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I’m about a year late to this screenshot thing that has been flying around the blogosphere, and I had truly meant to get to it before now, it’s just that, er, I don’t really have a good excuse for why it’s taken me so long, so I won’t offend you with a bad one! Let’s just suffice it to say that it took me longer than intended, and that I’m beyond fashionably late to the party, but better late than never, right? RIGHT?!?!

Phew, now that is out of the was, let’s get on with it, shall we? I was tagged by a number of people for challenge and I had every intention of linking back to everyone who tagged me…but I lost the sheet that I wrote it down on, and I don’t want to forget anyone and offend them, so, uh, let’s just leave it as several great folks tagged me! And that I suck for not linking back to them. I’ll make it up to them somehow…when they least expect it. Yea, that’s it! *nods*

Anyhow, the whole gist of the thing is that you were supposed to go into your images/screenshot folder and go to the sixth subfolder and then find the sixth picture. Once you’d done that, you are supposed to post it and tell everyone a bit about it.

Well, I only have one screenshot folder. Ok, that’s not entirely true. My external drive has about a million for guild quotes, boss kills, “I can’t believe someone said that”, and, well, you get the picture. For purposes of this project, I stuck to my strict WoW screenshot folder. Anyhow, to keep in with the theme of sixes, I went to the sixth picture of the sixth set. Or, in simpler terms, I used the thirty-sixth screenshot in my folder. I know, I know, not EXACTLY what I was supposed to do – we’ll just say I put a “Beru twist” on it. So without further ado…

This is Mulgore.

I was slaving away at archaeology, flying across the friggin’ contient of Kalimdor, to yet another friggin’ NE dig, when this beautiful shot brought me out of my stooper. In fact, I thought it was so breathtaking that I stopped and took a screenshot of it. I may have decided that this lovely distraction was a sign from god that I should stop digging for the night, and then promptly hearthed. But I can neither confirm, nor deny, such accusations. Regardless, I still think that it’s a beautiful image and I’m happy that I had a reason to share it!

Now, the rules of this challenge (I refuse to call it a meme, ok!) are that I’m supposed to tag some other people to do the same thing. Well, I think that everyone and their brother that are interested in it have already done it – yea, yea late to the party, blah blah blah. So I’ll just go ahead and say that if you haven’t done it yet, but would like to, you have summarily been tagged!

Posted March 1, 2012 by Beruthiel in Community

3 responses to “Something about Sixes…

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  1. I have a curious habit of taking screenshots whenever I’m flying around and see anything pretty. Actually the first time I went to Deepholm I took dozens of screenshots, because everything was stunning. I don’t have a blog though, so I really don’t have anything to do with all the pictures 🙂 I just look at them occasionally and laugh about what I thought was worth a screenshot two or three years ago.

  2. Beru, you were popular! As far as I know, you were tagged by Bulidar, Kae and Aidrana. That was after 3-4 days. Not sure if you were tagged anymore after that! You could look at to see who else linked to you 🙂

  3. What a beautiful shot, Beru!

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