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Quartz Procs: An Alternative to Squawk and Awe   8 comments

I don’t usually do Moonkin posts, largely because I just don’t spend that much time as a moonkin.  That and while I do decent DPS standing at the target dummy, when I try to lead a raid everything is so foreign to me that I either do a shit job of raid leading or a shit job of DPSing.  So, I tend to let others DPS and I just stay where I’m comfortable…healing!  Now, I don’t claim to be an expert on moonkining, or even a very good moonkin, but I do my research and try to keep on top of things in case there is a night when I am asked to DPS in my raid.  But, this is also why I don’t often give a lot of moonkin advice…I just don’t moonkin much!

However, last night there was a conversation going about Moonkining, and eclipse tracking and comments were made about how Squawk and Awe was buggy for some people.  Since this was I problem that I had with that particular add on (things not updating, tracking being off, etc), I switched to a Quartz Module at the time that was called “Quartz Eclipse”, which has since been replaced with a new module: Quartz Procs.  I mentioned it, and it seems that a lot of people had never heard of the module, so I thought I would take a minute to highlight the addon.  While I, personally, prefer it to Squawk and Awe, in large part because it’s just less buggy for me, I will let others decide for themselves if they think it will work better for them 🙂

Here is the basic Interface for the module once you have downloaded it.  One very cool thing to note is that it does proc tracking for ALL classes (and specs), not just druids!  So some folks out there may find it useful for things other than Eclipse procs 🙂  There are also a number of customization features that I don’t utilize, but I am sure will also a few changes.  Once you’ve downloaded it, you want to make sure to go in and enable starfire and wrath eclipse (along with anything else that you may want to use the module for!).


Here is what it looks like with an eclipse proc, while the other is not on Cooldown.  Please note in these screenshots that the giant Sun/Moon are from Power Auras not Quartz Procs!  Remember that part where I said I had a hard time DPSing and Raid Leading?  Yea…those giant eclipse reminders are for me.  The basic “hey dummy!  Time to cast something else now” 🙂  On the right side of my casting bar you can see my DoTs, FF, etc that need to be tracked for uptime.  On the left side of the casting bar is where you can see the eclipse procs.  It will show you 1) The duration left on your current eclipse; and 2) The time on the internal cooldown before another eclipse of that nature can be procced.



Here is what it will look like when both eclipses are on Cooldown.  Again, you can see DoTs, etc. on the right side of the casting bar, and your procs and proc cooldowns on the left.

Eclipse CD

Eclipse CD2

Things that I really like about the addon is that it tells me which eclipse is available, and it puts the information some where that I am already focused: My Casting Bar.  It is very similar to Squawk and Awe, at least to my recollection, it’s just a different alternative.  I didn’t play with any fancy settings, so there are likely things that can be done beyond what I have done with my own.  So for those of you that were curious about what I was talking about, now you know!  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask and I’ll do my best to answer them.

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Can I Tank My Way To 80?   17 comments

My poor deathknight has been sitting at level 71ish for months.  Largely because I cannot get motivated for more Northrend questing, and somewhat because I’ve been occupied with other things that have caught my interest in the game.  Some if it is also because I created my deathknight so that I would have a “tank”.  I have always felt that there was some value in understanding each aspect of the game, from a personal experience.  The only problem is…I’m a shitty tank. 

Ok, perhaps that is a bit harsh.  But, in all honesty, I’m a mediocre tank at best.  I am well aware that my biggest problem as a tank is that I am largely “clicker” (mock away…just know that as you do, I’m giving you the two finger salute irl!).  But what makes me a bit of a strange clicker, is that I use my mouse to move also.  It works for me as a healer, because I have everything bound to Clique and use my mouse almost exclusively while raiding.  And on my DPS, I do have my attacks keybound so that if I have to move I can still DPS, but if I’m standing still I prefer to click.

It’s comfortable for me, and this system has worked very well…until I tried to tank.  In addition to my clicking habit, which is absolutely horrible for tanking, I find that I just don’t have the awareness and button mashing abilities to be an aggressive tank (even though I am a queen at button mashing my way through Soul Caliber!).  I also have a hard time keeping track of everything in big pulls.  I mean, I did tank a decent number of instances leveling up to this point, but I always feel so stressed.  And forget asking Brade for advice.  He goes on these lengthy, winded, BORING speeches about the how god created the (insert tank here), and I just get that glazed look on my face and start to zone out.  I need the basics!  Not an hour long summary of everything everyone over at EJ has theorycrafted!

All of that being said, I really do want to learn to be able to competently tank at least heroics.  Of course, there is that whole having to level in Northrend again thing standing in the way.  So, I thought to myself “I wonder if I could just instance my way to 80 with the new dungeon finder”.  You know, do a couple of instances here and there when I had a bit of spare time.  I can’t really think of a way to become a better tank then to, you know, tank.  I certainly won’t learn to tank grinding out quests!

I have mede up my mind!  And so shall I go forth, and make your low level instance queue times shorter!  And shortly after, I will go have my head examined 🙂

Do any other new tanks have simple tips or experiences to share to make newbie tanking easier?

To Bubble or Not To Bubble?   6 comments

After some hem and hawing, I have decided it’s time to finish out my army of healers and get Earenn up to level 80.  Why?  Well, because everyone loves healers…and I kinda want to finish out my set!  🙂  Maybe I’m also a masochist, but trying to psycho analyze me would likely take more than this one little post!  Seriously though, I really do just love healing.  I also think that knowing the strengths and weaknesses of all of the healing classes from personal experience helps me with healing assignments and working through healing issues in raids.

