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As I mentioned in my last post, I was taking a short holiday and then upon my return had a decent bit of time off. I had a really good time in San Diego and I am proud to say that I was completely unplugged the entire trip. It was…really good. It was also sunny and 75 the entire weekend that we were there! Brade and I walked around for three days, and were generally so exhausted (and a little sun burnt) by the time we got home we just crashed. A couple of the nights, after dinner, we stopped by and caught a movie. It was a nice break from everything.

Anyhow, I thought I’d share a few of the 600 or so pictures that I took while I was away. These are all from Sea World 🙂

This one here is my absolute favorite from the trip!

Sea World had amazing Penguin and Turtle exhibits. I literally could not get enough pictures! You would not believe how huge some of these penguins and turtles were!





Of course, the first thing you think of when you think “Sea World” is polar bears, right?!

Or perhaps it’s Dolphins…

No? Maybe Sea Lions doing the Tango?


Oh, wait! I know! It’s Shamu!


Sea World as a whole is a fantastic experience, and I really can’t recommend it enough if you have the opportunity to visit (I think there are three in the US). Be sure to schedule time in your day for all three of the shows as they are all amazing and you will have time to see all of the other exhibits in the day around the show schedules. I would recommend getting to the arenas about 30 minutes before each show to ensure that you get good seats and aren’t stuck in the “soak zone” or the nose bleed seats! If you’d like to see the other pictures I took at Sea World you can view them here. Some are better than others…and some are just plain missed shots (those dolphins are FAST!). I’ll be back to posting about druid/WoW related things next week – but not before I share some shots of the Safari Park and the Zoo 😉

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  1. Glad you had such a relaxing vacation! We visited San Diego in July, and the temperature was pretty close to the same–a nice break from the desert heat of our home. We did not go to Sea World, however, because we’d already been to the one in San Antonio, where my sister works. (She’s swimming with beluga whales this year, but she has gone swimming with Shamu before in San Diego. This is her: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z6x9xFKmw94) So we stuck with the historical stuff and the beach. (Got very, very sunburned . . . ouch . . .)

  2. Great pictures, thanks for sharing. Sounds like a great vacation and a much needed unplugged break.

  3. Awesome pictures! Many years ago, I got to hit the Seaworld in Orlando. I remember finding seats in the upper part of the splash zone, actually believing there was NO way Chris and I could get splashed sitting so far up… I paid for that arrogance with an enormous splash across me, although Chris only got a drop or two! I shall never again doubt the splash zone markings… =)

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