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Do you know what has always amazed me so much about Jim Croce? The fact that a voice like his comes from a mustache like that! Okay, okay – I’m (half) joking! It’s the way that so many of his songs really hit home. I sit and listen to the lyrics, and I can pair almost any significant event in my life to a Jim Croce Song. I am not really sure how I came to really know him as an artist, as I would consider the 80’s my decade, but somehow I came across his music at some point in my youth and couldn’t get enough. I bet I had his greatest hits album on loop in my car in college for almost a full year. (Well…that and Graceland. I can’t help it, I love Paul Simon!).

Anyhow, if you aren’t familiar with the work of Jim Croce I would encourage you to do yourself the favor of looking him up and blocking out an hour or so to really listen to what he is saying when he sings. Seriously. It will be time well spent, and if you don’t tear up at least once you simply aren’t human. 

I’m sure that you are probably wondering why I am talking about (probably one of the greatest singers of all time) Jim Croce here on my WoW blog. Well, I’ve spent a lot of time the past couple of weeks reflecting and remembering some of my greatest memories in WoW. And, of course, Time in a Bottle seems so appropriate any time that you are thinking about what has been and what is a history past that can’t, or won’t, be repeated or rewritten. What is so odd about this, is that I have draft posts that are several years old where I try to put some of my favorite WoW memories into words, and simply can’t find the right words. It’s strange how memories that seem so vivid and fond are so hard to illustrate. Perhaps it’s simply because some memories are meant to be private.

So…you are probably wondering what I’ve been up to since my last post.

Well, I took a complete week away from WoW and went to Disneyland. It was so much fun. I have, in no uncertain terms, decided that you are never too old for Disneyland. We went to character breakfasts, and got excited to see things in the park, and rode Pirate of the Caribbean more times than I should probably admit. It was delightful and carefree. I had so much fun and truly enjoyed it.

I’ve been spending a moderately unhealthy amount of time in front of the television, cuddled up with the dog – and sometimes Brade – catching up on some television shows that we let fall behind. We are finally up to speed on Bones, and I got up to speed on two of my guilty pleasures: Pretty Little Liars and Ice Loves Coco. I have both American Horror Story and Downton Abbey on my “to do” list, and went through Netflix last night queuing up a few new things (did you know there is a documentary about the lady who did Xena’s stunts?!). It’s been relaxing, but I am trying to expand my “WoW Free” activities past the sofa!

I’ve still been reading. I finished up Cold Days – the latest in the Dresden series, and I’m pretty sure that Jim Butcher can do no wrong. I’ve continued to plug along through the Rizzoli and Isles books, but recently took a break to read the latest In Death book. I’ve been adding to my “to read” list at a somewhat alarming rate. I’m not sure if I’ll make it through everything that I’ve recently placed on the list, but it won’t be from a lack of trying! I also treated myself to a new toy, and recently purchased a Kindle Paperwhite. It’s scheduled to arrive today and I can’t wait to get home and get it all set up.

Brade and I have played some table top games in our down time, but not nearly as many as I’d like. Perhaps that will be our activity tonight. We acquired some over the holidays that are shamefully still in the packaging, just begging to be unwrapped. Amongst our holiday gifts I got two of the expansions for Arkham Horror. Unfortunately, one of the games (LotR Nazghul) that I got Brade (and have been looking forward to playing) is three or more players – so perhaps we will have to host a game night so that we can break it out of the box and give it a spin! I’ve also been reading a lot about Risk Legacy – so perhaps once we’ve tackled our current new games I will pick it up and we can have a go. I wonder if it’s playable with only two people. Hmmmmmmmm.

As far as video games go, I haven’t dug as much into my pile of shame as I thought I would. And I have so much to play. I’d like to go back to Diablo and see what the changes are, I never finished Portal 2 or Skyrim. And we won’t get started on the mountain of unfinished (or started!) console games sitting on my shelf looking for some attention. I think that I will probably get to these in time, but right now I’m trying to find my place without a raid schedule. And for whatever reason more video games just haven’t come to the top of that list.

Brade and I went and toured our local Y over the weekend. It’s a very nice facility, with several classes that I think I’d enjoy and programs that I could see myself becoming involved with. But (yes, there is always a but), I question our ability to get out of the house once we are home for the evening and actually participate. I know that it would be good for both of us, but it is also very nice just coming home, cooking dinner, and not having to rush to do something. I’m rather enjoying the freedom of not being “scheduled”. So it’s something I need to think about seriously. Although…if we join before Thursday we can waive the joining fee. Which is quite tempting.

