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What Would YOU Do?   12 comments

Anytime I question if a certain expansion in WoW will be my last, as I ponder the question I always ask myself “what would I do if I didn’t play WoW?”.  Because unless I can answer that question, I’m not entirely sure that it’s my time to hang up my branches and move on to other things.  Especially if I am still enjoying the content, and generally still enjoying the game.  However, no one can play WoW indefinitely, so being the OCD planner that I am, I’m always considering and thinking about what will occupy my time when the inevitable finally arrives.

As I struggle to find out what is wrong with my hands, these are thoughts that have come even more to the forefront of my mind.  What will happen if the doctor says “you have xyz, and you must spend more time away from the computer”, or “you have abc and it will require surgery and months of rehabilitation”.  So even though I have no plans of leaving the game at this time, I still ask myself that question.  What would I do if I didn’t have WoW anymore?

I asked this on Twitter last night, just out of curiosity, and I found that I got a wide array of responses from people who have also contemplated this question.  What I found somewhat interesting were those who indicated that they had quit the game, but ended up coming back because what was on the other side of WoW really wasn’t all that appealing after all.

While there were some very unique responses yesterday to how people would occupy their now free time, there were also several answers that were quite similar:

  • Read more.
  • Play other games.
  • Watch more TV.
  • Sleep.
  • Various Arts and Crafts activities.

This, of course, got me thinking even more about how I would fill my agenda.  I even chatted a bit with Brade about it to see which of my activities he would participate in, and what he would end up doing if he stopped playing.  Because, you know, I’m fascinated by the topic and truly curious how other people would fill this now open void in their time.  For me here are some of the things that I came up with:

  • Take a Photography class or two at the community college.  I’ve always been fascinated by people who could take beautiful pictures, and I love to make memories.  So I think I could get very much into photography, however I think this would be a fairly expensive hobby if I took it seriously.  At least as far as the start up goes.
  • Take Tap Dance lessons.  I mean, why not?  I think it would be a lot of fun, and great exercise!  Surely there has to be an adult beginners class out there somewhere.  Cost would be fairly low (shoes, taps, lessons, but other than that probably not much).
  • Try to talk Brade into taking some Ballroom dancing classes with me.  I used to love to polka.  During the summers when I worked up at Interlochen they had a band that would go to a local bar and play polka, and there would be dancing.  I would do it for hours.  I think it might be fun to do some group dancing a couple of times a week.
  • I think I would definitely read more as well.  Mostly because I read a lot before I started playing WoW, sometimes going through three of four books a week.  This can also get very expensive very fast!
  • I would spend more time playing with/training my dog.  I might even look into some agility classes run by her trainer that are currently only run on raid nights.
  • More Exercise.  It was very easy for me to work in exercise with WoW when I lived in Atlanta, because our raids didn’t start until later in the evening, so I could come home before raids and run the treadmill and cook dinner before raid time.  Now that I’m in Seattle, it’s a rush to get home before raids and make dinner, to sit down at the PC straight away.  It’s very easy to then not be motivated to do anything after the raid.  Of everything, this is the one thing I regret the most about my current raid schedule.
  • Cook.  This is something else that I loved to do (and had time to do) before I moved to Seattle.  Cook meals.  I would try at least one new recipe a week.  So I definitely think that I’d cook more.  And I’d probably eat a little healthier as a result!

That’s quite a list!  Obviously, it’s something I’ve put some thought into.  Of course, anytime that I ask myself what I’d do if I didn’t play, I also ask myself what I’d really miss if I didn’t play.  This one is very easy for me:

  • The interaction and community.  I don’t know a lot of people in Seattle, and I’m not overly social.  So I don’t really see myself reaching out and magically coming up with tons of friends in the area and a social calendar that is full.  It’s just not really who I am.  I think that my overall life would be a little less without the day-to-day interactions with people in the game.  Even those who irritate me from time to time.  And honestly, the social connection is one of the more important things that keeps me playing.  I also think it’s something a lot of people overlook or brush off, even though I think it’s one of the most important things about the game.

