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It’s not Monday, and I’m a bit behind on everything, so here is my weekly brain dump on, er, Wednesday.  But with good reason!  Which I will tell you about later.  Maybe.

On Raiding

Things are pretty static on this front, without much to report!  Which isn’t necessarily bad.  We snagged a second Baleroc kill (not without some effort, but it wasn’t too painful) and ended up with a good amount of time to flirt with Heroic Ragnaros for the first time.  Except it was a holiday weekend.  And no matter how many times you ask people to give you a heads up on their holiday intentions, it’s always a scramble at the last-minute when raid time comes.

That means we only got one of two nights to focus on him – but were able to go in an 24 man Heroic Cho’gall and Sinestra on Sunday with a few friends and family members tossed in to help.  Alas, she was stingy with her Shard of Woe, which made us all a little sad.  But Monday, with the healers showing that they don’t believe in vacations and free beer, we were able to go in and play around a bit with the big fire kahuna.  And it was a lot of fun.

I’m quite sure that after week 3 the novelty of finding new and interesting ways to wipe on Heroic Rag will wear off, but for now it’s still fresh enough that people seem to be enjoying the progress.  We have approached the fight with the mentality that this will take months to master, and each night we look at the next small step we need to accomplish to get to the end goal – a kill.  Breaking the massive encounter up into smaller pieces of progression markers makes the encounter a little less intimidating for me, and I’d like to think others as well.  While the end result is still a kill, we are trying to make sure that we don’t burn out our guild trying to get there.  Each small achievement is one more step down that path.  And eventually enough small successes will combine themselves into a large success.

We’ll get a kill on our time, and my only goal is to see that happen before the next content patch.  Personally, I’m looking forward to the challenge.

On Recruiting

We still have a few ranged DPS spots open on our roster.  We have a position for a mage, warlock and hunter.  We will also consider a skilled ranged DPS of any other class.  Visit for more information!

On Alts

I actually have more news on this front!  I’m still putzing around with Elentari in Firelands, and really enjoying the experience of healing in the 10s with my druid to have a better understanding of the challenges that a 10s only druid might face.  We may even be brave enough to explore some heroic fights in the future!

The bigger news in Alt Land this week is that my fourth healer, my shaman Mynn, has reached level 85 and I’ve gotten some play time with her! 

I have had a lot of fun exploring healing on the resto shaman side of things and learning more about how they heal and the limitations that they may have.  Over the course of the week I’ve been running heroics, Troll instances, and even managed to throw together a T11 raid and clear through all of that content.  It’s been interesting to get a better understanding of Shaman in a raid setting, and as always, I learn about healing while working through heroics.

There are still a few things that I’m not 100% certain about.  Like when is the right time to use unleash life?  I tend to favor it with Riptide or Healing Wave (or GHW if I am in need of a huge heal).  Or what is the ideal circumstance for Healing Rain?  I’ve learned that there are times it just doesn’t feel worth the mana cost for the amount of healing I get out of it.  I also am still struggling a little with if I’m using chain heal properly.  I’ve tried to read a lot of different thoughts on these things, but when I get into a panic situation it all goes out the window and I’m all OH GOD I MUST HEAL ALL OF THE THINGS!

One comment that I will make is that of the three healing classes that I’ve leveled to date, I’ve found that I struggle more with mana on Mynn than I have on any other class.  I don’t know if that’s just because I’m less familiar with the nuances of the shaman than I am with druids/paladins (because let’s be fair, the second druid was kind of like cheating on the mana front!), or if it’s because I’m not chosing my spells smartly.  Or perhaps it’s the gear.  I think Shaman are more reliant on spirit for regen than Paladins or Druids, at least at the very early gearing levels.  And a lot of the gear that you can very easily pick up on your way to 85 (and some when you reach 85) lack spirit.

However, I’ve worked to pick up more spirit centric pieces and forked over the cash for a Tsunami card.  I don’t know if it’s just in my head, but it’s helped quite a bit.  I definitely find myself less panicked as my blue bar bottoms out, anyhow.  At this juncture in my gear (heroics and some T11) and play, I’ve opted to try and go for a more mastery heavy gear set prioritizing: Int > Spirit > Haste to 916 > Mastery > Crit >Haste.  I’m not entirely sure this is correct – but I think it is (if not, someone please speak up and correct me!).

I’ve also got a full set of Power Auras that I’ve set up for her that I will try to share when I have some time to get a post up about them!

