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I had a friend in the military who was talking to me about a list of locations that you get when you move from one kind of duty to another (I can’t remember the details). Apparently you are given a list of different military bases and you get to pick a handful of locations where you’d like to be stationed and number them from your highest desirability to your lowest. He told me some funny joke, that I no longer fully remember, about how you filled out all of these places you’d love to be stationed – only to learn that the military is going to station you wherever the hell the feel like it, and your “wish” list basically becomes a list of places you are pretty much guaranteed to never see. The joke itself was funnier. But you will just have to trust me on that one.

I guess the point that I’m trying to make with the anecdote above is that while I have a lot of wishes that I’d like to see implemented – I also am fairly realistic about any of them coming to fruition. Much like my friend dreaming of being stationed in Hawaii or perhaps internationally, I know that just because I want to see certain changes made, doesn’t mean that those changes are going to go any further than this post. That doesn’t mean that I’m not going to wish for them, or suggest them! Because, I mean, much like the Field of Dreams, if I don’t build my thoughts, no one will ever hear them! Hrm…that analogy worked better in my head.

Regardless! Let’s get on to some of the things I’d like to see changed with Mists!

Bring Back Pure Healing
To put it another way: make healing about healing again. This is probably my number one wish for Mists. I miss the days when being a healer was about making smart decisions in your healing and not about what cooldown you offered your raid. Honestly, I’d be 100% okay if they got rid of raid cooldowns altogether and designed encounters around just being able to heal though them based on the skill and ability of your healing team. No gimmicks. No Shenanigans. No “omg we have to have cooldown x or we are at a disadvantage”. Just let me heal.

Additionally, I can’t help but think that a lot of balancing issues could be solved, or at least heavily mitigated, by removing all of the if/then factors that things like Barrier brought into the healing game this expansion. More than anything else I want to be able to go into a raid and  just worry about healing. I honestly don’t feel that things like PW:B, AM, (3 min) DH, SLT or (3 min) Tranq make encounters more dynamic or “fun”, and often I think that they are detrimental when looking at the way in encounters are designed as a whole. Let’s just scrap them all and heal again – after all, isn’t that why we signed up to be a healer in the first place?

Quality of Life(bloom)!

My next wish is druid centric and a quality of life request. I’d like to have a way to swap a 3 stack lifebloom between two targets without having it take 3 GCDs. Let’s face it, outside of a handful of unique situations, in PvE lifebloom is kept on the tanks. However, a lot of encounters are designed to have tanks swap. Sometimes with alarming regularity (think about fights like Ultraxion or Ragnaros). To be perfectly honest, if you tried to keep a 3 stack of LB up on the active tank during Ultraxion, you’d almost never have time to cast anything but LB as you constantly re-applied your 3 stack between tanks as they swapped back and forth.

I understand that Blizzard wanted to move away from the “rolling LB” healing style that we saw in TBC. I even understand why they moved LB to only being able to be stacked on one target at the end of Wrath. But please, for the love of god, give us a way to swap it between targets while retaining our 3 stack. The swap could cost as much mana as re-applying a fresh stack, just please don’t make us spend 3 GCDs to get it back up on a new target.

Mince those Mushrooms

Another druid centric wish! If we can expect to see the damage patterns that have been consistent during this expansion, Druids absolutely need a way to more effectively and efficiently deal with burst AE damage. But Mushrooms are not the way to fix the problem. A spell with (very) limited range, that requires the raid to remain stationary (standing in the mushrooms), that takes 3 GCDs, must be set up in advance  (while praying your raid doesn’t move and you have enough familiarity with the encounter to know the damage patterns to use them) to detonate and requires the very clunky mushroom placement mechanic is just not a good solution. Especially when you have to consider that we are already maintaining harmony every 10 seconds and having to use 3 GCDs to swap lifeblooms between tanks; oh, and let’s not forget the wrath spam we are supposed to be integrating into our healing to boost its potency. Mushrooms are, frankly, the worst solution that I’ve heard regarding our need to have more burst healing abilities in our aresenal and is going to cause nothing but problems. Or give us another mediocre and lackluster raid heal.

But Beru, I hear your complaints, do you have a better solution? I don’t know if I do or not – I just know that what is proposed right now is not something I’m looking forward to trying to navigate in a raid. Why not explore an entirely new spell for us? It seems reasonable since we didn’t receive one in Catalcysm. Maybe something that can cause all of your active rejuvs to “flourish” healing nearby raid members for a certain amount in one burst, or maybe base it on how many active rejuvs you have on the raid, with a maximum limit it could heal. It could perform the same task as mushrooms – but would be much more dynamic and not as constricting. It also has the potential to allow the player to make intelligent and smart choices about who they are healing while thinking forward towards how those heals will impact the raid as a whole.

