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It certainly won’t smell as good as Chanel No. 5.  In fact, I wager that it may smell a great deal worse.  But it should still be a lot of fun.  This will be my fifth Blizzcon.  Every year I say “I don’t think I’ll go next year, and just watch from home”.  And every year as the hub bub happens, I find myself at home smashing my refresh button on the day of ticket sales.  I’m not really quite sure what keeps drawing me back.  The convention itself is pretty okay.  I stand in line for the games Brade wants to play, I watch the panels that I’d like to see.  I absolutely love the costumes.  But if truth be told, the experience and the people is why I keep shelling out the money to attend.  Moreso than the convention in and of itself, anyhow.

So with that being said, I am throughly looking forward to meeting up with everyone again this year!  In fact, so many people from the twitter-sphere and blogosphere are attending I would be surprised if I got to say hello to everyone going…although I intend to try!  On that note, I thought that I’d give everyone my “schedule” so you know where you can find me if you’re trying to catch up with me, and would similarly like to say “hello” 🙂

Thursday: I will be arriving in Anaheim via LAX somewhere between 4:00 and 5:00, depending on Traffic.  At some point after that I will be acquiring my tickets, foraging for food, and attending the WoW Insider/WoW Head meet up.

Friday: This is the first day of the con proper.  We will get some breakfast, and then head over to get in line.  Like last year, I’m going to try to tweet the costumes that come by the line as we wait.  Unlike last year, I’m going to try to get pictures with my camera as well, and put up an album for everyone to view.  Based on the schedule, I’m going to be spending most of the day at the Main Stage, watching the WoW panels.  I will be staying for the costume contest, and then heading over to Bar Louie for the TNB meetup.  This will probably be the easiest place to find me 🙂

Saturday:  I am pretty free this day if anyone wants to meet up.  I intend to watch the Live Raid, but I don’t really have the patience for the Q&A panels, so after the Live Raid event I’m not planning much until Closing Ceremonies.  This gives me a lot of free time this day if anyone missed me Thursday or Friday.  Just let me know!  I will probably pop by the Hilton after-party at some point, but it gets so hectic (and I have an early flight Sunday), that I don’t know how long I’ll be there!

The people really are what make the convention! I really believe this.  Last year was the first year that I actively participated in meeting up with people outside of my guild, and it was one of the best Blizzcon experiences that I had.  I cannot stress enough that it is truly rewarding to participate in the meet ups and to socialize with people from the communities where you are an active participant.  It really is part of what makes the convention so much fun – moreso than all of the announcements and activities of the convention itself.  Don’t be shy!  I’m shy in real life – and even I can do it, so you can too!  I really do hope to meet up with everyone that is part of the communities I participate in and a the very least say hello 🙂

A note about communication inside the Anaheim Convention Center: If you use an iPhone, do not expect to have easy communication with anyone from inside the convention center.  The reception is absolutely terrible.  I know that non-iPhone users generally seem to not have much trouble.  However, just be prepared for slow (or no) communication via your iPhone depending on where you are standing.  I believe it has to do with the terrible antennae on iPhones, but don’t hold me to that!

How to get in touch with me: I will be checking my tweets regularly, so feel free to tweet me @BeruHeals but please note that I may be slow getting back to you due to aforementioned iPhone/Convention issues.  You can also shoot me an email if you’d like my phone number to call/text me while at the convention.  However, please note that I will only share this information with those that I know well enough and feel comfortable enough to provide that information.

A healer’s meetup! I’d love to have all of the healers from twitter/blogging meet up for coffee of drinks at some point, but I’m pretty terrible at organization (read: lazy).  As such, if people want to do this one day post below and we can maybe try to pinpoint a time/place for it – even if it’s just grabbing coffee at Starbucks and hanging out for like an hour.

My Predictions: I think it’s pretty obvious that we will be learning about the next WoW expansion this weekend.  However, my big prediction is that I think Blizzard is going to announce that they are moving to one raid size somewhere between 15 and 18 people.  I could be completely wrong about this – but I think that the two separate raid sizes this expansion have been a nightmare for both players and developers alike, and I do not think that they’ve met the intended goals that Blizzard set.  You might disagree with me, and that’s fine, I may be having a pipe dream.  But I think  a lot of issues could be solved by Blizzard picking one raid size moving forward.

What are your plans?  What are you looking forward to the most?  Do you have any crazy predictions of your own?

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  1. I would love for them to reduce and have one raid size. Im in a 10 man guild who does run 2 ten mans. Ofcorse like normally in a 2 10 man guild the 2nd group usually runs pretty far behind, and normally the 10 man raids are easily way overtuned or just really easy…Heroic Domo anyone : p . However Im not sure the 25mans would like this change at all. You would deffintly have a big split and lots of things would change within 10 and 25 man guilds. But this wouldnt be the first time blizzard has done this. So im keeping my fingers crossed. Nice Post, and I wish I was able to join you and go over lots of druid discussion on the upcoming expantion.

  2. I plan to be envious and live vicariously through people on twitter and in blogs! Can’t wait for the pix! 🙂

  3. Oh hellooo,

    I would love to have a healer meetup thing! Saturday might be easiest, since like you I’m planning on not doing as much that day.

    Can’t wait!

  4. Interesting prediction… I’m not creative enough to think of what they might do, but I’m sure they’ll do something to address the recruiting problems everyone seems to be facing. I think adding guild rep has exacerbated the problem somewhat, as people may not be happy where they are, but now might be reluctant to switch guilds as they’d have to regrind the rep.

    I have never been to a blizzcon and likely never will, but it does sound like a lot of fun!! Looking forward to any pics and commentary 🙂

  5. Blizzcon tickets can be really hard to get. It seems great luck to be able to go to 5 of them. Did you have to Ebay? I missed out last year and decided that the live stream would have to do, and I was very happy with the coverage. But yeah, if I had a lot of blogging friends I could completely see why you’d want to catch up.

    I really doubt they will remove 25 mans though. I think people exaggerate the difficulty differences between 10 and 25 man a bit – there was massive opposition to this split back in WotLK days, and yet Blizzard (to me) have done a superb job in balancing the difficulty of the two, with only an exception or two. I raid in both 10 and 25 man guilds.

  6. I’d love to participate in a healer meetup! Unfortunately, I can only be in the Anaheim area on Friday. I’m not even actually going to Blizzcon, I just live close enough to make a day trip and hang out with internet people. =D I’ll keep an eye out for the date/time of the healer meet up!

  7. I’m all for a healer meetup. I’m not going to the actual convention, so I’m free most of the time.

  8. Oooh, I’m in OZ so no Blizzcon for me (yet..) but I’m awaiting my virtual ticket! Reading all the tweets from you guys at blizzcon is getting me excited! I wish I could have a breakfast pre-meet too! It’s 3am here, so I might settle for some cereal and green tea and pretend!
    I hope you have an awesome time Beru! Would love to see pictures!

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