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Anytime I question if a certain expansion in WoW will be my last, as I ponder the question I always ask myself “what would I do if I didn’t play WoW?”.  Because unless I can answer that question, I’m not entirely sure that it’s my time to hang up my branches and move on to other things.  Especially if I am still enjoying the content, and generally still enjoying the game.  However, no one can play WoW indefinitely, so being the OCD planner that I am, I’m always considering and thinking about what will occupy my time when the inevitable finally arrives.

As I struggle to find out what is wrong with my hands, these are thoughts that have come even more to the forefront of my mind.  What will happen if the doctor says “you have xyz, and you must spend more time away from the computer”, or “you have abc and it will require surgery and months of rehabilitation”.  So even though I have no plans of leaving the game at this time, I still ask myself that question.  What would I do if I didn’t have WoW anymore?

I asked this on Twitter last night, just out of curiosity, and I found that I got a wide array of responses from people who have also contemplated this question.  What I found somewhat interesting were those who indicated that they had quit the game, but ended up coming back because what was on the other side of WoW really wasn’t all that appealing after all.

While there were some very unique responses yesterday to how people would occupy their now free time, there were also several answers that were quite similar:

  • Read more.
  • Play other games.
  • Watch more TV.
  • Sleep.
  • Various Arts and Crafts activities.

This, of course, got me thinking even more about how I would fill my agenda.  I even chatted a bit with Brade about it to see which of my activities he would participate in, and what he would end up doing if he stopped playing.  Because, you know, I’m fascinated by the topic and truly curious how other people would fill this now open void in their time.  For me here are some of the things that I came up with:

  • Take a Photography class or two at the community college.  I’ve always been fascinated by people who could take beautiful pictures, and I love to make memories.  So I think I could get very much into photography, however I think this would be a fairly expensive hobby if I took it seriously.  At least as far as the start up goes.
  • Take Tap Dance lessons.  I mean, why not?  I think it would be a lot of fun, and great exercise!  Surely there has to be an adult beginners class out there somewhere.  Cost would be fairly low (shoes, taps, lessons, but other than that probably not much).
  • Try to talk Brade into taking some Ballroom dancing classes with me.  I used to love to polka.  During the summers when I worked up at Interlochen they had a band that would go to a local bar and play polka, and there would be dancing.  I would do it for hours.  I think it might be fun to do some group dancing a couple of times a week.
  • I think I would definitely read more as well.  Mostly because I read a lot before I started playing WoW, sometimes going through three of four books a week.  This can also get very expensive very fast!
  • I would spend more time playing with/training my dog.  I might even look into some agility classes run by her trainer that are currently only run on raid nights.
  • More Exercise.  It was very easy for me to work in exercise with WoW when I lived in Atlanta, because our raids didn’t start until later in the evening, so I could come home before raids and run the treadmill and cook dinner before raid time.  Now that I’m in Seattle, it’s a rush to get home before raids and make dinner, to sit down at the PC straight away.  It’s very easy to then not be motivated to do anything after the raid.  Of everything, this is the one thing I regret the most about my current raid schedule.
  • Cook.  This is something else that I loved to do (and had time to do) before I moved to Seattle.  Cook meals.  I would try at least one new recipe a week.  So I definitely think that I’d cook more.  And I’d probably eat a little healthier as a result!

That’s quite a list!  Obviously, it’s something I’ve put some thought into.  Of course, anytime that I ask myself what I’d do if I didn’t play, I also ask myself what I’d really miss if I didn’t play.  This one is very easy for me:

  • The interaction and community.  I don’t know a lot of people in Seattle, and I’m not overly social.  So I don’t really see myself reaching out and magically coming up with tons of friends in the area and a social calendar that is full.  It’s just not really who I am.  I think that my overall life would be a little less without the day-to-day interactions with people in the game.  Even those who irritate me from time to time.  And honestly, the social connection is one of the more important things that keeps me playing.  I also think it’s something a lot of people overlook or brush off, even though I think it’s one of the most important things about the game.

Because I’m a curious sort, I’d like to know what you’d do if you didn’t play WoW anymore.  I’d also be interested to see what you would miss the most about the game!

Posted August 30, 2011 by Beruthiel in Deep Thoughts, eh?

12 responses to “What Would YOU Do?

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  1. I don’t play wow anymore.

    Really though, getting outside and enjoying nature recently has been very rewarding. I’m spending more time with my husband and son, and I have more time to get things done for work. I’m saving the 15 dollars a month. Instead of putting it toward something else, it goes to savings and the ‘hey maybe we can eventually move back to Oak Harbor’ fund.

