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My Bags, My Business!   6 comments

I am an EJ benefactor. What does that mean? Well pretty simply that I support EJ by giving an annual donation to help support the maintenence of their forums.

Beru, I hear you say, wtf does this have to do with your backpack size?!?! Well…I’m gettin’ there!

Anyhow, one of the “perks” of being a benefactor is access to forms that are only open to benefactors. Within these forums there is all manner of topics discussed. The other day, I read a comment from another benefactor who indicated that he had no pity for anyone complaining about bag space who was carrying around a titanium seal of Dalaran…

And I thought “damn, it’s a good think this guy can’t peak into my bags!”, because, um, yea…

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Do you see my backpack?! It is full of what I consider “fun” things that enhance my gameplay! Let’s take an inventory of the kind of “junk” that I am carrying around:

A Party Bomb – because sometimes you’ve just got to dance!

A Toy Train – um, hi, choo choo; ’nuff said.

One Red Ribbon Leash – I have 129 non-combat pets! You seriously don’t expect me to walk them without a leash, do you?

One Super Simian Sphere – Monkey Ball. That is all.

Pet Biscuits – My pets get hungry!

One Train Wrecker – uh…who can resist a tiny mechanical gnome who dances?!

One Murloc Suit – Hi, I can dress up as a Murloc whenever I want! This really doesn’t need justification, does it?

One Titanium Seal of Dalaran – because WoW doesn’t have a “coin flip” app!

An Ogre Pinata – You can loot bubble gum. BUBBLE GUM! *pop*

One Imp in a Ball – “will we kill HM LDW tonight?” “ask again later” yes, folks, this right here is the best raid planning tool available to you!

One Orb of the Sin’Dorei – Because WoW has yet to add a plastic surgeon to make Tauren as sexy as BELFs.

One Iron Boot Flask – ok…I’ll admit that these wired mechano-dwarfs kinda freak me out. But, sometimes I’m feeling short and stout dammit!

The Whistle of The White Raptor – tiny little dinasaurs that I can ride? Yes please.

One Foam Sword Rack – ever had a key person like a tank run late or go link dead before a pull? I promise this sucker will make everyone forget they are sitting with their thumb up their ass while waiting! Plus, um, “bonked” owns.

A spectral tiger sandbox toy thingie – because I can’t afford the real thing!

One Timbermaw Trinket – You never know when you might need your Furlbog guardian!

A Haunted Memento – I know it’s creepy…but at least I know I’m never alone!

Sure, perhaps these doo-dads aren’t mandatory to any sort of progression success, but they are a lot of fun! And why shouldn’t I carry around a veritable toy shop if it makes me laugh now and again? To me those little gadgets are just valuable in my bags as the gear sets, flask mats and glyphs that are required for raiding.

I guess maybe different people find different things important when considering how to allocate their precious bag space!

What kind of “essentials” are you carrying around in your bags?!

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Gift Wrap!   2 comments

Just like everyone else, I am crammed with the holidays!  I had to travel the past two days for work, which added to everything else and I haven’t had a plethora of time for WoW.  I’ve done a small bit of raiding, and continuing my hopes of getting my priest a hilt.  I’ve also been working out strategies for the next 3 encounters opening up in Ice Crown!  Phew!

I have all my Christmas shopping done, and even managed to snag Brade a few things that I think he will enjoy.  Like most men, he is impossible to shop for and offers very little direction about what he’d like!  I had to threaten him with opening up a snuggie on christmas day to get anything out of him.  I wrapped gifts over the weekend, and was immensely pleased with myself for how well the gift wrap, ribbons and bows turned out 🙂  It is safe to say that I am now ready for the holidays!  I am looking forward to sitting at home tomorrow night with a glass of wine next to the fire place with the tree lit and just enjoying everything (and convincing Brade that my family tradition of opening one present on christmas eve is worth continuing!).

On the note of gift giving, I’d like to offer a tip!  Sometimes when you have a friend or family member that has it all, and plays WoW, a virtual gift is just as good, if not better, than something that will sit on a shelf collecting dust.  As an example, last year I had a friend who has just about everything he wants, or the means to get anything he wants outside of the game, but was very gold short in the game.  He plays quite casually, and is an avid “explorer” sometimes taking hours to just run about seeing the “world”.  So, I thought on it and decided that I would give him a gift I knew he would not only use, but quite enjoy: Epic Flight.

Brade and I took him out to Shadowmoon Valley and handed over the gold for training, and then gave him extra gold to buy the special “DK” only flying mount.  And he loved it.  He zoomed around for hours that night, and even weeks after our gift we would get tells about how fantastic his new mount was.  He liked it so much that his gift list this year included a “virtual gifts” category asking for epic flight for the warlock that he’s been leveling.

I guess the morale of this story is that sometimes the gifts that cost you the least can mean the most.  So, if you are stuck in your last minute shopping this year, remember think outside of the box!  Sometimes those non-conventional gifts will be the ones that people will remember years down the road. 🙂

I’d like to wish everyone a happy and safe holiday!  May everyone dream of sugar plums and may santa fit down all your chimneys!