Because I’m a curious sort, I’d like to know what you’d do if you didn’t play WoW anymore.  I’d also be interested to see what you would miss the most about the game!

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Who Defines Fun?   18 comments

The other day on Twitter I was part of a debate surrounding 10 man Heroic Al’Akir.  More specifically – killing 10 man Heroic Al’Akir if you were a 25 man guild.  Now, needless to say, it got me pretty fired up.  To the point I felt myself getting ready to say some very nasty, un-Beru like things that I would not have been at all proud of later.  (It really is amazing how little, yet how much, can be said in 140 characters).  So even though I had so much more to say on the topic, I stepped out of it before I said something that I would later deeply regret. 

Well, I publically stepped out of it anyhow.

At home I ranted, raved and lectured about it to anyone who would listen – with “anyone” being Brade and the dog.  I stomped around the house as I made dinner jabbing my finger into the air everytime I wanted to hammer a point home.  Because, dammit, I had points to make.  Finally Brade, hoping to curve my ranting, looked at me and said “Why are you so worked up about an argument you had with idiots on the internet?”.  He probably also threw around that saying about how you aren’t suppposed to argue with idiots on the internet because they’ll just drag you down to their level and beat you with experience…or something like that.  He tends to make blunt points that are hard to defend that way.

I shut up.  Or at least ceased stomping and ranting and reverted to mumbling under my breath to the dog – at least she would give me her undivided attention…as long as I was with food in the kitchen anyhow.  The truth is, I didn’t really have an answer to Brade’s question.  Why was I so worked up about what these people thought? Read the rest of this entry »

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T-Minus Five   7 comments

Five Days. That is the amount of time I have until the mover arrives to cart all of my worldly belongings from point A to point B – leaving me to desperately stare at the boxes he leaves in his wake and hope beyond all hope that they will somehow magically unpack themselves.  Why am I telling you this? Because I want to explain why I will be somewhat sparse over the next week or so!

The craziness starts tomorrow.

Much to Brade’s chagrin, I have decided that the plain cream walls of the new apartment are insufficient for my needs, and I am going to be adding a few accent walls.  Which means painting.  Which is great – because it’s the kind of DIY (do it yourself) project that Brade’s parents love, and we get to couple some expert help with visiting with his parents.  It’s pretty much win/win.  I’m going to be adding a deep red wall to our living area and a gold wall to our spare room – and perhaps to our bedroom (shhhhh, don’t tell Brade about that third wall – he can’t do anything but groan once the paint is up!).

While the ladies are playing with paint, the gents have their own tasks…invovling power tools (hah hah hah – that is my Tim Allen grunt, by the way).  They are going to be bringing the television over and mounting it above the fireplace, as well as connecting all of the appropriate cords for our peripherals.  I have even purchased a lovely cord hider thingy from The Container Store so that the cords aren’t a huge mess all over our walls!

Once they’ve finished that project, they will be jaunting over to Home Depot to pick up our new Grill.  I enjoy grilling – and hopefully this one is small enough to satisfy Brade (Mr. “why do we need a grill that big”), and large enough that I can easily cook on it.  This, my friends, is supposedly how that whole “compromise” thing works.

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

You see, I absolutely love to grill.  And you know what we will be having for dinner while we unpack on Sunday?  Probably McDonald’s.  But Monday or Tuesday, I’m going to light that sucker up and make some steak, potatoes and corn on the cob.  It will be delicious.  Trust me on that one.  This particular meal is one of my specialties 🙂

(I’m still trying to convince Brade that I need that cute little 3 piece patio set I saw at Home Depot while I was looking at grills.  I mean, a girl’s gotta have someone to rest her feet with a glass of lemonade while slaving away on dinner, right? RIGHT?!?!).

In addition Wednesday’s activities, we’ve still got to finish packing and get our mail changed (I swear, I meant to do this already).  I did, however, take my own advice and schedule our internet set up to occur before the move – which means that Saturday post 4 pm is going to be a night out for dinner and movies (assuming we’ve finished packing…).