  2. It’s funny really–the list that you have reminds me of the activities I’ve picked up since I recently left WoW. Pretty spot on there really, specially the cooking one. While taking on these extra-curricular activities don’t have the same enjoyment as burning firelands to the floor, you do realize how much time you have to take on new activities once you left WoW. Filling in the void is still more of a work in progress, takes time to alleviate that addiction =)! I do have to admit, after WoW the single biggest thing I’ve taken up is catching up on all those TV-series that I never had time to watch. 24, Reaper, The Glades, etc, and filling up my Kindle with some interesting reads.

  3. The truth is that I hardly play WoW anymore. I’d rather that not be the case, but I want to experience Cataclysm with my husband and with two babies in the house, time for us to both play is pretty much nonexistent. Once the littlest girls are toddling around, self-entertaining a bit more, and not eating nine times a day, we will probably go back, at least long enough to finish the Cata content.

    So, what have I been doing while I’m not playing WoW?
    – For a while, I was playing a lot of Rift but the lack of consistent play time made it difficult for me to feel like I was keeping up with my community, so I’ve more or less stopped trying.
    – I am reading a lot more. I’ve finished half a dozen books in the last few months. I’ve finished two in the last two weeks (since I stopped trying to keep up in Rift) and am halfway through a third.
    – I’m trying to finish some single player games that never got much of my time because I was playing WoW like the Witcher, ME2, and Epic Mickey.
    – I’ve discovered new indie games (because they’re cheap!) that I love and which are easier to play in small bites (Minecraft and Terraria primarily).
    – I’m exercising a little bit.
    – I am spending time as a jungle gym while two babies and a preschooler climb all over me which is one of the best things in the world (though occasionally painful — sharp elbows).

  4. What would I do if I quit WoW?

    – Play more of my console games and other computer games that have been neglected due to WoW
    – Spend more time working on the world that my future novels will be based on
    – Buy a bike and go riding regularly
    – Get back into martial arts
    – Continue plans for world domination
    – Read a new author’s work every month

  5. Definitely do more Geocaching. I got really into that last year & found it was a great way to explore nature. I like to walk with a purpose & a box full of trinkets hidden away under a stone is purpose enough for me! Also more reading. I’m supposed to be doing the 50 books in a year challenge. Got through less tha half so far since the WoW bug has bit me hard. But probably what I’d really do is return to The Sims 3. I have generations of families to build!

  6. I took up photography about a year and a half ago and you are right, it is expensive to get started! It is definitely a gear-dependent hobby. The better gear you have the better pictures you will be able to take and good gear is not cheap. Of course spending tons of money doesn’t guarantee great pictures because you have to know how to use said gear but there is no way a point-and-shoot is going to compete with a good digital SLR. And for landscapes a good wide angle lens is going to beat a stock lens that was included with a body, ect. I haven’t even bothered with a tripod and the wild world of filters yet cause that makes my head spin!

    I’ve been debating quitting WoW lately and one of the reasons I’m still playing is I don’t think I could really fill my spare time effectively without it. My husband is deployed so I’ve got quit a bit of extra time on my hands right now. When he gets back from Afghanistan it’ll be a different story since we’ll probably be moving (again) and the kiddo will be be ready to start school (we’re planning on homeschooling) so we’ll see what happens at that point. If we wind up in the right area I could take up biking again. I’ll focus more on cooking, hiking and photography. The kiddo will probably also be ready for music lessons and we’ve always said we’d put her in martial arts classes (I might take them with her). Someday when we get out the military and settle down I want to work with animals again (photography was the replacement for giving that up, couldn’t sustain that interest with all the moving). I imagine a combination of all those things will fill in for WoW eventually.

    Another option for your dog might be rally classes if you can find those in your area. Rally is cross between obedience and agility, it’s not as rigid as obedience but doesn’t require a course to practice so it’s a bit more flexible than agility. Not as exciting as agility though, I got into it with my dog because of a knee injury. If I hadn’t been worried about him jumping we would’ve stuck with agility.

  7. As I’ve already decided Cata is my last expansion, this is a topic about which I have thought quite a bit. And a lot of the things are things you’ve covered, to one degree or another.

    I have various half-finished crafting projects I should probably just finish (bobbin lace, knitting, sewing), and I would continue more fervently my quest for making breads from around the world which I do pursue on non-raiding nights. I might practice the piano more. Or perhaps I’d finally really become a writer. I’ve never gotten into console games (enough other people in the house to play them), and I have no plans to get into another MMO.

