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I debated doing a New Year’s reflection type post, but when push came to shove, my heart really wasn’t in it. Instead I thought I’d offer an update that touches on any number of things, and see where that went. I haven’t done a Monday brain dump in some time, so there is certainly enough floating around in my head, and I suppose relieving some of the pressure by releasing some of those errant thoughts would help. (I’ve also included our two most recent kill videos after the break).

On My Hands

I haven’t done an update on my hands in a while. The long and short of it is that I had a flare up around Thanksgiving that hasn’t subsided, and over the past week or two has been some of the worst that I can remember them being. I’m conflicted on this, as I started acupuncture treatment just before Christmas (going into my fourth appointment on Thursday) – and the timing of my most recent bout of pain times up roughly with the time I started the acupuncture.  This, in turn, makes me wonder if it’s doing more harm than it is help or if it’s just a weird coincidence of events.

I see my Rhuematologist next Monday, and I intend to request a physical therapy referral. I mean, since the doctor who did my nerve conduction study indicated that her recommendation would be for PT, I would think that perhaps that is worth checking out. Of  course, my Rhuematologist would have to a) remember she sent me for the test; b) actually read my file before walking into the door during my appointment; and c) actually reading the report from the other doctor. (In case you can’t tell, I’m pretty disgusted with my doctor).

I am actually in the process of trying to find a new Primary Care physician, and starting everything over, including asking for a referral to a different Rhuematologist. I’ve found a doctor that I’d like to go and see, but she’s not taking new patients. I call back every month to see if that changes, but I may have to resign myself to the fact that I need to keep looking. Regardless, I’m unhappy with my current medical care, and I’ve resolved to change that. Hopefully sooner rather than later.

As for my hands, the pain over the past week has been such that I didn’t do anything that involved my hands for almost the entirety of the long weekend. I tried to play some SWToR with Brade, only to have the pain offset the enjoyment of the game, and ended up logging off after about an hour. I tried to play a little WoW as well, only to have the same experiences. I spent most of the long weekend in front of the TV watching some shows that we have on DvD and I’d not seen before and reading.

On Raiding

Since I pretty well elaborated on how I’m feeling about raiding in my last post, in some depth, I won’t say too much here. We are still plugging along, managing to finally kill Heroic Zon’ozz last night, in what would have been a very smooth kill until someone hit the ball that was supposed to hit the boss at the very end. Regardless, I’m extremely relieved to have it checked off of our list, and I’m glad that it’s finally done. I have no idea what Yor’shaj will bring, but I sincerely hope it’s less frustration than Zon’ozz.

Here are the kill videos from both our Heroic Hagara and Heroic Zon’ozz kills (if you live outside of the US or Canada – you may not be able to watch the Hagara one). I intend to get narrated guides done for them, Zon’ozz might be done tonight as I feel very comfortable with the encounter.  Hagara, on the other hand, I think I probably record additional footage for the video. I’m not sold on where I’m using my cooldowns and want to feel more comfortable with them before I do the guide. If you have questions before I get the guides done, please don’t hesitate to ask.

On Alts

I haven’t done much. Between my hands and the holidays I’ve been absent from any of our 10 man alt runs – which makes me a little sad, because I really do enjoy them. In fact, I haven’t even done much LFR with the alts, trying to let my hands rest. I can’t help but wonder if this isn’t a little bit why I am having less fun with the game. My alts have always given me something to do outside of raids, and offered me a way to decompress and just have fun, and right now it’s not always an option for me to log in an enjoy them. While the time away has been good in some ways, I think it’s been equally bad in others.

On Reading

I finally finished up A Feast for Crows. I have to say that I enjoyed it, save the Iron Ilses chapters. I found myself groaning every time I was back with that cast in the story arc. However, at the end of the book I was pleased with the character development, and got caught up enough in it that I immediately fired up Dance with Dragons on my kindle rather than taking my intended break from the series with the latest John Grisham guilty pleasure.

I am looking forward to getting back in touch with some of the characters and seeing how other characters continue to play out. Hopefully his next book won’t be years and years off, since he’s already releasing some snippits of it for public consumption!

Additionally, after seeing The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, I believe that I will be picking up that series and reading through it – along with a book called The Leopard from another Swedish author that I recently read about. And, upon Brade’s request, I will also be picking up The Hunger Games. Mostly because I can get them free on my kindle via amazon prime, but partly because I’m always looking for new things to read and Brade would like me to read them.  Granted, I’m going to have to do it quietly so he doesn’t spoiler something like he did with the GRR Martin series.

On Film and TV

I guess one of the upsides to having too much pain to play a lot of WoW is that I have had time to catch up on other things and see movies while they are current? Silver linings, right?

During the break, I sat down and watched the entire first season of Rizzoli & Isles. And I love it! I can’t believe that I haven’t watched this series previously – I think it was because I had a hard time not seeing Rizzoli as an ADA from Law and Order or Isles as Kate from NCIS.  But I’m glad that I finally did – and I was pissed at the cliff hanger ending, without having the early episode from this season on On Demand!

