Lions and Tigers and Bears (Oh My!)   14 comments

I know that I mentioned awhile back that Brade was taking me on a holiday. Well that time is here and we leave bright and early tomorrow. We will be heading to San Diego with the specific purpose of taking in Sea World and the San Diego Zoo. Upon our return, we have some additional time off to enjoy as well. What you can expect from me over the next week and a half or so is lots of pictures, but perhaps not so much writing. I’m trying to take this time to unplug a bit, relax and sort through my thoughts. I do hope that you understand and enjoy any wildlife that may appear in this space until I’m back 🙂

Posted February 2, 2012 by Beruthiel in Off-Topic

14 responses to “Lions and Tigers and Bears (Oh My!)

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  1. Yay zoo pictures!

    I took this one at the Bronx Zoo a few years ago – always amusifies me.

  2. There better be some dolphins and whales a squids (oh my?) if you’re going to Sea world. 🙂

  3. Make sure you check out the baby koalas and the pandas

    ALSO! The polar bear exhibit is pretty awesome. The Hippo exhibit has both an above ground and below ground view.

    Have fun in SD! I’m being told by my friends that it has been gorgeous there. Enjoy it!

  4. Sun bear! 😀

  5. I’ve heard that one of the best things about Sea World is their food lol. I hope you guys have an amazing time- if you see one… wtb pictures of a Panda Bear! Also need pics of all the aquatic life!

  6. Oh cool, you’re coming to my home town! Let me be the first to welcome you to San Diego! I hope you enjoy your visit. =D The San Diego Zoo and Sea World are great fun! I was sorta thinking about going out to the Zoo on Sunday myself, since most of the crowds will be watching the game, heh. If you have a third day in town, you definitely should try to visit the Wild Animal Park too, that is if you aren’t tired of furry creatures by then. =D

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