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I am Beruthiel, a resto druid on the Llane Server, where I am an officer in the raiding guild Monolith.  Outside of WoW I am trained as an attorney.  I started my career in Creditor’s Rights and Bankruptcy law, and have moved to Estate Planning.  Out of necessity, I am reasonably good with calculations, which I am hoping to be able to carry over into this Blog and take a stab at some of the theory crafting and number crunching that I usually rely on those with a more mathmatical mind to tackle =)

I have MANY WoW personalities, some which I love more than others.  My druid is my main, and has been since Vanilla WoW.  I started my WoW career as a NE hunter, and raided on her up through the Twin Emps in AQ40.  At that time, I made the decision to take my PvP druid and make her my main and have never looked back!  My main focus is on Resto healing, but I will be dual speccing as a Moonkin.

So…without further ado, let me introduce you to my WoW Army!

Beruthiel – This is my main, and the character that I put the most time into.  She was built as a PvP toon, and started as a project in my off time from raiding.  Ultimately, I enjoyed her more than my hunter and she became my main.  I raided MC-Naxx40 on her in Vanilla WoW, after giving up my hunter during the Twin Emps.  I raided through Brutallus on her in TBC and have cleared everything in WotLK to date.  She is somewhat of an achievement monger, and my focus it to make her the best druid that I can.

Dannie – Dannie started as a side project with Brade during TBC.  We wanted to make paladins, and we really liked the ease of having a Tank/Healer combo on our druids for instances.  It’s much easier to find 3 DPS than a tank/healer.  When I first started healing with Dannie, I really didn’t like paladin healing at all and I struggled to keep interest in the character.  However, once I embraced that she was a paladin and NOT my druid, I came to love her and learned to play to her strengths.  I have really enjoyed Paladin healing so far in WotLK, and feel that I get to do a little more than spam FoL/HL.

Tsuname – Tsuname was my first BE character after TBC released, but I lost interest in her while leveling in Thousand Needles in her low 30’s.  When they made mounts available at level 30, I resurrected her, got the hell out of 1K needles and managed to get her to 70 before the WotLK release.  I find the mage really a lot of fun to play, and have enjoyed her immensely.  She is currently frost spec’d because I grind with her, but I will probably pick up a more PvE DPS oriented spec with dual specs.  She is a jewelcrafter and my cash cow toon.

Mynn – Mynn started her shaman career as a die hard enhancement, face punching, character.  If you would have told me during TBC that I would ever leave the enhancement tree I would have laughed in your face.  I spent a lot of time gearing her for enhancement, and she was often able to step in to raid when we were heal heavy and missing an enhancement shaman in TBC.  With the release of WotLK I found that I didn’t like the play of the enhancement shaman, and it lost some of the enjoyment.  So…I did what any good healer would do and converted her to resto!  I stocked her up with heirloom items and crafted/AH gear and sent her on her way.  I’m leveling her with Brade’s DK.  So far I find shaman healing pretty fun, and definately something a little different.  I’m looking forward to exploring the resto shaman side of things.

Earenn – Earenn is my priest.  Her current mantra is Shadow for Life! Disco Bubbles for Life!  (Oh god!  A healing dual spec!  What have you done?!?!?).  I’m really not a particularly good shadow priest, and get frustrated at it sometimes.  I’ve done the research, and I’m doing everything correctly…I think.  But the results are still poor.  I’ve not played her since WotLK other than to level her enchanting and tailoring. I am uncertain at this point if he fate will be anything other than to be my enchanter. Earenn is a healing (bubbling) fiend!  I’ve had a lot of fun exploring her as a healer this expansion!

Nadine – Nadine is my alliance paladin that was at one time, back in vanilla a male dwarf!  I decided late in the WotLK expansion that I didn’t want to miss out on the alliance quests, and resurrected this character.  That resurrection also came with a sex change and some hot new hooves.  Nadine is a tankadin, and I’ve been enjoying her so far, although she doesn’t see a whole lot of action!

Elentari – Elentari is my very own mini-me!  I really enjoy druids, and since I hadn’t leveled a druid at the low levels, I decided that it was time to get back in touch with my inner self.  I don’t know where she will go, but she’s been a fanstastic casual project!

Isulde – Isulde is my Death Knight.  She is built to tank and I’m going to try to keep her as a tank.  I do not know how much I will like like tanking, but I feel it’s important to learn each aspect of the game to gain an appreciation for it.  I will be leveling her with Brade’s discipline priest.  This tank/healer team is our next project.  So far, I’ve found that I enjoy the death knight as a class so I am looking forward to my continued play with her.

Goldberrie – Goldberrie was my second level 60 character.  She is one of my two remaining alliance toons.  Goldberrie has joined the horde!  😉  When things got too much for me to handle during TBC, I often escaped to Goldberrie.  I have always liked the warlock class, and have had a lot of fun with the warlock.  I will probably level her to 80, so that I can see the alliance side of all of the WotLK quests, but I doubt that I will do much more with her after that.

Earendiljade – Earen was my first character, and the character that I started raiding with.  There are a lot of memories tied to her, and not all of them are fond.  She’s currently level 66, and I very much doubt she will go much further.  But I reserve the right to change my mind!  Earen has joined the horde!  You can now find her with fabulous blue skin, and pink hair!  For the Horde!

Kitai – Kitai is my warrior.  I *really* want to play a warrior…but I can’t get past the grind.  She has two things against her. First, she’s an orc.  I wanted to make an orc because it was the only race I didn’t have…but good god are orc females SO ugly =(  Secondly, she’s a warrior.  I’ve really struggled with attempting to level her, and everytime I sit down to play her I get frustrated with all of the down time and lack of survivability that I have.  Her fate is currently unknown. Kitai has made it to 80 and she is currently a kick ass tank!  Although, she is also dealing with a deviate delight addiction 😉

Greedi – This is my soon to be Goblin Roguette!  Stay tuned!

Posted March 25, 2009 by Beruthiel

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