In a change of pace, I am happy to report that I saw a new rheumatologist yesterday and…I liked her! The first thing is that she spent more than 10 minutes with me, and did more than look at my hands and say “well, that is odd”. She poked, prodded and asked lots of questions. She is having a plethora of blood work run, and has some ideas about what may be causing the problems I’ve been having with my hands for the past 18 months. And the biggest thing she was concerned about was the fact that my white blood cell count has been chronically high! Something that I have been worried about since I learned about it. I am hopeful that I have finally found a doctor that I can work with, and who I feel is genuinely interested in my health. And she is willing to work with me on solutions that are pregnancy friendly while we work on our attempt to create a small human. I am so excited about this development that I’m not entirely sure I can put my excitement into words!

As for WoW, well, I haven’t spent a lot of time online. We’ve been working through challenge modes (only three golds left!) and I’ve found them to be very fun. They provide an adequate challenge and require a measure of teamwork that is refreshing. And the group that I am running with right now is wonderful. We are running a two melee group, so have some unique challenges that sometimes require a creative solution, but it’s absolutely doable. In fact, we are having enough fun with them that Brade and I are going to do them a second time with some other friends. We are debating using a different set of characters – Brade’s DK and my Shaman – but have not decided yet. DKs seem crazy over powered for them, and my shaman would allow me to bring bloodlust so our hunter can be more flexible. We will have to see if we can get them ready in time, and if we feel comfortable enough to be successful. But it is nice to have another goal to work towards.

I have also been poking around with pet battles. Not as much as Brade, but here and there. I would like to do the Safari achievements soon, I think. So far my problem with being a “casual” player is that I don’t feel I have goals to work towards outside of challenge modes, and so I log in, putz around a bit, and then log out and go do something else. The challenge for me, I think, will be to create my own goals. Catch all the pets. Level that new character. Do those achievements I’ve been putting off. Finish my reps. Brawl. There is a lot left that I want to do, and I think can keep the game fun and fresh for me, I just need to make a list and start checking things off. Of course, I need to be motivated to log in and do them, which also seems to be a problem. I figure it’s nothing a little bit of time off won’t fix – but I could be wrong!

As far as druid information goes, I’ve haven’t been keeping up with it as much as I might have a year ago. I saw the mushroom fix, and I think it’s an awful solution. I simply don’t see how making you spend time to “charge” them, which requires you to know well in advance where your raid is going to be standing to make adequate use of them, solves any of the problems associated with the use of them. I actually think it creates even more problems with the ability and penalizes you even more if you have to adjust where they are placed. I am, however, glad to see the overall increase to our healing. It was needed. I just question if it will be enough.

As for how I’m holding up after all of the changes over the past month, I’m doing okay. I continue to strongly feel that the changes were positive and the right thing to do, and despite some harassment and particularly cruel things being said, I continue to have my Time in a Bottle with friends keeping me afloat and happy. I am at peace with our decision, and that is all I think I need to worry about.

And with that in mind, I’ll just leave this right here 😉

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6 responses to “Anything You Wanted To Say Was Probably Said Better In A Jim Croce Song

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  1. Nope, never too old for Disney. Just booked a trip to WDW for this summer for me and the kid, and I can’t wait 🙂

  2. I am glad you had a good time at Disney. And like Ratshag stated, you are NEVER too old for Disney. I’m 44 myself and am long over-due a trip. The sad part is I only live 2 hours away from it. (sad Floridian is sad)

    Jim Croce…wow…there isn’t much that can be put into words when it comes to his music…just that they don’t make story tellers like that anymore.

    • If I only lived two hours away I’d probably have a family pass and be there ALL the time!

      Someone that I’m recently discovering that reminds me a little of Jim Croce is James Taylor. However, I don’t think he’s quite as good as ol’ Jim.

  3. Probably unrelated to why you can’t put your WoW memories into words, but a very funny song. I love this guy. I know there are several people who’s eyes glaze slightly when I even mention I have a raid scheduled, much less tell stories.

    • Haha

      Well for me, just being largely unscheduled has been quite freeing. I’m sure at some point I will find some classes, a regular table top night or some other thing, but I’m really just enjoying the freedom right now 🙂

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