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This post is probably really boring.  Just so you know.  You have been warned.  Feel free to pass it right on by…unless you want tips on how to make the most delicious ham in the world.  Then you should probably read it.

I have really been looking forward to this past week and the one that is in front of me.  Mostly because it meant I had some much needed down time.  In fact, I’ve had even more than I expected this week as we were able to do our first set of mount achievements in just one night.  Which subsequently means that we should be able to do our second mount achievements on Sunday in one night as well.  And that means that after this Sunday I won’t have another main raid for a full week.

I strongly suspect that by next Sunday I will be chomping at the bit going “is it time yet?” as I feel the shakes of raiding withdrawal.  But until that time I’ve been taking advantage of the opportunity to step away a bit.

Wednesday night was pretty laid back.  I took my shaman in to help our first 25 man raid get their pretty purple birds in what turned out to be a completely uneventful, and relatively fun, raid.  In fact, the worst part of the raid was having to clear out all of the Firelands trash for Shannox’s achievement.  I think that was probably the worst of all of the achievements, but only because it’s so long.  Oddly enough, it wasn’t until we were down to four minutes that someone went “huh, Shannox has an enrage timer”.  Anyhow, we finished out the night with somewhere around 16 people getting their mounts.  I’m looking forward to Sunday when Beru gets hers.

Because we were so efficient on Wednesday, it meant we had Thursday off.  It was pandemonium.  Sort of.  Ok, maybe not.  I probably should have spent it getting strategies ready for 4.3, but just between you and me, I couldn’t be arsed to do it last night.  I mean, I did think about it, but then ultimately decided it wasn’t going to make a lick of difference if I waited until this weekend.  So let me tell you how I spent my Thursday instead:

  • Since I didn’t have to rush home so I could log in and raid, I went to the store (I know, what a rebel).  I bought stuff for home cooked meals for the entire week.  And not my usual fare of “I can cook it on an off night and we can reheat on a raid night”, but actual, delicious, hot meals.
  • I came home and baked a ham.  I had time to cook a real meal.  On a raid night.  Inconceivable.  (Hot tip: pour a can of coke over your ham and cover it in foil before putting it in the oven for serious deliciousness).
  • I had time to play around with my new iPhone 4s that Brade brought home with him while the ham was baking.  Y’all, I set his ring tone to the Mario theme.  If you know him, you will know how much this owns.  Also, Siri couldn’t tell me what was on VH1, which made me immediately disappointed with her.
  • I popped online very briefly to say hello to our new guildmates.  By some stroke of luck over the past few days, we’ve filled every open spot in our roster save the Death Knight position.  And the new members seem very awesome, so I’m quite excited.
  • Once I pulled the ham out of the oven and Brade took to carving it, I mixed up some brownies (from a box – don’t judge!) and tossed them in the oven.  They were delicious, just so you know.  I’m debating trying Vid’s pink champagne cupcakes this weekend or next.  I just have to decide how to do so while feeling guilt free from Brade’s stare of shame.
  • I caught up on a few episode of House from last season, I read my book a little (the whole iron isles story arch…yea, not my favorite), I talked to Siri (seriously worthless, she couldn’t answer the most important questions like “is Brade’s ringtone awesome”).  I just…relaxed.

I’ve come to realize that my downtime is just as important as my uptime.  I’d forgotten how much I enjoy not feeling rushed to get dinner on the table.  I’d forgotten how much I enjoyed just moving at my own pace. I’d forgotten how much I enjoyed just having time.  I know it won’t last forever, but I am sure going to enjoy the hell out of it while I have it right now. 🙂

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  1. Haha. I confess, I enjoyed making the cupcakes and then drinking the rest of the champagne. They work well if you can give most of them away! Mystery cupcakes at work? I think they are the quintessential MAGE CAKES.

  2. Champers? where?! *holds out glass*

  3. I wish I could read this… but I can’t, here is why

  4. Enjoy it while it lasts 🙂

    My raids have slowed down a bit too, and I have a WHOLE week off next week from raiding due to our American raiders having thanksgiving holiday. I think I’ll be making Vidyala’s mage cupcakes too, and get drunk on champagne. You should do that with Brade, and raise a glass to a successful tier of raiding!

  5. Isn’t it funny about withdrawal? We were short on heals for so long I was praying for a break, a night or two off… then it happened. Yes, it happened that day I whined at you Twitter, so I had reason, but still… I sat there the first half of the raid on standby wondering what to do with myself since I’d been tuned to raid… Then I finally got my act together and stuffed the vault with herbs because 1) we needed it and 2) gathering relieves frustration for me… 🙂

  6. Om nom nom I love cooking too. No raid night? I’m over at my boyfriends turning his kitchen into a royal mess. While it is OK for some people, for the majority of us (you and I) playing WoW on off-raid nights all the time is just too much. I love escaping to my virtual world, but I could never live there. It’s like visiting Houston or Austin–I love the cities but would never live there. I’m glad you have plenty of fun stuff to do outside of the game 🙂

    • I am really enjoying getting back into the kitchen a little more. In fact, I’m quite excited about doing some Thanksgiving baking this week! Double layer pumpkin pie? YOU BET! 🙂

  7. Those cupcakes look awesome.. I’m definitely trying that after my next shopping trip!

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