    My biggest worry is how I would or even could replace the social interaction. I live in a rural area, so I am somewhat separated from a lot of people by both distance and in many cases, background. (We have little in common.) When we moved out here, we reactivated my account specifically because I was so lonely, I was going crazy. (It’s complicated by the fact that I’m somewhat socially challenged to begin with . . .)

    The only thing which keeps me in right now is the people I know and my commitment to my guild, tbh. The content is not exciting me anymore.

  8. I just last week let my WoW sub run out, I hadn’t wanted to log in for over a month, and when I had logged in I ended up just standing around SW.

    So what have I been doing with my time?
    -going out. I go dancing, to martini bars, I even joined a fantasy football league, because I finally had the time to do these things
    -reading. I have read an insane amount, and remember why I love it
    -Netflix. I no longer get a dvd in the mail and let it sit for a month before watching it. My queue is catching up to almost current movies now!
    -cooking. My diet has changed dramatically, I have time to cook and just cutting out fast food I have lost 10 lbs in a month!
    Nothing extraordinary, but I feel so much more relaxed and fulfilled with a range of hobbies, instead of just one all-consuming one.

    What do I miss?
    My guildies, of course. They were, and still are, my friends. I text with them every so often, but it isn’t the same. I miss the easy joking during raids, the drunken old school raiding on weekends. But I don’t miss the frustration of not being able to fill a raid, or not having skilled people around for progression. I just wish there was a way to relocate all my friends within a 50 mile radius of my house, instead of all over the country…

  9. I remember asking myself a similar question last year, after Xeppe’s LK kill – what would I do if WoW was closed down tomorrow? And having a genuine rush of black terror — and thinking I would need grief counseling and professional ongoing psych support.

    I’d still be sad if it happened today, but somehow I’ve backed off the intensity during Cata, which is probably healthy. Even my guild relationships just aren’t as intense as those that I used to form.

    The reality is that there is very little you can do for $15 a month. So for me it would be some walking around our leafy neighborhood after dinner (once daylight savings starts), a couple of extra books on the Kindle, more TV, and more breadmaking on weekends. I’ve recently starting learning the Flute, and it would be nice in a couple of years to join an community orchestra, supposing the rehearsal times would work in with my carer commitments.

    Glow mentioned on her blog that she is also having hand troubles. I wonder if there is a wall where raid healing (=repetitive, stressed finger movements, high activity time) for hours every week, for years on end eventually does damage. And that those of you that are progression raiders are now starting to hit the wall. It’s worrying. I hope your specialist comes through with something helpful soon.

  10. I don’t see myself quitting WoW anytime soon, but I have a whole heap of art and craft type things to catch up on. Very domestic, I know, but I have photo albums to organise/scrapbook, patchwork projects, knitting projects, embroidery projects lying around that I never get around to finishing. And also having 2 toddlers those projects tend to be done only after they go to bed (which is when I play WoW).

    I probably would just find myself embroiled in some other game I suspect.

  11. I stopped playing WoW, although I am going to start again, albeit as a casual player not a hardcore one like previously.

    When I’m not playing I fill my time with:
    – other games, there are so many amazing games out there that DON’T get played because I was on WoW. GTA, Assassin’s Creed, Half-Life, loads of tiny indie games, Rift. All sorts!
    – reading – I had missed my books.
    – and the biggest for me, a social life. I’m out of the house maybe 4 nights a week at my friends, and out with “boys” for an hour or so on 2 other nights usually. I have become much more sociable and I really enjoy it. I know that if / when I do play WoW again, I won’t be sacrificing what I’ve gained from quitting. My real life interactions with my friends mean so much more to me than the hours I spent in front of the screen. It’s a different kind of life entirely, and I love it.

  12. Ever since stopping with WoW, I’ve found lots of enjyoment in my new-won freedom. For one, my shoulder/backpain issues are slowly getting better (I did also have troubles with my hands because of my neck, in fact), I go to training twice a week now and overall do a lot more outdoor activities. I’ve taken up motorcycling lessons and a shiny new motorbike with that – can’t wait to ride it properly. 🙂 I read more again and I absolutely write loads more, which is wonderful! for the tired and cold nights, I’ve picked up some TV series and old films I wanted to watch but never did, and I try out more games overall. Besides all this, I spend more time with my cats – if you keep animals and are working 100% like me, it’s important to dedicate time in the evening. I also think the apartment overall looks better thanks to regular tending to, hehe. 😉

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