Between tonight at 4:00 pm when I pick up the keys (ok…more like 9:00 pm after we finish our raid) and Sunday at 9:00 am when the mover arrives, we will no doubt be ferrying anything we’d prefer to move ourselves to the new apartment (Computers, China, USRD (useless shit requiring dusting – aka knick knacks).  Oh and buying more bubble wrap – you can never have too much bubble wrap.  Seriously.

So if you see less of me than you might expect this week, that is why!

In other, non-moving type (and more WoW related) news, Brade and I secured tickets to Blizzcon again this year and will be in attendance.  I’m looking forward to it, and I’m sure that I will blather on more about it as it gets closer to the date – and I’m not in the process of moving!

Mailbag: Spirit Gear For DPS   23 comments

I received an email yesterday looking for some advice on how spirit gear should be handled when there is both a healer and a DPS that can make use of the item.  Since this is an issue that I think many guilds probably have to deal with on a regular basis, I thought it would be interesting to see how everyone handles spirit loot.  Below I’m going to provide the question as well as my response to the question.  But then I’d love to hear your take on the issue as well.

The Question

(Please note that I’ve taken the liberty of changing some specifics to generalities in both the question and my reply).

Last night we had a spirit item drop that both a healer and a DPS could use.  The healer and the DPS rolled… and the healer won.  After the raid a number of us were on vent and there was more talk about the DPS rolling on spirit gear.

 Our guild leader thinks it’s important to think about what is needed for the best of the raid and that healers need to get the gear first.  I, personally, have a serious problem with dps rolling on spirit gear and then also rolling on gear without spirit on it.   It just seems like double dipping on two loot tables when the healer only has one loot table to roll on. 

I went to EJ to see if there was a clearly defined answer to the question, and wasn’t able to find one.  However, what I did find was a note that said just because you CAN roll on spirit gear doesn’t mean you SHOULD.  Of course, the same note then also listed the contested item as BiS for this DPS class, so I’m trying to figure out how to deal with this situation when it comes up again in future raids.

What is your guild’s take on this?

My Answer

We open spirit gear up to: Moonkin, Elemental Shaman and Shadow Priests, as well as our healers and everyone is pretty much on equal footing for it.  Largely because so much of the gear is shared, and a lot of the spirit gear is also BiS for the DPS classes as well as the healers.

That being said, we do ask everyone to know what is BiS for them gearwise, and take that into account when they are asking for an item.  Sometimes when we are trying to decide where to award an item, we will ask the DPS class where it falls in their gear list before awarding it and take that into consideration.  If it’s an item that is BiS for them, and they won’t be replacing it with something else down the line, it’s equally open for them.  We don’t not award it to a DPS just because a healer wants it as well.  The converse is also true, however – I received my BiS weapon from Magmaw over a DPS, even though the weapon does not have spirit on it.

The only people that we really ever favor gearing up over others are our tanks – and only to a small degree.  In my opinion gearing your DPS is equally important as gearing your healers because DPS pushing a boss down faster will also make an encounter easier.  We really try very hard to gear our raid team equally, so that every member has equal gear to perform their job and so that our raid team grows at the same rate.

The item you referenced is really tricky, mostly because there are very limited options for that gear slot.  Because of the lack of options, and the fact that the DPS can make good use from the spirit on the item that did drop (and is his BiS), I probably would have given him equal opportunity to receive it.

As for looking forward – I would probably just ask your DPS to know what spirit options are good for them (they will have some BiS gear that contains spirit), and ask them to refrain from rolling on spirit gear that isn’t BiS for them unless your healers don’t need the item.  I think that should be a reasonable compromise on both ends, as it lets your DPS have an equal opportunity for gear upgrades that contain spirit, but also doesn’t put your healers in a bad spot either.

Regardless of my advice – I’m curious how other people handles spirit gear within their raid teams.  We have always been open and aware of “BiS” for people that may be “unconventional” – such as leather for warriors and cloth for shaman/druids in prior raid tiers.  We have always accepted that BiS is what it is, and trust that our raiders have spent the time to research their gear before asking for loot.  I’m curious, though, if we are just really open-minded in this respect.  What is your take on this topic?  If this email had come to you, how would you have responded?

