If You’ve Ever Wanted to Give Blizzard Your Two Cents…   3 comments

Now is the time!  Blizzard has posted questionnaires in each of the class discussion threads looking for feedback from their players.  I don’t know if they will read every post that gets posted, but you will certainly not be heard if you don’t at least offer your feedback! I would strongly encourage everyone to stop by and offer them some well thought through commentary in response to their discussion points.  You can find my thoughts here.  (Or, just keep scrolling down, as I’ve replicated my answer below so you don’t have to click through to read them!).

  • What type of content do you focus on? [PvE/PvP/Both]
    PvE Content.
  • If PvE, what type of PvE? [Heroics/Raids/Other]
    Hard Mode Progression Raiding
  • If PvP, what type of PvP? [Arenas, BGs, Rated BGs]
  • What are your biggest quality-of-life issues? For instance, no longer requiring ammo could be considered a quality-of-life improvement for hunters.
    I definitely echo what others have said about no longer having a permanent tree form, however I think for me it’s probably that when you are leveling/questing/instancing, especially at certain levels, it takes forever to fill your mana bar back up. This is most pronounced in today’s “this instance must be as fast as possible” atmosphere where a new healer that needs to stop and drink automatically falls behind the rest of the group because they need to take (sometimes horribly long amounts of)time fill their mana bar back up.
  • What makes playing your class more fun?
    I really enjoy the smaller intricacies involved in playing the druid class well right now. There are a lot of things to monitor and line up for maximum throughput and smart mana usage/healing that trying to tweak them all together is almost like it’s own little mini-game. I really enjoy that I have to think through an encounter and strategize my healing. I like needing a “game plan” and really enjoy being able to weave spells into each other.
    I have two resto druids at 85, a holy paladin at 85 and a resto shaman at 85, and of the three druid healing is by far my favorite.
  • What makes playing your class less fun?
I really dislike hearing “druids can’t do x, because they don’t have y”.  A lot of times it’s largely hype, but there is often a hint of truth to the hype.  There are frequently encounters that certainly can be accomplished with druid healers, but your raid (and your druids, for that matter) has to work harder because of it.  That being said, I can attest from experience that fights can often be made easier when utilizing healing classes that have a little more utility to offer than just healing harder.

  • How do you feel about your “rotation”? (Rotation is the accepted order in which abilities are used to maximum efficiency.)
    As stated above, I really like how druids play right now. There are a lot of moving pieces that you need to be aware of to play the class well, and it’s often a challenge to get all of those pieces moving together. I really enjoy this about our class. I know a lot of people think that druiding boils down to “lol WG/RJ Spam”, but the truth of the matter is that a druid who is only doing those things isn’t maximizing their class or their ability as a healer.
    I like the way that Nature’s Grace can be timed in when some burst healing is needed. I like the way that Harmony interacts with the rest of your heals and needs to be weaved in. I like that we can fit in well with almost any other healing class and still be successful.
  • What’s on your wish list for your class?
    I’d love to see living seed turned into something more beneficial. The talent has so much potential to be something great. Right now the limitations on how it is triggered really make it lack luster for most druids, unless they heavily tank heal with some regularity. I’d love to see living seed turned into either an armor buff similar to inspiration or an absorb rather than a heal. I think that either of these things would help broaden druid healing a little as far as diverse utility goes.
    Of course, I would be remiss not to at least mention that some form of mitigation cool down would still be lovely. Be it raid wide or single target.
  • What spells do you use the least?
    In a raid setting I probably would say Healing Touch. I do make more use of it now than I did back in WotLK, but it’s still one of my least cast spells in most encounters. If we didn’t have OoC procs to prop up Regrowth, Regrowth would easily be my least used spell.
    Outside of a raid setting I would probably say travel form. It can only be used outdoors, and I generally won’t opt to use a slower movement speed when I can mount.

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3 responses to “If You’ve Ever Wanted to Give Blizzard Your Two Cents…

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  1. I’m always a little bemused at how many posts said they don’t use Healing Touch or Nourish very much, as I use them a ton. I suppose I generally end up doing a lot of tank healing along with my raid healing so perhaps that’s why I end up using them a lot more. While it makes up for less in my healing breakdowns in logs (WG and Rejuv simply by their nature will be high up), I still consider them crucial spells for me and use them a lot. I’ve actually started using Regrowth more as well, though in a different way than most it seems – I tend to most frequently hear druids using Regrowth for tank healing (which I find odd as it’s so expensive and doesn’t hit nearly as hard as Healing Touch, which is cheaper and stronger). I’ve been using it a lot when covering the raid primarily, mostly when in Tree of Life form – spreading Lifeblooms all over the raid then all the free instant Regrowths on all the OoC procs. Great for covering the raid and really mana efficient ^.^

    I’m really happy with how druids play right now too, I hope they don’t end up changing it too much. Our talent tree could use some improvements (Living Seed, BotG and Nature’s Bounty could all use some work imo!) and I’d still like a damage reduction of some sort, whether an ability or just a damage reduction on heal crits like Inspiration for priests.

    I imagine a lot of this is looking towards the next xpac rather than 4.3. Hopefully druids will keep staying good into it 😀 4.3 I wouldn’t think would see too many adjustments, as healers seem fairly balanced now (though resto shamans are still kind of screwed for aoe heals on movement/spread fights).
    I left a post too on the page (http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/3123249662?page=7#132), though I placed my feedback on my site too which is probably easier to find by this point 😀 So many pages on the druid feedback thread :O I hope they do go through all of it and find the better posts…

  2. My feeling is that the very first questions aren’t probing enough. How I perceive resto druids right now, raiding 10s, 1-2 nights a week, at 400-800 latency in a fairly ordinary Oceanic social raid team is quite different to how a 25s US progression raider such as yourself perceives us. And my strong suspicion is that the player hemorrhage is from my end of the spectrum.

    I need a clutch heal. We don’t see the fire until later, we’re slower to move out, and there’s only 3 healy classes on the team. The Tranq CD reduction put me even further on top of the meters but did NOTHING to help us down bosses.

    I’d also like a sensible way to change from tank healing to raid healing between encounters. I’m happy to use a second talent spec as a tank healing spec but collecting a second tier gear set that can be gemmed and forged for Mastery is a total pain for a very casual player. I am VERY over ZA and ZG.

    You are so right about mana when leveling. When you’re the level before the new mana drink it’s murder trying to top up. ‘Need’ every Demonic Rune in Dire Maul is my advice, those things are better than gold.

  3. Agree about living seed, I think buffing it slightly to make it more useful would also help in PvP, an area where currently resto is lacking. I’d prefer the absorb option to an inspiration clone though.
    Having just levelled another druid, yes yes yes about the mana issues whilst levelling and the other issue I had was the level at which we learnt some of our heals. Priests get Greater Heal at lv 38 and Druids get Healing Touch at 68 for example, I know different classes are different, but I do think it should have come quite a bit earlier.
    I’d also like to see travelform usable indoors, I’m a sad kitty when it comes to chasing shaman around the WSG bases.

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