the movie from the start.  I mean, the concept just seemed…off to me.  Be that as it may, even Brade rated it as “wait for video”!

On Raiding

We have been working on Heroic Alysrazor.  Contrary to what my raid may believe, I find it a really fun fight, but that might just be because I get to run around and cast ALL my heals while doing so.  Feathers own.  Anyhow, we’ve been working on the encounter and have pretty much narrowed a kill down to “everyone surviving”.  If people live, we will win.

We had a 7% wipe last night, after just a night and a half working on the fight.

People have died to any number of things during the fight.  Worms, brushfire, tornadoes, meteors.   You name it, someone in our raid has probably died to it.  Unfortunately, a kill on the encounter will boil down to individual play and survival.  If our raid can live, we will have a kill.  If our raid cannot live, we will wipe.

We are sub 50% after the first burn phase.  We are usually low 30’s for the second burn phase.

As a leader, I feel somewhat impotent on this encounter.  It’s mildly frustrating to have nothing to offer your raid outside of “just please, FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THINGS HOLY, stay out of the bad”.  It’s not something that can be fixed on the macro level of the raid, but rather needs attention at the micro level of each player.  Of course, after a few hours of the fight when I see someone die my inner monologue goes something like this: COME ON! I can bloodly well heal the tank, heal your brushfire eating ass, heal your tornado hitting ass AND still dodge the bad.  WHY IS IT THAT YOU CANNOT DO YOUR JOB AND DO THE SAME?!?!? RAWR!!!

Of course, it’s just a few minutes after having such thoughts that I usually do something stupid and am forced to eat the words of my inner monologue.  I guess that’s karma for you.

I think we will probably spend an hour or so with the fight tonight to see if we can net a kill out of her.  We have a working strategy.  We aren’t failing at the DPS check.  So ultimately, it’s going to be up to each individual to determine our success.  We will either get it done tonight, or we won’t.  I’d like to think that we will – but I watched too many hours of people standing in the bad for it to be a sure thing 😉

On Alts

Our little alt run that could is now 6/7 in Firelands.  After some special attempts on Staghelm, we finally got him down.  This week, however, we had another paladin healer in the raid, so I brought in Elentari.  It was really interesting to see the fight from a 10 man perspective as a resto druid.  It was also very enlightening for me with regards to the limitations of my gear – or rather how much I can do with the gear that Beru has.

To be honest, Elentari was somewhat undergeared for Firelands.  She stepped in with four 346 items, and a blizzard ilevel of 355.  Where I felt the gear discrepancy the most is during burst portions of the encounters that required fast, hard healing.  Where what I can do with Beru very quickly caused me to struggle with mana on Elentari.  It was hard to remember that I didn’t have a mana pool to support the liberal rejuv use that I have with Beru, and I struggled to throttle back on it some because of my comfort level healing the fights with Beru.  And a few times I ended up planning my mana poorly and being so OOM by the end of the fight that I wasn’t able to do as much as I could have otherwise.

I liked the challenge of going into something undergeared.  I liked the challenge of seeing the fights from a 10 man perspective.  It was a lot of fun for me, and I hope I get the opportunity to see a bit more Firelands on Elentari.  I think it can only make me a better, more knowledgable healer to have the experience!

And for those who are curious – yes, I pretty much used my 25 man strategy to heal Baelroc in 10s.  The only difference was that towards the larger stacks of the torment, I’d swap over for Regrowth/SM and HT to ensure survival of the torment target.  I believe on our kill was around 120ish stacks of vital sparks.  We had two resto druids and a holy paladin for our healing Composition.  We had the paladin healing by himself and the two druids healing together.


On Upcoming Projects

I have a few things that I’m planning to work on here in the near future.  Firstly, I’ve been getting a lot of questions about my UI.  Which kind of surprises me a little, as I never though my UI was much special, it’s just what works for me.  But I have put a fair bit of time into it over the past 6 years, so I am planning a post (or series) of posts, going over my UI.  Outside of just talking about what addons I use (which I will do), I want to maybe do a video that talks about why I have different elements in my UI and what they do for me.  At the suggestion of Kayeri, because UIs can be overwhelming, I may also include  a post (or three) on how to build a UI from the ground up.   It’s a pretty big project, but I think I’m going to start taking some bites at it and see where it goes.  If for no other reason than to have somewhere to send people who ask me “what is that addon?” 😉

Secondly, I received a musing from the lovely Windsoar which I’m working on.  I would tell you what it is…but that would spoil all the fun!  So just know that I’m continuing to work on it!

Lastly, I’m about to start over two weeks of travel hell.  During that time, I will sadly not be able to FRAPS anything from the laptop, so you will be sans new videos for the last half of the month.  Don’t worry though!  hopefully before I go I will have a Heroic Alysrazor for you!  I’m not sure how the travel will effect my time to blog, I may be sporadic, or I may have enough down time to post every day.  I’m not entirely certain.  If you don’t hear from me for a few days, it’s likely that I’m just busy/tired and nothing catastrophic (like my hands falling off!) has occurred!


On Books

I finally finished A Game of Thrones.  It was quite good, and I’m looking forward to getting more into A Clash of Kings.  I have started it, but I’m not that far into it.  But with very good reason!  I had to take an intermission to read the latest chapter in the Harry Dresden series, Ghost Story.  You see, at the end of the last book, Harry was left in a VERY interesting predicament, and I just couldn’t leave him hanging that way.  I had to know what happened.  It was a very good read, and I’d recommend the series to anyone who enjoys either mystery novels or sci fi novels.

Anyhow, I’m back into the world of Kings and Dragons and Dire wolves!  And I’m very much looking forward to it.  With all this travel time that I have looming in front of me, I suspect that I’ll have a fair bit of down time to occupy myself with a good read or two 🙂

How was your week?  Anything exciting happening?

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  1. I feel you on the “not much I can say as the raid leader” front. It’s like… if it’s an encounter where you can look at the log from the first person to die and it turns out they could be standing somewhere better, yay! You helped! But sometimes it’s just like “Jane could you just… play… better?” Which isn’t actually anything worth saying.

    And then, as you say, if you were to say that, the very next pull you’d undoubtedly derp it up and die in something dumb.

  2. Thank you for anything you do on the UI front, Beru. It IS a big project, I was aware of that when I mentioned it, but I honestly don’t believe there is a good source for building a custom UI out there. If there is, I certainly havent found it. But it’s something I’ve found intriguing, been interested in doing, but looking through all the add-on lists is daunting and some of those things are just a nightmare to configure once you DO have them. When I was trying out CLC (ret or info, I dont remember which) for my paladin and was trying to configure the sucker, I was just ripping my hair out on it. I had no idea, I had found a Youtube video that showed a few things and that’s what I was using for my reference and it was STILL a nightmare.

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