Anyhow, playing the shaman and having a blast.  I’ve really enjoyed the shaman healing style so far.

On Me

I don’t have any new updates on my hands, but I’m still trudging along.  The anti-inflamitory helps most of the pain, which has allowed me to play a little bit more, which makes me happy 🙂

On why I’m behind?  (See, I told you I’d tell you!).  I had a tooth that started bothering me while I was in Denver that ultimately ended up needing a root canal.  I was hoping after my visit to the dentist last Monday that it would not, as it was a bad bite on a crown that was causing the trouble, but this past weekend it got very bad and I went in yesterday to have it taken care of.  Between the drug induced painkiller haze (which didn’t even alleviate all of the pain!) and dealing with the appointments (and stress!) it’s been a bit hectic!

Don’t worry though.  I’m fine.  The root canal went off without a hitch and the endodontist was excellent.  I didn’t feel a thing, and he was very friendly.

Outside of the Game

I’m working my way through Storm of Swords and really enjoying it.  I have a few opinions:

  • Arya owns.  My favorite character hands down.
  • I have a soft spot for Tyrion. 
  • I feel bad for Sansa – even though I think she sort of made her bed, etc.
  • I grow increasingly intrigued  by Jon Snow and have some theories about him that I’m not quite ready to share yet.  But there are suspicions.  Yes there are.

On the TV front we started season 3 of Fringe.  I’m only one episode into it, but I’ve enjoyed this show so much I really hope they don’t jump the shark.  I think it has the potential to do either.  So I’m hoping it remains a solid show!

Well, that’s enough about me!  How has your week been?

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8 responses to “Wednesday, er, Wonderings? Marvelous Mynn Edition!

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  1. Good luck with Heroic Rags! A little tidbit on Unleash Elements… The buff doesn’t go away til the cast lands. Therefore you can cast a ghw/hw/hs and queue up a riptide immediately after to get two spells that benefit the same buff.

  2. Song of Ice & Fire! ❤ Have to say Sansa really grew on me, she's one of my favorite characters….Arya…went the other direction, do not like reading about her, lol. Ah well. I think I tend to enjoy reading about characters that other people don't… Cersei also tends to be one of my favorite characters. ^^* I've just started in Dance with Dragons, but I haven't been making as much time for reading as I would like…. so thanks for the reminder to get back on the book wagon. =D

    • I will have to say, I did give a little cheer for Sansa when Tyrion asked her why she was always so polite she went “Courtesy is a lady’s armor”. I don’t know if she will grow on me more or not. I’ve personally always been a little more like Arya, which is why I think I like her so much. 🙂

  3. Re: mana feeling a lot more tight on your shaman–that will pretty much be the case regardless of gear level. Whereas on Beru you can count on Revitalize and OOC procs to keep you going even in the toughest of times (hell, even ToL + LB spam is incredibly cheap), shamans don’t really have that sort of fallback. Resurgence just doesn’t compare, especially at lower crit levels, and our “cheap heal” (HW) is just crap throughput. My best advice for mana management, when the going gets tough, is to roll RT’s on multiple targets and just be a little more stingy with your heals. The thing that shaman have that druids don’t is a good amount of passive healing (Earthliving, HST, AA) which you will have to rely on to take players that extra 15-20% back to full. And yes, Mastery, is going to help you a lot more than any other stat.

    Best of luck in your adventures with your baby shaman. And do feel free to hit me up any time with your Shaman questions. ^_^

    • Thanks for the advice! It’s always appreciated 🙂

      I’ve been having a ton of fun with her so far, even though I feel a little bit like I’m stumbling my way through things!

  4. I’ll be rooting for your heroic Ragnaros kill!

    As for your alt Shaman, I also started one too but I stopped because it didn’t really suit my style for healing. Paladins work well for me too however! I actually have two 85 paladins now, both holy for each faction on the same server. I can really understand what you mean by the awkwardness of trying a new healing class different from your own and trying to find your footing with it.

    As long as you keep having fun with your Shaman, you’ll eventually get the hang of it as you did with your paladin alt 😉 Really great news about your hands, I hope they resolve things sooner than later!

    • Thanks 🙂 It’s going to be a very long haul!

      I try to do one of each healer, but with my hands bothering me it’s been much slower going this expansion. My priest is the last of the bunch, but I don’t know if she’ll make it!

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