Shado-pan Monastery and Mogu’Shan Palace, Druid Style   Leave a comment

I had time over the weekend to run the two new instances on the beta. I was level 87 when I did them, and was 100% in the Cataclysm gear that I transferred Beru onto the beta wearing (appx. 405 iLevel, 2700 spirit). As long as I was smart about healing my mana felt fine. I still  had to be careful not to heal poorly, as doing so did mean that I felt a pinch on my mana, but as long as I made good decisions I was okay. One thing that I will comment on is the new cooldown on the dispel mechanic. We had a particularly bad trash pull in Mogu’shan palace in which the mobs put out a fairly nasty debuff. I will say that the cooldown on dispelling in a 5 man definitely made me think about who to dispel and who to let the debuff tick on and try to heal through. I actually kind of liked having to think through this in the intimate setting of five mans, but do have some concerns as to how it may play out in a larger raid setting.

The other thing I’d like to comment on is Symbiosis. When I remembered to put it up, I tried to put it up on someone that it would be moderately useful. However, I failed to actually utilize any of my abilities gained. Ok…well, I may have lifegriped and over-eager tank who wouldn’t give me a second to drink before charging to to pull trash, but outside of that, I really didn’t use it at all. To me, this seems to be somewhat problematic. While I wasn’t trilled about mushrooms, at least I try to use them, and try to find ideal times to benefit from them. With Symbiosis I can honestly say that at this juncture in my play, I may as well not even have it as an ability. Sure, it’s my fault for being shitty and forgetting to utilize it as much as I could – but if I’m going to be honest outside of the time I gave it to a mage and a DK, I gained no benefit because the other members of my group gave me nothing particularly useful to make me want to use it. Part of that may be because Monks currently give me swim speed (not final….), warriors give intimidating roar, shaman give me spiritwalker’s grace and I get cleanse from paladins. None of which are particularly helpful (or at all) in the majority of situations. I think I will probably do a separate post about this problem – but I did want to mention it now – in case you were wondering what I thought of it/if I used it.

As for the instances themselves, I will say that I was very impressed. They looked beautiful, the mechanics in them were fresh and interesting and I enjoyed my participation in them – even when things didn’t quite go my way.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to let me know.

Posted May 14, 2012 by Beruthiel in MoP

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