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Druids can’t heal that! Yes, yes we can. While it’s true that we don’t bring any of the goodies that the other three healing classes offer the raid (Barrier, SLT, Beacon of Light), and there are plenty of arguments for why those other classes are more valuable to the raid on this fight – Druids are still viable healers for this encounter and it can be done with a leafy healer in the raid. Let’s talk about how to navigate through this content tier’s “druids are terrible” encounter.

Please note that this video will be best viewed at one of the higher resolutions.

A few tips!

  • Don’t stress the mana void! I talked about this in the video, but forgot to mention one thing: when blue is out it’s a license to go nuts with your mana. The mana void is going to drain it all from you anyhow, make good use of it before it’s gone! Additionally, I forgot to mention that I always save my mana pot for a back to back blue void as the mana void tends to take a little longer to die due to not having as much time to DPS it down between voids. I found that a well timed mana pot could work wonders. Additionally, many of the blue combinations are the easiest! Learn to love seeing that blue slime creep in towards the boss.
  • Love your melee. One thing that we learned was that as long as all of the ranged and the healers were at range, the melee were never targeted with  the green ooze. This made it significantly easier on both the melee and the raid. Let your melee pile right in and have the range eat all of the green.
  • Purple, Shmerple. The only really challenging purple combination is a black/purple. The rest of them are fairly easy to navigate once you get a feel for them. The biggest piece of advice I can give for surviving the purple is to make sure you raid is topped up before the purple ooze hits.
  • Who is healing MY group?! We used 6 healers and assigned one to the tank and one to each group. During purple phases healers were given very strict assignments and did not heal outside of their group. We used a shaman on the tanks, with a paladin who healed group 1 bouncing Beacon of Light between the tanks (more below).
  • Deep Corruption. Make sure your raid frames show deep corruption stacks. No matter how good you are, when things get hairy it’s easy to forget if you healed that person 2 , 3 or 4 times.
  • What do you mean I can only heal the tanks FOUR times! Tank healing on this encounter gets tricky, and requires a combination of good communication and smart cooldown usage. We had one healer assigned to heal the tanks directly during the purple phases. When the tanks would taunt, our paladin would beacon the non-active tank (who had four stacks of deep corruption) and go nuts to keep him up, while our tank healer would swap to the new tank. Once that tank became unhealable, our paladin would swap his beacon again to deal with the damage the new damage on the tank. We utilize both tank cooldowns and external cooldowns (Hand of Sac./Pain Suppression/LoH) to help keep the tank up during the sticky parts where they could no longer receive  direct heals but were still taking heavy damage. Additionally, towards the end of the purple phase, stay with the tank and time a heal to hit the second deep corruption drops off to get the tanks back in order for the next phase. There will be a fair number of tank deaths while you work through what needs to be done to keep the tanks alive during the purple phases, it’s just part of the learning curve as your tank healer and paladins work through finding the perfect combination of timing heals, swearing and prayer.
  • ToL/Tranq. Unless you are trying to wipe your raid, never utilize Tranq during a purple phase. I panicked once and did this, and the raid was dead before Tranq finished casting. Oops. Additionally, save your ToL for a Red/Black/Blue or a Red/Yellow/Black phase were the extra healing and can be useful. While I suppose you could test it out during a purple phase, I feel that is a lackluster time to utilize it due to the nature of Lifebloom and your limitations on healing during that phase. I tend to favor mine on the Red/Black/Blue because LB is dirt cheap, but will also utilize it on the Red/Yellow/Black phase should we see that one first.

Please do not hesitate to let me know if you have questions!

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7 responses to “Healing Heroic Yor’shaj (video guide)

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  1. Thanks for the guide I will definately be telling a hunter to use a pet taking increased healing to help with tank healing. Other than tank deaths my raid groups main issue seems to be with deciding what to do with the black/red/yellow/purple combination. If we kill the purple and so get two black/red/yellow combinations we struggle to deal with the second wave of adds when we don’t have heroism up. However if we kill the yellow so we don’t have a second wave of adds and have the combination black/red/purple our healers don’t seem to be able to keep the raid alive. I was wondering which strategy your raid group choose to deal with this and if you had any tips?

    Thanks in Advance

    • Hey Masith –

      You really want to limit the number of times that you have yellow and black up together as not only is the damage insane, but it’s a huge DPS loss on the boss having to deal with two waves of adds (and the timer is fairly tight). In fact, we only take Black/Yellow/Red when we have a green ooze as the fourth one. We do run a Black/Red/Purple combination. I have a few tips that might help 🙂

      Your raid should stack INSIDE of the boss’ model to help mitigate as much of the red damage as possible. The closer you are to the boss, the less damage he will do. Once your raid gets used to this, healing the red damage is no more difficult than healing the green. The hard part is dealing with the extra damage from the adds. We use mitigation cooldowns to deal with that. We SLT when the adds spawn and get to the raid, followed by a Barrier and then an Aura Mastery if needed. Generally by the end of the totem and the barrier the adds are dead and you are left with just the red damage to heal through again which isn’t so bad…as long as everyone is standing in the bosses model (even hunters can do this, as there is no minimum range on this boss). Your raid should have healthstones ready for if/when they get low health. Additionally, this is also a prime combination to use the swiftmend a pet trick, as your raid is all very close in together.

      I hope that helps some! Please let me know if you have additional questions 🙂

      • Just wanted to say thanks a lot for your help unfortunately we have had some roster issues with several players picking the same week to go on holiday so we only got to try your suggestions tonight and we managed a 600k wipe!

        Pretty sure we will kill it tomorrow now 🙂

  2. Hah, I knew coming here was a good idea. We just started working on this encounter last week and I was confused about healing. It wouldn’t have occured to me to Swiftmend a pet or wait with Innervate! I might have extra questions later, but for now we’re mostly dying due to over-eager DPS who kill the mana void when they’re not supposed to 😛

    As an aside: what’s the cooldown tracker addon under your raid frames? Do want!

  3. What does that addon/mod calls that count down the “purple-blob-healingdebuff” (Deep Corruption) in healbot/grid?

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