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Tuesday’s Food for Thought: The Opportunist   10 comments

Today I had planned to have a fun post about my mini-me and my sentimental journey through WoW before Cataclysm hits. However, something else came up this morning that has been eating at me and so my mini-me is just going to have to wait! What I’d like to talk about instead is the concept of The Opportunist.

This thought needs to start with a story. Why? Because everyone loves story time! Well, at least I do…

Once upon a time, there was a guild that had just gone through a guild split as an expansion loomed. It was a very difficult time for the guild, and many people worked very, very hard to rebuild the guild. It was a very challenging period, not only for progression, but for exploring how the guild needed to grow to make it an enjoyable place to be.

During this time, this particular guild also had absolutely horrible luck in acquiring rare, boss dropped enchants. And then one night, both enchants dropped, and a member of this guild acquired them, and there was much rejoicing. However, the next day that we everyone had logged in, this member was gone; no gone fishing sign, no thanks for all the fish. They were just gone, and the guild was not pleased. Bridges were burned.

Strangely enough, very shortly after this the guild made some changes in how they raided and it worked very well for the guild. And the guild got a breath of fresh air and was rejuvenated, and killed this nasty naga lady and some over dressed blood elf guy, and was on their way to save some sort of special tree and kill some elf demon thingie. And things stopped being so difficult, and the guild celebrated. However, what was even more strange was that Mr. Ex-Guild Mate contacted the guild again shortly after their kill, dropping hints at wanting to return. The guild was puzzled.

Fast forward to today: A certain very sexy druid in said guild *ahem* may have looked at the guild’s recruitment boards; and said druid’s jaw may have dropped when she saw an application from said ex guild member. Read the rest of this entry »

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What Keeps You Coming Back?   5 comments

Every so often my brain tickles me and it asks: Is this your last expansion? When will you pack up your bags and leave Azeroth? Isn’t it time to do something else? And they are fair questions, as I’ve been playing WoW for 5 years. If you had asked me before Blizzcon 2009 I probably would have said that Lich King was my last Hurrah, and that I might hang up my mace and call it an end after this expansion. Even headed to Blizzcon my brain had been tickling for some time, and I had spoken with Brade about it, asking him the same questions.

And then, at Blizzcon, Cataclysm was announced…and I’ll be damned if I didn’t find myself excited. If I didn’t sit there at Blizzcon planning for the next expansion with a fresh breath of air. Brade teased me recently as I fussed over when the release date was going to be announced so that I could take some vacation time when it releases. “I thought you were done” he said, and I grumbled something that probably sounded a lot like “bite me”.

But as this expansion closes out, I do find myself looking forward to Cataclysm. I’ve reserved a name for my little goblin rogue, I find myself debating if Beru should trade in her horrid Tauren casting for that of a troll (and if they take away, or do something crazy with ToL, it will be a resounding YES!, I hate hate hate tauren casting animation). My brain still tickles, but now it asks: What keeps you coming back?

And that is an interesting question, isn’t it? What drives my play? Why hasn’t it bored the snot out of me yet? So I thought about it some, and here, I think, are the things that keep me returning to WoW, even after 5 years:

1. The people. I know that it’s a novel concept, but for the most part, I truly do love the people that I play with. I’d consider a good number of them friends, even though I may not have met them outside of the game. I’ve chatted with them about any number of things from job markets to dating to sharing cooking recipes. I’ve enjoyed their humor and cringed at their terrible jokes (*ahem*). I would help them if they asked me for help. Hell Brade’s proofread papers, I’ve offered “non”-legal advice and I’ve looked over resumes. And I’ve never thought twice about helping.

I’m pretty anti-social, but in game, in my circle, I’m a complete chatter box…you almost can’t shut me up. I feel refreshed to be able to be myself, to people that (mostly) get me, and don’t care if I like 1950’s cat eye glasses and pink shoes. I definitely think the best thing about the game is the people, and I for one, have made some great friends.