The long and short of it is that I think we do need additional tools in our kit to solve the problems we’ve seen this expansion, I just do not think that healing mushrooms is a practical, or particularly appealing, way to get there.

Serverwide Achievements

I’ve talked about this before, but I’d love to see things like “Realm First Boss X” have separate 10 and 25 man achievements. While the two raid sizes coexist, trying to balance them to be equal is an exercise in futility. If Blizzard is going to continue to keep competitive achievements like the server first achievements in the game, I think that there should be a separate achievement for each raid size. I also think that if a guild obtains the server first achievement for one raid size they should be prohibited from obtaining it for the other raid size. As an example, if Guild G obtains a server first achievement for Boss N in a 10 man raid setting, they will be ineligible to later obtain the achievement in a 25 man raid setting. This would mean that each server would have the opportunity for both 10 and 25 mans guilds that are focused on progression raiding to obtain the server first recognition without the concern about an encounter is “easier” or “harder” on one difficulty or the other.

Cross Realm Guilds

Why not?! Everything else in the game is already cross realm, why not allow guilds to be cross realm as well? Guilds are all about community, why should that necessarily be limited to server communities? This would also help recruitment tremendously – as guilds that are on smaller populated realms could attract players who would rather play on a more populated realm, but want to raid with a certain guild that made its home on a smaller realm, or the realm the guild is located on has started to stagnate. As someone who has recruited for a mid-population server, with a smaller horde population, I can absolutely tell you that this is a factor that can be a detriment to some players and that this addition could be extremely valuable to the survival of many guilds moving forward.  I think that cross realm guilds will be even more valuable and prevalent if MoP sees cross realm raiding permitted for current content – and could factor into the difference between life and death for many guilds.

Server Mergers

I would like to see the merger of some small and medium population servers. MMOs are all about community and being able to participate in community activities. I know that as we seen things like LFG and LFR introduced this has become less and less true, but I still think that a lot of the value of playing an MMO is in having a community of people that you enjoy. As guilds have continued to struggle this expansion, I think that smaller realms have taken a harder beating than larger realms. Let me see if I can explain this…

A realm has a finite talent pool that they can draw from, once that pool has been tapped the only way to secure talent is to look outside of your realm. The larger and more populated your realm is, theoretically the larger and more diverse your talent pool will be available, which also means that the converse is true for smaller realms. Often times on smaller realms when a guild falls apart, many people either transfer to a new (often more populated) server or quit the game entirely. This, in turn, causes a very nasty catch 22 as smaller realms steadily lose talent and playerbase.

I think that if Blizzard looked at some of their smaller and medium populated realms and cross matched them so that small realms with high alliance population were merged with small realms with high horde population you could invigorate these realms and in the process save a good number of players and guilds in the process.

Get Rid of Legendaries, Bring Back Class Specific Epics

Let’s face it, legendaries are nothing but trouble. They cause problems with balancing. They cause drama. I can’t think of a single guild leader who heard about a legendary and went “yay!”. Personally, I’d rather see class specific epics similar to Rok and Benediction. Along with long, complex quest chains that require players to be a master of their class to obtain the weapon. I completed both a Rok and a Benediction during vanilla, and the quests were amazing. Not only from a lore perspective (it’s a real shame people can’t see the Benediction quest anymore) – but from a “you must learn to be an exceptional player” perspective. Both quests required you to become a master of all aspects of your class and it’s a shame that Blizzard stopped making rewards in this fashion. I would love if we never saw another orange in the game, but had more class-centric epics that really encouraged and rewarded players for learning to think outside of the box and be exceptional.

I have so many more things I’d like to see changed, but I think those listed above are the biggest ones for me. What about you? What would be on your MoP wish list?

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20 responses to “Beru’s MoP Wish List

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  1. I’d love to see perma-wilted-broccoli form come back, but that’s a bit of a pipe dream…

    • I wish it would come back too, as a purely cosmetic spell. In fact, I’d like to see purely cosmetic spells designed for ALL classes, things they wouldn’t have to worry as much about balance issues, that existed only to look cool.

      • Now that I can be a troll (which I love!), I’ve kind of just given up on perma tree form again. It’s not that I wouldn’t love it if we had it, I’m just out of energy to keep hoping it will come back 🙂

  2. I think I have already mentioned this on my blog or podcast (or maybe I just bitched to people about it ^^) but a way to implement the LB transfer could be something like a glyph. Rather than actually transferring stacks, make the glyph just cast a 3 stack LB with 1 GCD, however the down side is that instead of costing 3x LB it actually costs 4x or 4.5x so that there is a downside to it. That way it has both a plus and a minus (unlike the original WG glyph).

