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Yesterday there were some Druid changes announced for the PTR. While these aren’t guaranteed to make it to live, I still think that it’s valuable to explore them and consider what the changes will do, and any potential consequences that may arise as a result. As such, let’s take a look at what we might be seeing here in the next couple of weeks!

Ironbark now has a cooldown of 60 seconds, down from 2 minutes.

While it could be argued that this wasn’t strictly necessary, it is a very nice change that I’m in favor of seeing. While a lot of people view this as a “tank” CD, I’ve often found use for it on members of the raid that are in danger. Being able to use it more freely in this regard is going to be quite nice and a very strong update to the ability itself. I think it’s a very good change and I’m happy to see it go in – hopefully everyone will be a little more aggressive in using it!

Swiftmend’s area-of-effect component now heals injured allies within 10 yards, up from 8 yards.

While I’m happy to see an increase in range, I’ve long since taken the stance that I’m either throwing this on melee, I’m using it on myself and positioning it where I want it, or I’m using it on the tank (or someone else not grouped up) and may not be taking full effect of the ground effect. It’s nice that it’s bigger, I just don’t see it really having a huge effect on the ability overall. I could be wrong and the extra two yards could be profound! I’m just not certain that is going to be the case. Either way, it’s not a bad change. So, yay?!

Wild Mushroom: Bloom now heals all allies within 10 yards (up from 8 yards) for 100% more, and includes bonus healing from Rejuvenation overhealing.

This change is very interesting. While I’m not entirely thrilled that they still haven’t fixed the main issue with this ability (the extremely clunky targeting mechanic) I’m also not positive that this change, as it stands, is going to go live. Ghostcrawler clarified that both the base healing and the bonus rejuv healing is getting increased by 100% – and, well, that has the potential to be just ridiculous!

Right now a set of fully charged mushrooms can pack a punch – just placing them, charging them and blooming them is incredibly cumbersome and heavily penalized if your raid has to move after they’ve been placed/charged. With the buff, this will be even more true than it was before. Not only that, but the amount of healing mushrooms will now have the potential to unleash is going to be enormous. Like mind blowing levels of enormous. Like I’d be surprised if this pushes to live like this enormous.

That being said, if the change makes it I think it supports using your mushrooms singularly when your raid isn’t clumped up. Right now, on certain fights, I’m already just placing them under ranged or lining them up along the path the raid will be moving.

I do worry a little bit if such a big change doesn’t risk running them back towards rotational. I also dislike the fact that they encourage some poor healing to maximize their effectiveness (much in the same way I disliked the original version of Harmony). I also worry that they are going to become so much of our healing that we are going to be slow to see any changes to them (if we ever were to begin with), simply because druids will be making even more concerted efforts to use them. I suppose we will have to wait and see how it plays out. I would very much like to see some mechanical changes to the ability emerge, but it seems like Blizzard is very hesitant to head in that direction to date.

(And yes, I still hate mushrooms. So very much. I don’t care how much healing they do, until they are less cumbersome to use I will always take issue with them!)

Tranquility now targets 12 raid members (up from 5) each time it heals when used in a 25-player instance. This change also applies to players using the Symbiosis version of Tranquility.

This is a very nice change to tranquility and a buff I do think is needed to the ability. It’s very cool that they are opting to adjust it based on raid size so that it mirrors what it is able to achieve in a smaller setting. I am happy to see this change go in, and I hope that it is a buff that makes it live.

That being said…I don’t really feel that this change is going to solve much in regards to Druid woes. I talked a bit about this a couple of posts ago – but I feel it’s important to reiterate. Throughput is not the number one issue facing druids right now. Is that our toolkit is ill equipped to deal with today’s healing environment and that mitigation healing is so dominant that it stomps on the potential effectiveness of throughput healers. Sure, it’s going to promote slightly higher throughput in the situations that we utilize it – but I suspect in the big scheme of things it’s not going to be make or break (I’m hesitant to say it will have a negligible effect, because I don’t think that’s entirely true, I just don’t think it’s going to all of the sudden right resto druids).

Overall, I think these are good changes.

While I’d like to see more to even out the mitigation vs. throughput playing field I’m not really sure this patch is the place we’d see that play out. I will also admit that I was hoping for a little more relative to Ghostcrawler’s “druid changes” tweet, but will also concede that if all of these go through it is not a terrible haul.

I’m curious what all of you think about the changes! Need? Un-needed? Fixing all the wrong things?

Posted April 23, 2013 by Beruthiel in Druid Healing

8 responses to “5.3 PTR Resto Changes

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  1. As a 25 man raider, I find the change to Tranq and DH strange. Why would they need to do more healing in 25 man?? The need to heal more people in 25 man is why you have more healers in 25 man.

    I think with mitigation healing firmly entrenched its no longer a case of taking 5 healers to a raid. It’s a case of taking 2-3 mitigators and a couple of other healers to mop up any excess damage that happens to miss being absorbed. To be honest this makes me quite frustrated as a healer who is doing the mopping. I feel like a second class healer much of the time.

  2. I will second the hatred of mushrooms. So many fights have a lot of movement, and even though I rarely run out of mana I hate casting not-entirely-necessary rejuvs to charge them. And in say, Megara, where people stack and there is a lot of damage going out in rampage, I rarely have time to fully charge them between use. I like the changes, it would be nice to use Ironbark more often. With the longer CD, I rarely used it unless I felt it would help out the other healers.
    I’d agree the previous comment. I only raid in 10 mans, but when our pally and priest are healing with me I often feel I am rarely needed. It’s part of the reason I’ve switched to my monk, so I can at least hit the boss and provide so help, then heal the larger spikes of damage. I sometimes think of it as having 2 and a half healers, with my monk being the half. Monk’s aren’t druids, but my druid seems to be unwanted in raids. Admittedly that would be the third to fourth druid, depending on the night. We have run with the full spectrum of druids before, but only the once.

  3. Yep, still hate mushrooms. I’ll be shocked if the mushroom buffs go live. Honestly I’m not sure I want them to. Look at shamans and the way they are chained to Healing Rain. I don’t want druids to wind up gimped down the line because mushrooms are OP in a few situations (especially if they are still clunky to use).

  4. Pondering about this I was thinking of a new spell fitting the druid theme how about a talent that switches lifebloom so it becomes like

    1 is single target (lifebloom style)
    2 provides damage reduction X while it’s active (5-10%?)
    3 heals for X every tick but only while the target has damage (unlike all our other hots)

    Failing that how about making a glyph to turn the mushrooms heal into a shield

  5. We just began Heroic modes the other night on a healing team with two druids. On normal there where no issues where I thought “it would really be so much better if a priest were here”. but on heroic mode Jin Rokh alone it is amazing how I feel druids just cannot get it done. On the lightning phase we have nothing great that can be used to mitigate the damage that is about to go out and hit everyone. We just have ot run around casting rejuv+Wg the whole time (or tree ever other). But our one big CD is ineffective because we have to channel. I actually began to think how much easier things would be with a priest who could shield everyone up beforehand.

  6. I don’t think Gus was complaining about needing to move, I think he’s saying that because we channel our big cooldown, other healing cannot go out at the same time unlike totems, shields, etc. It’s 10 seconds of “hold on to your hats! I’m channeling!” lol

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