I also watched all of Season One of Covert Affairs. It’s not a bad show at all. Not as good as Rizzoli & Isles, but still enjoyable. I’ll likely follow it through with catching up on Season two. Additionally, I’m still keeping up with my usuals (Fringe, NCIS, The Closer, Glee) – but I’ve added a few to the “line up”.  Grimm and Once Upon A Time. I’m enjoying both and hope that they continue production for a second season.  I am also eagerly awaiting the new season of Game of Thrones on HBO.

I suppose the good thing about becoming attached to so many shows is that it gives me a good way to decompress after raids before I go to bed. Log out, fire up On Demand, watch a show, go to sleep. The down side is that if there are things that I have to tend to after the raid this keeps me up later than I should be on some nights – because I still need the decompression!

As far as movies go, I’ve seen a few. We saw both Holiday action flicks: Mission Impossible and Sherlock Holmes. I enjoyed them both, but thought that Mission Impossible was a better paced and more enjoyable movie. And that’s saying a lot because Tom Cruise kind of freaks me out and in my eyes RDJ is better eye candy! We also saw The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo which was a great thriller and I look forward to the next three films (assuming they are being made), and I’m considering watching the original versions. Lastly, we went and saw Young Adult. I was expecting a dark comedy – but the movie was terrible. There was no humor, dark or light, to be seen and the story drug on and on. Maybe it just wasn’t my cup of tea, but I don’t intend to recommend it to anyone.

If my hands continue to bother me, I may try to wrangle my way into going to see Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy this weekend. I also have three seasons of Burn Notice sitting at home saying “watch me! I’m a good show, I promise!”.

Anyhow, that is what has been up with me. What’s up with you? Read or seen anything good lately? Have any “must try” recipes you’d like to share? (hey, I need new things to bake/cook!)

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6 responses to “Thoughts for a Tuesday

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  1. If you like comedies, I would recommend The Big Bang Theory. I have caught various episodes on TBS, but got the entire first season on DVD for Xmas. I laughed because the four lead guys in the show reminded me of various people in the guild.

  2. I’ve also been going lighter on wow lately – ironically it’s also partially due to hand pain. Though, I’m not sure whether wow or reading so many books (actual books, no kindle) is the cause of that. I’ve been watching a LOT of Fringe… the entire first season and I’m now half way through the second. For some reason I never watched it before… maybe it clashed with a raid night. The freedom of being able to watch shows when I want instead of when the tv stations want is fantastic 🙂

    As far as reading goes, I’m still buried in the Terry Goodkind “Sword of Truth” books. Nearing the end of series one, and still two more box sets to go yay! There’s a lot to be said for coming late to a series. I’m very much on the fantasy side of Sci Fi when it comes to books – TV series I tend to branch out more because there’s not so much choice.

  3. I’m sorry to hear your rheumatologist sucks. Mrs. Khurli’s is pretty awesome (she says hello, btw – she’s done a complete 180). On the advice of aforementioned rheumatologist, she’s started seeing a massage therapist who does myofacial release – it’s more physical therapy than a relaxing massage, but it’s made all of the difference. Her problem is lower spine/hips more than hands, YMMV, etc.

    I’ve been watching “Spooks” – “MI:5” in the U.S. – I didn’t like the pilot at all, but I stayed with it through the first season. I’m up to season 8. Totally hooked.

    I intentionally haven’t watched any of Season 4 of “Fringe”. It felt like end of Season 3 was a good place to end it for me: Abrams tends to spin wildly out of control after a few seasons (“Lost”, “Alias”) and I figured I’d step away from the remote before it got silly.

    We like “Grimm” a little more than “Once Upon a Time”, but we’re watching both.

    I’m debating SW:TOR. Also MoP. Neither very seriously.

    Say hi to Brade, and I hope your hands get better.

  4. Even if you don’t like Olives (and I have a serious obsession with them), I highly recommend:

    It’s absolutely to die for, reheats well and can feed two for 3 excellent meals…. swap in various vegies and a startch and you’re good to go.

    I also highly recommend the for oil, vinegar and salt that will literally change your life.

    Also highly recommend Anthony Bourdain’s Les Halles Cookbook. I made stock from his technique for the first time over the holiday and mother-of-god, where has THAT been all my life. Real home-made stock is just so beyond wonderful, I’m without words to describe.

    Reading “Master and Commander” by Patrick O’brian (the books the film was based on), and if you have a little patience with them, I’m absolutely convinced that people who love beautiful prose and character driven novels will become enraptured by them.

    Watching “Breaking Bad” (intense, depressing in spots, but amazingly well written and brilliantly acted), I absolutely love how well the dialogue is written.

  5. Forgot to say….

    On the game:

    I love my Druid, I loathe what’s been done to him for Cata… I really struggle to find the will to log in some days and I’m entirely sympathetic to your perspective. I can only say that the people I’m around is what keeps me in the game and if that ever goes, that will be the beginning of a lengthy WoW hiatus.

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