2. I’m still having fun! There are still a lot of things in the game that I enjoy. Sure, I’ve mellowed some (a lot) when it comes to the raid game, but that is probably best for everyone involved. I’m still challenged by different aspects of the game. There are enough things about the game that still keep me intrigued to keep coming back.

Right now, I am also drawn in by some things that aren’t WoW (oh god, those damn JD Robb books!), but I still spend a fair share of my time in the game. And I still crave playing. Not always, but frequently enough for me to know that I’m not quite ready to give it all up yet! That, coupled with my excitement for cataclysm is a pretty good reason to keep my subscription rolling. I also keep it fresh by doing other things outside of the game. If I feel like reading, I read. If I feel like a spot of telly, I watch a program. Nothing wrong with multiple hobbies! =)

3. It’s still cheap entertainment. I try to be frugal. I have a lot (and I mean a lot) of student loans that I’m trucking away at. Those, coupled with other expenses, are enough for me to try to watch my spending. When my brain tickles me, I find myself asking it back “well, what would we be doing if we didn’t have WoW”. Hmmmm. TV, Console Games, Reading, and probably some boredom. Uh…well, I guess not much else. So, as long as I’m still having fun with it, dollar for dollar, I don’t think that you could really get more bang for your buck elsewhere!

4. Brade still plays. It may seem silly, but it’s just something we do together (mostly me giving him crap, and him telling me he’d say more if I didn’t talk enough for both of us *ahem*). It’s not the end all be all factor to why I still play, and if I was not enjoying other aspects of the game, I probably wouldn’t still be playing. But the fact that he still plays is a nice little cherry on top of everything else!

I’m sure that I could probably come up with several more reasons that this game still has me hooked after 5 years. But I think these are probably my top picks! How about you? What keeps you coming back?

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Random Monday Rambles From A Restless Mind.   17 comments

“A ruffled mind makes a restless pillow.”

I’ve had a few things running through my mind lately, so I thought I’d get them out of my head so that maybe they would stop picking at my brain and give it some rest! These are just my random thoughts, thrown together in a random fashion, likely in the same jumbled fashion that they are floating around in my head!

The Lich King

1.2% That was our wipe last night in our 25 man raid. He’s a goner soon, no doubt about it. But why does it always have to be the 1% wipe? I’m actually pretty excited about this. Even if we don’t snag the kill tonight, for whatever reason, he has been put on notice. I’ve been incredibly proud of our guild progress this expansion. Sure, maybe we are “months behind” on some things, but we’ve actually done just about everything available in the game thus far. Overall, I think we are in a pretty good place as a guild, and that makes me happy.

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Who Are You?   7 comments

For a very long time I didn’t know Brade’s log in information. It’s not because he didn’t trust me, or thought that I’d delete his characters out of spite if I got angry with him, it was because Brade felt that his characters were an extention of him. They are characters that he created and developed and that have his personality. In essence, they are a pixelated form of who Brade is on the other side of the screen and he wanted to maintain that.

Even today I do not “play” Brade. I may assist with the guild bank and managing the auctions, but I don’t actively play any of his characters. Of course, there will be times when he is AFK and I might reply to someone via him…and that someone might get a screenie of “Brade” declaring that he’s going to go and get wasted on Peachbellinis *ahem*, but generally speaking I don’t communicate via Brade. Brade is Brade. Brade is not Beru.

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To Buff or Not to Buff…   12 comments

That is indeed the question.

Unless you’ve been living under a virtual rock, you are probably aware that Hellscream’s Warsong (and some alliancey named, but far less cool sounding, version from Wyrnn) have been added into Ice Crown Citadel as of yesterday.

I am a little bit torn about this.  I mean, I knew that the instance was “self nerfing”, but I guess I sort of thought that the buff wouldn’t be active quite so soon.  I mean, my guild has only gotten 2 nights of solid Lich King work in the 25s (and 2 nights in the 10s as well!).    Granted, we aren’t a cutting edge progression guild, but we certainly aren’t a slouch of a guild either, generally falling within the top 3-5% of guilds in the world as far as 25 man progression is concerned.