    I also agree regarding Legendaries, Mushrooms and Pure Healing. It would be nice to have some class specific quests, especially if they could be solo completed or in small groups (and yes part of that is due to the chance of Kat ever getting a legendary is tiny).

    Mushrooms are clunky unless they have a single mushroom do all the damage, or make them targetable players not the ground or something similar. The current model of placing 3 and then detonating would be too fiddly for healing unless you had designated stack up points.

    As for pure healing, I think it would make healing more fun again if the raid CDs were either lessened or removed. Make the toolbox of each healer stronger to cope with the bosses and remove gimmicks that would currently require raid CDs in order to survive.

    Also, yes give back permanent tree form 😀 I don’t like that in order to get a shape shifting form (AS A DRUID!) we have to take a specfic talent which locks us out of two other choices. Even if the ToL was a minor thing that was then boosted by incarnation (like owlkin, bear etc) or was for specific roles e.g. if it was was ST healing then LB stacks to three with a single cast and can be cast on two targets, if it was designed for raid healing then WG hits +2 targets and does extra healing. If you had ToL buff either AoE healing of ST healing then it also brings in the mechanic and skill of knowing when to stay as caster form and when to shapeshift (and then incarnation could buff it for 30 seconds like it does now).

    • I am quite honestly dreading the mushrooms. I really, REALLY hope that doens’t make it live. Unless something is changing drastically in MoP, I just really don’t see the mechanic playing out well for us 😦

  3. Rogue’s legendary quest is really cool, every Class should have theirs no matter the color of the item given (purplñe/orange/pínk?)

  4. Ahhhh you brought up the wish list/dream sheet! I have a perfect example of what that is usually like in the military. My husband spent a year in Korea, a hardship tour which means you don’t get to take your family along and then just as he was going to come back (and go to school because he got promoted over there) he was deployed to Iraq for a year! So after being gone for two years he was able to attend his new course and at the end of it Branch Management asked where he would like to go next. He told them “Fort Sill Oklahoma, Fort Carson CO, Fort Lewis WA or Fort Wainwright Alaska”. The first three are big, popular forts that we had family near and we asked to go to Alaska just cause Alaska is awesome. A few weeks later his manager gets back to him with five options: Korea (yes, another year away with no family), *another* post in Korea, Fort Benning Georgia (deploying to Iraq almost immediately upon arrival), some base in Alabama I can’t even remember the name of because it is so small and finally an administrative job in Maryland. On the plus side after two years in Maryland we were absolutely FREAKING THRILLED when we got sent to Fort Lewis. I screamed for hours. It was the first time in 10 years of active duty service we’d actually gotten to go somewhere we WANTED to go. (Then of course my husband deployed to Afghanistan 42 days after we finished moving across the freaking country but details).

    Sorry about the rant :p

    I would love to see a way to swap Lifebloom stacks or better yet, not even have to stack Lifebloom anymore. There’s no point in needing to stack it since we can only have it on one target at a time IMO. I don’t see that happening but I can wish.

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks Mushrooms are a TERRIBLE idea. Druids have one main weakness that we’ve been smacked in the face with over and over this entire expansion (and during Wrath too IMO). We can’t handle burst damage. Wild Mushrooms is not going to fix that. If anything they are going to make things worse because we are already the most GCD locked healer IMO (and yes, I have all four at 85). We have to cast our hots, maintain Lifebloom on the tank and we have the only mastery that requires activating via *casting* spells. I don’t want a heal that I have to set up and depend on people to stand in.

    That brings me to my second biggest rant about Mushrooms: I don’t want another circle on the ground sort of heal. I hate that shamans were designed around this sort of mechanic, everyone knows how that turned out for this entire expansion. Rather than fix them Blizz just designed Dragon Soul to cover up the problem. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to look into the future and see what all the fights are going to have to be like in order to make Mushrooms/Healing Rain/HW:Sanc viable.

    I would also be fine with major cooldowns going away. Are they cool, awesome and powerful? Yes. But then the devs have to design around them and that’s how classes get punished (or we get pushed further down the homogenization ladder).

    And yeah, I agree legendaries need to go. The Rogue daggers have left a really bad taste in my mouth. Blizz built that whole thing but we can’t have the SFF quest anymore? Screw that.

