Shard of Woe and Jaws of Defeat Power Auras (with exports!)   1 comment

On use trinkets. The bane of every healer I know. When to maximize them, remembering when to click them, not forgetting to click them. I’m sure that you know well what I mean! Blizzard seems to love the on use trinket this expansion, and well, I want to make sure that I get the most bang from my buck with them. As such, I have turned to my handy dandy trusted friend, Power Auras!

Please don’t hesitate to let me know if you have questions about them 🙂

Trinkets Available for Use

Shard of Woe
Version:4.21; icon:spell_frost_iceshard; buffname:Shard of Woe; x:-11; bufftype:22; alpha:1; owntex:true; sound:32; combat:true; size:0.11; y:-39; texmode:2

Jaws of Defeat
Version:4.21; icon:trade_archaeology_shark jaws; buffname:Jaws of Defeat; x:158; bufftype:22; alpha:1; owntex:true; sound:50; combat:true; size:0.11; y:-39; texmode:2

Shard of Woe Activated
I use this to let me know how much time I have the extra haste.

Version:4.21; icon:spell_lifegivingspeed; buffname:Celerity; alpha:1; textaura:true; timer.b:0.3098; timer.h:1.1; timer.enabled:true; timer.r:0.149; timer.cents:false; timer.y:-39; timer.x:-11; timer.UseOwnColor:true

Jaws of Defeat Activated
I use this to let me know how much time I have on the buff. I don’t feel it necessary to track the stacks, as it’s not really going to have a huge effect on how I heal with the buff active. You may find that you like to know, and want to track them. It’s just not my preference!

Version:4.21; icon:Spell_Holy_BlessedResillience; buffname:Victory; x:-6; alpha:1; textaura:true; timer.b:0.0902; timer.g:0.4667; timer.h:1.1; timer.Texture:Monofonto; timer.enabled:true; timer.cents:false; timer.y:-42; timer.x:158; timer.Transparent:true; timer.UseOwnColor:true

Posted August 24, 2011 by Beruthiel in Power Auras

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  1. I now have trinket-envy.

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