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If I Won the WoW Lottery!   Leave a comment

One of my favorite past times is fantasizing what I’d do if I won the lottery.  It’s fun, it’s frivolous, and it always makes me smile.  So I got to thinking, what if I won the WoW Lottery?  What would I spend all that gold on?!?!

Hmmmmm….very, very curious indeed!

Well…just like in my real-life musings I think I’d splurge a little on myself, I think I’d splurge a little on others, and then I think I’d keep a stockpile for a rainy day.  But…what would I buy?!?!  Let’s go shopping and spend some gold, shall we?

  • I think the very first thing I’d do is buy myself a Traveler’s Tundra Mammoth because I really do want one, but I’m too cheap to actually buy one!
  • I think I’d craft Brade a Mechano-hog because it’s a “low rider” which means that tauren can actually fit through the doors of the Undercity without having to dismount =) 
  • I’d probably get myself a Kirin Tor Ring for the achievement, 8,000 gold for 10 achievement points, egads!  But I’m supposed to be day dreaming, right?
  • I’d probably purchase a Grand Ice Mammoth, an Amored Blue Wind Rider, and a Red Drake which are three more mounts towards my goal of 100!
  • Because diamonds are a girl’s best friend, perhaps I’d buy myself The Rock.  Oooohhhh shiny!
  • I’d go ahead and pay the crazy price for a Runed Storm Jewel for Beru, since I am apparently inept enough at fishing that the quest giver doesn’t seem to think that I deserve one.  Regardless of the fact that I help her out every single day!
  • I’d finally break down and train epic flying on my priest, and then craft her a Magnificent Flying Carpet to float about on.
  • I’d pay everyone’s repair bills for a month of hard mode work (i.e. lot’s of wiping!).
  • I’d make delicious chocolate cake for everyone to eat before every pull, just so we could have good luck fireworks shoot out of everyone’s head before pulling!
  • I’d organize a giant hide and seek in which I would hide, and I would grant one wish that could be obtained with gold to the first person who could find me =)

I’m sure that there are plenty of other things that the gold could be spent on, but these are the first things that came to my head today 🙂

So…what would be on your lists?!  What are the things that you’ve never bought but really wanted?

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The Best things about the Midsummer Festival…and other randomness.   1 comment

I am sure that quite a few people will tell you that going and honoring/extinguishing the fires around the world of Azeroth is a tedious chore and that they are only doing it because it’s required for the Meta Achievement and that the Midsummer Festival is a waste of time.  However, friends, I am here to tell you differently!  Here are a few interesting things about the Midsummer Festival that you may not know:

  1. Do not miss the oportunity to obtain your very own Scorchling pet!  I mean…who doesn’t want their very own little fire elemental following them around?!  This pet is a drop out of the Ice Chest which is created upon the untimely demise of Ahune, the Frost Lord.  You can summon this bad boy once a day in heroic Slave Pens, and then everyone gets one summon per person in normal Slave Pens.  So, a group of 5 can summon him 6 times, with the 5 members of that group.
  2. You will also get the opportunity to purchase a Captured Flame with the emblems you receive by honoring/desecrating the fires, and doing the other various quests.  This little guy costs 350 emblems, so if you are doing the meta achievement, be sure that you buy your summer festival clothing (which will cost you 400 emblems) before acquiring this little guy!
  3. Cha-ching!  That is right, if you are at max level, the mid-summer festival is a cash cow!  Doing only the honoring/desecrating of the fires required for the meta-achievement (Outlands, Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor), along with getting the flame from the 4 alliance towns, I netted 705 gold!  (I only had done two fires total last year).  I still have all of the flames that have been added to Northrend to complete yet (two per zone!).  All in all, well worth the time it took me to travel about.  It’s the perfect time to catch up on some programs you have TiVo’d, or movies that you missed in the theatre 🙂
  4. What?  You aren’t 80 yet?  Never Fear!  There is something in it for you too!  While you do not get quite as much cash, you will rake in a nice bit of XP!  You will obtain 11k XP for each fire that you honor and 22k (!) XP for each fire that you desecrate.  That’s a lot of XP for just flying around the world!

In addition to partaking the the Festival wonderful-ness, our 10 man was very busy this weekend.  We took Ulduar by force on Saturday in a marathon (8 hours!) raid, determined to do some hard mode work to help work out some things for our 25 man.  We managed to squeek out a 4 tower Flame Leviathan (yes…our mage iceblocked to let the last pyrite stack tick and was the last one standing, but it’s dead isn’t it?!?!), we flattened XT hard mode, Kologarn with both his burly arms, Hodir in 3 minutes, Freya with one elder, Thorim joined by Siff, and Yogg without the help of two of our friends!

In addition to that, our 25 man changed up our strat for Hard Mode Hodir based on some new things we read and learned during our 10 man, and made some serious progress!  We went from regularly seeing mid-30’s to seeing sub 20% most pulls.  With our best attempt being 10% with one member of our raid dead about half way through.  I think that we can expect a kill this coming reset, however I also think that I am going to have to drop us to 3 healers for the fight which kind of sucks (we ran 5 last night), but I will save that rant for another day!

And, the best part of this weekend was Beru’s new bling.  I’ve had such rotten luck with trinket drops so far this expansion that I was really excited to have acquired this!  So, I thought I’d share, I hope you don’t mind 🙂

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