Beta: Scarlet Halls Video and Spec Thoughts   1 comment

Above is a video from heroic Scarlet Halls. The zone combines the old Armory and Library from Scarlet Monestary. I really enjoyed the zone, and thought the upgrades to the encounters were fun.

I am running the same spec and stats as I have for the other heroic videos I’ve posted to date. I had a few folks ask how I was specc’d so I thought I’d take a little bit of time to talk about what I’m thinking regarding my resto spec as I move from the beta to live.

Tier One: In this tier I’ve been playing with Wild Charge, which is what I have indicated above – however I believe pretty firmly that Feline Swiftness will be the superior ability for PvE, and what I will be taking on live, provided nothing changes in that tier.

Tier Two: I strongly feel that Nature’s Swiftness is the best contender in this tier for PvE. Cenarion Ward has some potential, but not enough to make me beleive I should drop NS to pick it up.

Tier Three: This tier is almost optional for resto, as such take whatever you want. I found typhoon to be very valuable while leveling, and of the abilities available has the most potential to be useful in PvE – but I don’t anticipate getting much use of it in raids.

Tier Four: As I stated the other day, in this tier I prefer ToL over Force of Nature. A lot of this boils down to the fact that I want to retain control of my heals and not give that up to the treants AI. Assuming that the two have roughly the same output potential, I think that this tier is ultimately going to come down to your personal preference as a player.

Tier Five: This is another set of talents that are almost optional, and you can likely take whatever you want. I have grown quite fond of might bash. It is quite good while leveling and is a like a Druid Hammer of Justice, which can be useful on trash, etc. The only downside is the limited range, but of all of the abilities I feel that this will translate the best into a PvE setting – but is certainly not game breaking. Take whatever you want in this tier, but don’t undervalue the power of a well timed stun!

Tier Six: I talked at length about this tier the other day, but I’ll add a few thoughts here as well. Of all of the healer classes, I really feel that Druids received the weakest final tier. However, lemons/lemonade, etc. As such, your choice in this tier is going to really be driven by your preference, assuming that all three remain relatively equal in thruoughput. If you want to work with weaving wrath in for one, more powerful, heal – and find this game play intriguing, you may want to opt for Dream. Personally, that style of play does not appeal to me. As such, I have opted for the boosted healing found in Nature’s Vigil, and anticipate that this is what I will select on live as well. I am still toying around with the boosted stats found in Heart of the Wild – but not thrilled with anything else about the talent.

What are your thoughts on the talents as we push closer to release? Which a abilities do you think you will be favoring?

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One response to “Beta: Scarlet Halls Video and Spec Thoughts

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  1. For Tier 1 I’ve been contemplating between Feline Swiftness and Wild Charge. I do feel Wild Charge will be stronger. You can actually Wild Charge your mushrooms. Drop a shroom at the location you need to WC to and bam you’re there in once GCD!

    For Tier 2 I completely agree. With mana being much tighter I feel the free spell from NS is very beneficial. CW just doesn’t feel very strong to me and we all know Renewal is a waste in comparison.

    Tier 3 is like you said, completely up in the air. FS probably won’t be great because the need for a ranged snare is really never needed. ME might be interesting for add control depending on the fight. Typhoon has already proven to be helpful with certain fights (Rag).

    Tier 4 is a tossup between Soul of the Forest and Incarnation. Soul of the Forest is most effective in combo with Wild Growth (unglyphed) and it results in a 30% increase in it’s healing. Soul of the Forest actually brings WG back to 4.2 potency, but at the expense of losing Tree of Life. I’m not sure if it’s worth the tradeoff. In my testing I found Soul of the Forest to be really powerful in Heroics for handling burst (and I imagine it will carry over into 10’s as well) especially if you dislike the new healing shrooms mechanic. Force of Nature is still really terrible.

    For me Tier 5 is again completely optional. I’ll probably take Ursol’s Vortex for another “kite the adds” ability to help out the tanks if needed.

    Tier 6 I’ll be taking Nature’s Vigil. Before the nerf Dream of Cenarius was actually very powerful. Unfortunately, the healing benefit has been nerfed so much that it no longer outweighs the HpS loss of casting Wrath. Heart of the Wild just seems like a stat booster but I feel having another personal throughput CD is much more valuable.

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