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If a Picture Includes Two People, Is it Worth Two Thousand Words?   16 comments

I had intended to work on the post giving a third look at the state of Druid healing, but when I opened my email this morning, there was a note from the photographer letting me know that our pictures were ready. So you are getting wedding pictures instead. Out of the massive file that was sent, I managed to find a few that I liked! I’m sure that we are all our own worst critic, and that Brade will like different ones than I do, but the ones below we’re amongst my favorites. It was a very lovely (albeit Seattle rainy) day – and in the end, I suppose that I am happy we ultimately decided to hire a photographer.

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

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There’s Just a Few More Hours…   6 comments

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New Adventures That Are Mostly The Same.   29 comments

So…this past weekend while I was super quiet here on the blog, on the cusp of MoP, while expansion news was flowing faster than the chocolate river at Wonka’s factory, and while I was completely oblivious to pretty much all things involving WoW, this happened:

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It was really sweet, and under each option was commentary that made me laugh and smile. Brade really knows me very well and knew that I’d start with “no” and work my way around to “yes”, observing each option, and so the answers played off of each other. I don’t usually do “scrap book” type things, but I’ve tucked this little square of paper away to put somewhere safe so I can look back on it an smile as I remember it.

For those of you who don’t know my history with Brade, I met him in WoW. We started talking about books one night while I was up late farming Night Dragon’s Breath back in Vanilla, and things sort of went from there, and before I knew it I was relocating to Seattle. We’ve been together somewhere around six years now. He continues to make me laugh almost daily, and helps to keep me balanced. He allows me to be who I am, with all my (many) flaws, and doesn’t judge me for them. He celebrates my joys and helps me through my struggles. And, without fail, he always finds a way to make me laugh – no matter how worked up I am or upset I am, he always manages to coax a smile from me. And I love him for that.

He once did a guild update that talked about defining moments in relationships. I can’t say if his theory on defining moments is entirely accurate – but I can say that I have certainly had those moments where I’ve said to him “if I can’t share this with you, who can I share it with?!”. I do know that I can share anything with Brade. He is the one person that I can completely let my hair down with and know that he won’t think less of me, no matter how shallow my complaints may be, or how silly the things I let frustrate me appear. Someone asked me how I thought married life would be, and I told them that Brade and I have been together so long that I anticipated it would pretty much be the same, only with better jewelry. 🙂

It’s truly amazing where and how you can find happiness, and I don’t think other people should define those parameters for you. When all is said and done, the truth of the matter is that I’ve found someone that I want to grow old with and I’m thankful every day that he entered my life. I know that I am looking forward to our future adventures, and anticipate much laughter and many more smiles along the way.

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Gift Wrap!   2 comments

Just like everyone else, I am crammed with the holidays!  I had to travel the past two days for work, which added to everything else and I haven’t had a plethora of time for WoW.  I’ve done a small bit of raiding, and continuing my hopes of getting my priest a hilt.  I’ve also been working out strategies for the next 3 encounters opening up in Ice Crown!  Phew!

I have all my Christmas shopping done, and even managed to snag Brade a few things that I think he will enjoy.  Like most men, he is impossible to shop for and offers very little direction about what he’d like!  I had to threaten him with opening up a snuggie on christmas day to get anything out of him.  I wrapped gifts over the weekend, and was immensely pleased with myself for how well the gift wrap, ribbons and bows turned out 🙂  It is safe to say that I am now ready for the holidays!  I am looking forward to sitting at home tomorrow night with a glass of wine next to the fire place with the tree lit and just enjoying everything (and convincing Brade that my family tradition of opening one present on christmas eve is worth continuing!).

On the note of gift giving, I’d like to offer a tip!  Sometimes when you have a friend or family member that has it all, and plays WoW, a virtual gift is just as good, if not better, than something that will sit on a shelf collecting dust.  As an example, last year I had a friend who has just about everything he wants, or the means to get anything he wants outside of the game, but was very gold short in the game.  He plays quite casually, and is an avid “explorer” sometimes taking hours to just run about seeing the “world”.  So, I thought on it and decided that I would give him a gift I knew he would not only use, but quite enjoy: Epic Flight.

Brade and I took him out to Shadowmoon Valley and handed over the gold for training, and then gave him extra gold to buy the special “DK” only flying mount.  And he loved it.  He zoomed around for hours that night, and even weeks after our gift we would get tells about how fantastic his new mount was.  He liked it so much that his gift list this year included a “virtual gifts” category asking for epic flight for the warlock that he’s been leveling.

I guess the morale of this story is that sometimes the gifts that cost you the least can mean the most.  So, if you are stuck in your last minute shopping this year, remember think outside of the box!  Sometimes those non-conventional gifts will be the ones that people will remember years down the road. 🙂

I’d like to wish everyone a happy and safe holiday!  May everyone dream of sugar plums and may santa fit down all your chimneys!

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Circle of Tanks…wha?   3 comments

Just to be clear…the healers were the cool kids! We did it first! Oh yea, that’s right, I said it! But, the truth is, it was an awesome idea, and I learned a lot reading through all* of the responses (*and by all, I mean the majority…I think, there are so many to keep up with now!). Koriel apparently thought so as well, and modified the original questionnaire for tanks.

“But Beru…you don’t tank!”.  Yes, yes I know.  But I do have access to someone who has as many tanks as I do healers!  I also happen to be in a position to nudge him (and by nudge…I mean fill out the survey or sleep on the couch buster! ;)).  Alright, I didn’t have to threaten to make him sleep on the couch (but it sounded good, right?), all I had to do was email it over to him and ask him to fill it out 🙂

I don’t read a lot of tanking blogs, but I would like to nudge a few people to add their two pennies to the discussion as well.  I can only imagine that it will be just as helpful for tanks as it was for healers!  So, Tarsus, Spinks and Chastity (if you have time!) I’d love to get your responses, and hopefully you read more tanking blogs than I do (and I can only imagine more tanks read your blogs than mine), and can share your knowledge/experiences!  I’d also encourage any of the healers that pop by to rest under my wings to nudge a tank or two to fill out the modified survey 🙂

Without further ado, here are Brade’s replies: Read the rest of this entry »

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