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Ok, this post likely isn’t going to have one thousand words, but it does have a picture!

At some point after they opened level to 87, my resolve not to level and to just wait for level 90 pre-mades eroded. I blame wanting to play around with Symbiosis. Anyhow, resolve gone. So Brade and I have been putzing around a little more on the beta; him because he wants to get a feel for the monk class as he’s thinking about rerolling due to years of frustration with feral druids by the end of each expansion (maybe I’ll get him to do a guest post on that…) and me because, well, symbiosis! Because of some of the bugs with swapping specs currently, I’ve been leaching off of his damage while leveling because I grew tired of having to respec, reglyph and fixing my action bars constantly, which means I’ve been leveling resto (or mostly bouncing around looking at things while aimlessly tossing a rejuv on him and going “OH, SHINY!” as I’m distracted by the beautiful scenery, while he kills shit. Don’t judge! He likes doing that spinning crane kick thingie anyhow, I’M REALLY JUST HELPING HIM DECIDE IF HE LIKES THE CLASS!).

Anyhow, after dinner last night we sat down to play a little bit and decided we might as well do some of the quests (we generally had just been running through the one instance available to us). While doing this, we learned a number of things, the most important of which is that currently no drops are shared between party members – and the new vehicle frame is kind of bad ass. Anyhow, we got to this quest last night that wanted you to go meditate at various shrine things. And so we did. Until we got to the final one and found what you see in the above picture.

Yes, folks, that is a very long line to complete this quest. I felt like I was at the DMV, “take a number, and wait for it to be called, please”. Apparently the quest can only be completed by one person at a time, and is very buggy (welcome to beta, folks!). After standing in this line for about 10 minutes, Brade and I were like “fuck this, let’s queue for that instance again!” and departed. However, I woke up early this morning and rushed through my morning routine so I could log in with the hopes of quickly finishing the quest outside of prime time…and there was still a line!

All I could do was laugh.

I suppose the fact that people were moderately civil enough to form the line to begin with should be appreciated. But good lord! All I could think was “this is like the Vaelstraez of cockblocks for questing!”. I went back and shared with Brade that while the line was appreciably smaller, it did, in fact, still exist and I was out of time and needed to go to work. However, to my surprise, rather than lazing in bed for a bit, he apparently got up, stuck us both in the line, went about his morning routine, and completed the quest so that we could move on (true love right there, folks!). 

This post doesn’t really have a point, it’s just that I have been so amused by this quest, that I thought I would share. 🙂

As a side note for those putzing around in the beta, I found a fairly irritating bug last night while healing a Guardian Druid (aka a bear). Just as a head’s up, and this is only prevalent when healing a bear, your lifebloom does not currently refresh via Healing Touch, Regrowth or Nourish. To keep a three stack up, you must refresh it by adding another lifebloom.

Oh, and for those interested, I parsed a couple of my forays last night (including the one with the bear tank). Feel free to peruse them as you will.


Posted April 18, 2012 by Beruthiel in Beta, Just for Fun!, MoP

5 responses to “A Picture and A Thousand Words

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  1. I’ve been guilty of being distracted by the scenery or something while Coolidge pulls bigs mobs and then I don’t heal him in time because I’m pulling more mobs or something. Oh and I’ve done that meditation quest 3 times now on 3 copies of my priest 😛 My current copy isn’t quite caught up in quests though as there were quite a few buggy ones in Jade Forest so I had to grind out the level. Loving the new Arch changes though.

  2. 660 words. Over halfway there!

  3. The queue for that quest above reminds me of exactly how it *wasn’t* in the Worgen starting zone for Grandma’s Cat http://www.wowhead.com/quest=14401 just after the launch of Cataclysm. The whole area was swarmed with baby Worgens furiously clicking the spawn location. The spousal unit and I logged off in disgust and came back a couple days later. Happy to see some order and consideration for others being given in your example.

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  5. The line is still there today/last night. People are trying to circumvent by “cutting” but all this is doing is bugging out the npc for the person who was in line- and the person who is clicking on the NPC to start his/her meditation at the same time. Thus netting no one completion. Oh the joys of Beta. I levelled to 86 once I ran out of quests by dungeoning. It’s ok as long as I don’t mushroom and ToL… It’s ok as Moonkin as long as I don’t Moonfire or hit an eclipse and then Starfire… /twitch. But it’s beta- so it’s pretty much expected lol.

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