    • Hah! The military wish list was the FIRST thing I thought of making this list. Probably because I knew that I have about as much luck seeing any of these changes as I would in getting to select a base of preference if I were in the military 🙂

      I actually think that the majority of folks think mushrooms aren’t a very practical design if they are left in their current iteration. Hopefully that will be one of the things that we’ll see a more elegant solution come about.

  5. I love the idea of class-specific quest chains for weapons. Homogenization, tokens, etc. have taken away much of the flavor of each class, and I feel less connection to my character because of it. A quest chain that played to my class abilities and lore, and put the unique features of my class front and center, would help to reverse that. Make the chain long, difficult – and make the weapon interesting! Some unique effect like the firelands Druid staff would be awesome. The weapons could be between heroic dungeon and normal raid quality so they’d be useful for long enough to make the work to obtain them worthwhile. Make the last part of the chain require killing some raid bosses, and upgrade the weapons to raid quality even. If raid bosses didn’t drop weapons we’d all have the same one, but who cares? Transmog solves the appearance problem, is there any other? Like I said, I’m enamored of this idea 🙂

    • I think they could do a lot with class specific epics! I’m sure it’s a lot of work on their part, but they could make some truly amazing quest chains that would mean a lot to the player completing them. I mean, I still remember finishing my Rok and I still have it in my bank because it’s incredibly meaningful to me. I remember camping out that hill in EPL after failing the benediction quest, waiting for the quest giver to spawn. I remember the story of how the fleeing people needed protection, healing and help – and how sad I was at the story. I’d love to see more immersive quest chains like that, where the gear you have really means something to you when you finally achieve it, and the feeling of accomplishment is timeless.

  6. I agree with you wholeheartedly about the “bring back healing” thing. I think the need for cooldowns really spun out of control in this expansion – some of it fueled by the developers creating encounters where the cooldowns were almost mandatory, and some of it fueled by the player base who felt that if one person had the cooldown that everyone should have them – which was then supported by guild leaders and raid leaders who stopped taking certain classes because they couldn’t provide said cooldown. It got out of hand really fast and I really wish it was about the healing again. Give me 25 health bars (or 10) that are yellow or red and that I have to make green again and I am a happy camper.

  7. I don’t want to be greedy. I’ll live with daft mushrooms and clunky LB restacks and no new spells. Just that one wish:

    ‘Make healing about healing again’.

    No, I don’t want to weave in Wrath, why would needing to spam a tiny dps spell seem like fun healing? No, I don’t want to be forced to be a chicken or a kitty every other fight because I don’t have the right CD or save or bomb heal for the encounter design. Swapping and changing roles doesn’t make me feel flexible and powerful and competent, it makes me feel like the odd-jobs girl. And I am terribad at dps it so it makes me feel like crying too.

    What I want for my money is to be allowed to heal raids. Why is that so impossible?

    • I agree! I honestly think that blizzard does more harm than good in trying to find ways to make healing “interesting”. Most healers just want to make the green bars fill up, and don’t want to DPS or have to deal with some shennanigans to do their job. I don’t mind challenging or difficult healing – as long as I get to be healing!

      • I may be in the minority, but I like getting some Mana back from TC (again speakng from a Shaman perspective). I also liked CCing and other ways to prevent incoming damage since damage prevented is better than damage healed. And I bet the “shrooms” are Blizzard’s attempt to give the Monk’s headaches with their statues to a second class.

  8. Since we are talking about class quests….bring back the Shaman Totem Quest chains! (I know, not a Druid thing, but….). I loved having to go EARN all of my totems back in the day. The stories were fun and it gave some flavor to the Shaman as a class. Heck, I kind of enjoied the Druid shapehang quests (not that I did all of them, never could get into a Druid enough to get to 60, much less 80 or 85). Class specific quests and rewards would be great, in moderation since people do sometimes like to level in a group.

    • haha, I think the worst part about the totem quests was that you didn’t have a very efficient way to travel to all of the places you were being asked to go! It was quite similar to the warlock demon quests in that sense. But I agree that those quests added flavor to the class, and it is a little bit of a shame that they are now gone. I’d love to see more class specific quest lines made available, and it’s my hope that they’d add depth to the class while helping people master what they know about their class!

      • True enough about the travel problem, but part of the “coolness” was going to see parts of the world that you might not otherwise go to see.
        Also, how about this as an idea? Have a set of three quests at around level 10 where you get to “try on” all three of the Specs one at a time in orderr to show what each spec is able to do and introduce the new player to a proper rotation and maybe even their role in a Dungeon or Raid? And possibly a second set at level 40 (for those classes that gain new armor types) that give a “starter” set that has the base stats that players need to look for in upgraded items.

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