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Good Things Come To Those Who Wait…   15 comments

At least that is what I will tell myself to make myself feel better!  I have yet to roll anything of significance for Mimiron’s head.  None of my pumpkin bags have graced me with the Reins of the Headless Horseman that I relentlessly farmed every Hallow’s Eve.  But that’s ok!  I understand, WoW, you want me to have to work for my mounts.  I getcha!

It took me two expansions, and somewhere around 180 attempts, but I guess my stubbornness patience, and relentlessness dedication finally paid off!

I have to say – and maybe I’m just delusional biased – but this is better than any mechanical head or fiery horse any day of the week! And it’s extremely sexy on a druid, is it not?!

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Say ‘Allo To My Little Friend (aka How to Grind Timbermaw Rep)   12 comments

Over the weekend, I was struck by a very nasty bout of apathy. No matter what I sat down to do, I ended up feeling very “meh” about it. Personally, I blame the never ending rainy season…if I don’t get some sunshine soon *mumbles* So I decided that perhaps it was the perfect time to tend to an item that was on my “things to do before Cataclysm” list…get my Timbermaw rep to exalted.

And farm I did. I went from neutral to exalted all in the course of a day. I don’t know that I would necessarily recommend grinding all of it out over the course of one day…unless, of course, you are feeling quite apathetic and nothing else tickles your fancy! However, here are the results of my efforts!

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

Cute little bugger, isn’t he?! What is that you say? You’d like one of your very own? Well, why didn’t you just say so! Here is the advice that I have to impart on the adventure:

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My Bucket List   4 comments

A while back Larisa over at the Pink Pigtail Inn posted about the 33 things she wants to do in WoW before she leaves the game.  It was a really great read, and it’s had me thinking ever since.  Eventually everyone will leave the game for one reason or another, including me.  Surely there are things that I want to do before I quit WoW, but what are they?

Well, after much thought, I think I have my own WoW “bucket” list.  Things that I would like to complete before hanging up my branches so that I can feel like I’ve “finished” the game.

  • Grind out my Timbermaw faction.  It’s the last one I need for my Diplomat achievement…and the trinket is cool!
  • Purchase a Traveler’s Tundra Mammoth.
  • On that same note, I’d like to obtain 100 mounts.
  • Finish questing in IceCrown, so I have completed all of the Northrend quests on Beru.
  • Complete my Loremaster Achievement.  I have about 105 quests to complete in Kalimdor.
  • Go back and finish Sunwell Plateau.  I loathed the zone, but it is the only instance to date I’ve not finished.  That just doesn’t feel right.
  • Complete my Val’ynar.
  • Obtain one of the new raptor mounts coming out with 3.2.
  • See Alagon.  Either 10 or 25 man, it doesn’t matter to me =)
  • Kill Arthas.
  • See the alliance side of Northrend.  I suppose I better do this before faction changes, so I am not tempted to make my warlock horde before I have it finished!
  • Get my Death Knight to 80…because everyone needs an 80 DK, amirite?
  • Catch Old Ironjaw.  Damn fish!
  • Do something irreverent and unexpected, but nice for all of my friends in game.
  • Plan something spectacular for Monolith’s 5 year anniversary this coming November.
  • Get my Defiler’s faction to exalted.  It’s the only one I don’t have…in large part because I find AB so boring.  But I’ve said to myself many times that I need to suck it up and finish it out =)
  • Do the Draenei starting area quests, as it’s the only zone in the game I’ve not seen and I’ve heard that the zone is quite lovely.
  • Break 10k HPS.  I’ve seen it done on other’s parses, I’ve heard it’s possible.  I’m going to figure out how to do it! =)
  • Find a peace with all of the nasty things that happened during the start of TBC as a result of the guild split.  While I’m not sure I will ever forgive certain people involved, I think I can find a peace so that I don’t leave the game with that poor memory.
  • Obtain Anzu’s mount.  Oh, how you taunt me, you evil Raven!
  • Say goodbye to everyone that was important to me throughout my WoW Career.

I’m sure I probably missed something in there, but I’ll come back and update it when I think of it.  I don’t know how long my WoW career will continue, it’s already been four and a half years.  At some point everyone has to walk away to find a new adventure in their life.  It isn’t my time for that yet, but you never know what tomorrow brings.  I still get a lot of enjoyment from WoW, so I continue to play.  There are still things in the game that I want to see and do, and while those remain and I still have interest in the game, I anticipate that I will keep trucking along =)

How about you guys?  What would be on your “bucket” lists?

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