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It was my intention to have this post out earlier, but I caught the plague. Probably from someone on the airplane home, or maybe from Brade who caught it from someone on the airplane home.  Either way, I’ve spent the past three days drowning in tissue, mucinex and OJ while lying on my sofa protesting to anyone who would listen that I was dying. It was fairly miserable and a pretty shitty way to spend the second half of my vacation. I guess at least I was at home and not at the office? I got to be sick without using sick days? Silver linings, right?

Anyhow! Back to more delightful animal photos 🙂

The first day we were in San Diego, we drove out to the San Diego Safari Park.  It was actually a very cool place that has a heavy focus on conservation and study. We got to see a lot of animals in what is very close to their natural habitat and even some that  are close to extinct, or have been nursed back from extinction at this park.  My only regret is that we got their too late int he day to get to do the segway tour, because that looked like it would have been a lot of fun! Anyhow, here are some pictures (and a video!) from our visit.

I think this is probably my favorite picture from this park, it was almost like this little guy was posing for the shot!

The elephants had just had babies, I missed a shot of the smallest one (who was cute as a button), but you can see some here that aren’t quite full grown.


One of the things that Brade and I did was watch a Cheetah run. I want to say that this is the only place in the US that does this, but I might be wrong. When the trainers told us that if you blink you’d miss it, they were not kidding! It took Amara 5.5 seconds to do a 100 meter dash.

What was very cool about Amara was that she had a companion dog that she romped around and played with. It was extremely interesting to watch!



I know this isn’t the greatest shot, but this rhino here (african white rhino..I think) will go extinct during our lifetime. This is one of six left in the world, and they are all too old to breed.

And last but not least, what is a trip to the safari without some Giraffes?!

If you’d like to see all of the pictures from this park, feel free to take a gander here. We didn’t have time to go up and see the condors, which I regret after seeing some over at the zoo, and learning that they were on the verge of extinction when the Safari Park and Zoo helped to mate them and have been able to release roughly 200 of them back into the wild. Which I think is very cool. The Safari Park was quite enjoyable, and even though it’s out in the middle of nowhere, if you get the opportunity, I’d recommend checking it out! My only regret was that we didn’t have a little more time.

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  1. Yay! I’m glad you had a chance to visit the Wild Animal, er…Safari… Park! (it’ll always be the WAP to me. ><) I concur that the Cheetah run was pretty much the most amazing thing ever. It definitely makes me view "travel form" in a different light too. =D

  2. Great photos. That cheetah is just the cutest thing!

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