Anyhow, I digress!  Back to the preistess.

A little while back, I paid to dual spec her, her main spec being shadow even though I’m (truly) horrible at it.  I ultimately opted to go with a holy spec because, well…I don’t know, it seemed the right thing to do at the time and I like that little angel thingie.  Except, of course, when I’m trying to battle rez the damn priest with the friggin fail angel!  I mean, seriously?  Can’t you just cancel that damn thing so you can take your rez and I can stop waiting for it to go away?!   Oops…sorry, a little side tracked.  Back on topic! 

Where were we?  Oh, yes, my decision to go holy.  So, I have been going about my happy, holy, circle of healing, angelic way, none the wiser until I got drawn into this little bit of hilarity, and I started to wonder…did I make the right choice going Holy?  I mean…the pretty angel is cool, and circle of healing owns, but I, too, enjoy sparkly bubbles.  Then, quite inadvertently, I stumbled across this new blog, where there is a fantastic write up on discipline talents, spec-ing and glyphing (really fantastic material there if you’ve not checked it out yet!).  Wow!  Discipline looks…kinda fun, and interesting too!

Uh oh.  A decision.  And nowhere near enough information to decide!  You know…not everyone likes Baskin Robins and all of those 31 flavors!  Some people like vanilla and the simplicity that it brings!  Why, WHY, must we have all these options?!

Ok, I do like all the flavors options.  I rarely choose just vanilla.  I just hate being un-informed and wondering “what if the dark side really is better, and if they really do have cookies”.  And it’s not like there is guy behind the WoW counter with those little pink spoons going “would you like to try a sample?” so I can try it out before committing.

So who is right?! The Bubble Queen or The Crack Elves?  If you were leveling a priest that is going to heal through instances from 70 – 80, what would you do?  Laser beams and bubbles, or fantastic fail angel?

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The Moonfire is Strong With You: Learning to Love My Inner Moonkin!   Leave a comment

As 3.1 approached, we made a post on our guild forums where we strongly suggested that our tanks and healers consider acquiring (and work on mastering) a DPS dual spec for raid utility.  For me, I opted to take a Moonkin dual spec.  Yessssssss!  You must now fear my lazor-chicken!!!  Pew, Pew, Pew!!!

One thing that is important to me is that if I am called on to contribute in this role, I can adequately perform my function as a DPSer.  This is especially prevalent as we start to focus on hard mode bosses in Ulduar.  So…I started collecting off-set gear and went about my way to learn the ways of the space chicken.  I had done a decent amount of reading on EJ but still felt a little bit lost, until I found a wonderful “how to moonkin” video series done by Foofy and a discussion about moonkin specs by Graylo.

With Foofy’s help I had my gear gemmed and enchanted, I had all my glyph’s chosen and I had a rotation in my head.  With Graylo’s help, I had what I felt was a viable PvE raiding spec.  That’s right, step back now!  I almost look like a real Moonkin!  Armed with my new knowledge, my eyes wide with newbly expectations of my new super-fantastic dps abilities, I boldly set off where no moonkin has gone before *dun dun dun* the training dummy!

*sad droopy feathers* So…perhaps I was a bit optimistic with what I would be able to do.  I beat up that training dummy until I thought he couldn’t stand anymore!  I just kept hitting him and hitting him thinking the more I starfired him, the better I would feel.  But I just couldn’t seem to get past 3500 DPS.

Dejected, I started to pack up my feathers and spells, when the oddest thing happened.  That training dummy looked me square in my beady owl eyes and said “Much learning you still have, mmhmmm.  Give up you should not my young feathawan”. 

My first thought was:  WTF!  How did Blizzard manage to hire Yoda from Lucas Arts?!  And how much did they have to pay him to sit in Org all day and get the shit beat out of him?!

I was quickly brought back from my thoughts (can Yoda read minds?  I sure hope not!).  “Foolish are you to think you could master the force so soon.”  (w.t.f.) “So young, so ambitious.  Perfect will practice make you”.  And just like that *snap* that training dummy left me with those thoughts.

Ok, ok…I get the message Yodadummy.  Of course I can’t just read a few things and expect to be OMGAWESOME, even if it is me.  So, my master, I will go out and bravely use the power of the starfire in my quest to master the moonkin.

And practice, I have done!  I don’t often get the opportunity to pew pew, but I do take advantage of the opportunities that I do have.  I am not 100% comfortable with the spec, yet.  It does not fit like an old shoe.  I still have to watch my timers like a hawk, and if I’m leading the raid where anything wonky happens that I have to focus on I find that my DPS, well, plummets.

Even though I still feel kind of clunky with the spec, I try to keep a positive attitude about it.  I don’t hate it, but I also don’t love it.  It’s akward and different, and certainly not second nature to me.  I struggle on fights where I have to move a lot.  But…practice makes perfect.  I will only get better by giving myself more opportunities to improve.  Every time I DPS, I try to do better than I did the time before, I try to remember to summon my treeants before the bloodlust, I try to not botch an eclipse proc.

And…it has paid off (sorta!  small steps!).  I ran just under 4500 DPS on a Patchwerk the other night 🙂  Next time…let’s see how close to 5000 DPS I can get!