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I just wanted to let everyone know that I was invited back with the lovely Kurn and Majik for the one year anniversay of Blessing of Frost.  In addition to myself, Kurn and Majik were joined by vivaciousVidyala and Big CritsStoneybaby.  It was loads of fun, and I’m really tickled to have been asked back. 

We talked about all things Cataclysm from leveling to preparing for 4.3.  And, of course, debated the proper name for Bloodlust (which is, in case you are unsure, is Bloodlust).  All in all, it should be quite an enjoyable listen, and there is most definitely something for everyone.

If you haven’t checked it out yet, what are you waiting for?! 🙂

Posted November 22, 2011 by Beruthiel in Podcast

3 responses to “Blessing of…Bloodlust!

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  1. Amazing podcast, thanks for sharing. I loved the way you guys kind of beat up on 10 mans, lol I cannot even imagine if a non HM casual 10 man person was there too.

    I hope that the healing can begin with your raiding team. It makes me so, so, so glad that I did not get into the whole progression business. I will take a lot of what was said in the podcast to solidify my belief that raiding with a group of friends having fun is way more important for me than getting HM kills!

    That said, my hat is off to you for getting HM Rag! Amazing accomplishment.

    -Heroism will never be the same… I might have to recruit someone just to call out Heroism in a special way from now on.

  2. I find it odd that you felt we beat up on 10 mans, as I don’t think that we did. I have always had the utmost respect for folks to raid whatever progression path suits their playstyle better. In fact, I believe I even acknowledged that in T11 10’s were given a much larger challenge in most of the end tier content. I think we mostly discussed some of the varying discrepancies between the two raid sizes – which isn’t “beating up”, it’s just conversation. Just like commenting that Blizzard should divorce the idea that “raids are equal”, when they have no hope of delivering on that model, isn’t “beating them up” – it’s just conversation on how to keep both sizes viable and competitive.

    Besides…I think Vid would have Draenai Punched us through the podcast if we beat up on them, and the thought of getting knocked out by Vid scares me! She’s tough! 🙂

  3. I honestly do think that for the most part, 25man raiders still feel a sense of superiority over 10mans. I might have read too much into it, but I think you still feel that it is a lot harder to recruit for a 25 man guild, but maybe not.

    I think both sizes have their challenges and live Vid pointed out, recruiting is hard.

    I hope we are going through one of the normal cycles and not contracting like Stoney said.

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