Why does it bother me?  Because I know that as a guild we don’t need this buff to kill the Lich King.  We just needed more time to work through the mechanics of the fight.  Our DPS is fine.  Our tanking is fine.  Our healing is fine.  We just needed time.  That’s it.  I suppose that perhaps I feel that by using the buff, my first kill is going to feel tarnished.  Dirty.  I’m always going to know that we could have done it without the buff.

However, now that the buff is here, we have a decision to make:  To buff or not to buff.

While my moral high ground is screaming at me in my head to shun the buff in all it’s 5% glory, giving it a proper two finger salute, and say “we’ve come this far without you, we can finish without you”, my realism is also screaming at me.  “Sure, you can do it without, but why make it harder than it needs to be?  Why not access your Hard Modes sooner?”.

In all honesty, who is going to know that we didn’t use the buff other than us?  Now that it’s out, I am sure that the assumption is going to be that anyone who killed the Lich King after 03/02/2010 did so with the added benefit of the zone wide buff.  Of course…I will still know if I did it with or without  help.  But, I am also one of a team of many, and I am sure that my feelings on the matter are different than others.

My moral dilemma aside, at this point it truly almost seems detrimental to our guild as far as progression goes not to use the damn thing.  If it means we kill the Lich King even one week sooner, it means that we will have access to our hard modes sooner, which of course means more progression for us, which in turn boosts guild morale (at least theoretically).  And I guarantee you that a good number of guilds out there won’t be having this internal discussion, and are happy to see the free boost to their performance.  So now if we opt to stick to our morals does it put us at a detriment?  Probably, as I suspect most guilds will not be opting out of the buff.

It seems to me that it puts a good number of folks in a bit of a damned if you do, damned if you don’t, situation.

So, what will we end up doing?  It’s still up in the air a little bit, as we’ve opened it up to discussion for our raiders to give their two cents on the matter.  But I will say that the overwhelming number of people who have responded have said “buff it and get to hard modes”…so I imagine that is likely what we will be doing.  While I am a little disappointed, there is a lot of good sense in using the buff as well, and I’m not so foolish as to not see that.

So how about you?  Will you be using the buff or turning it off?

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Exactly What’s Wrong With Just Having Fun?   21 comments

I came across this thread on my realm forums the other day that’s got me thinking a little bit.  The thread itself is your basic “lol you/your guild/your server sucks” thread that is ripe with all kinds of trolling.  However, there was a comment in there where a couple of posters commented that they not only clear all of the content, but have fun doing it along the way, and how they didn’t see anything wrong with that.  And of course the trolled response they got was basically if you aren’t a top 100 guild, you suck and should get a life.


The commentary going back and forth almost got me riled up enough to post on the realm forums, but then I remembered that I should “never argue with an idiot.  They will only pull you down to their level, then beat you with experience”, and abstained.  But as the post goes back and forth, my mind is still perplexed.  I am curious exactly what is wrong with just having fun?  Why is being “ranked” they only measure of a guild’s strength for so many?

Why is it that people are criticized for just enjoying something without concern for competition?  In the thread above one of the posters even comes out and says they aren’t about the same things as other guilds.  They place their values in different places, and they quite enjoy the game the way they play it.  And yet they are criticized for doing things they way they would like?  They don’t want to be the best, and they 100% understand and make no claim that they are, yet critics tell them that because they aren’t the best they are a failure.  How does that work?

So many times you will see someone achieve something that is huge for them, only see some jerk comment “grats on being months behind noob”.  It’s to the point that people have to qualify their accomplishments with “I know it’s old” or “I know we are months behind”, which in my opinion is just flat out wrong.  An accomplishment is an accomplishment regardless of when or how it is achieved.  Everyone is entitled to celebrate their accomplishments, regardless of how small they may seem to someone else.  Who cares if they killed Boss X 3 months after Guild A?  They still killed Boss X.  They still put in the time, and had the fortitude to set a goal and meet that goal.  That is a lot more than many people can say about themselves in, and out, of game.

So what is so wrong with having fun?  What is so wrong with being “months behind” if you are enjoying the journey along the way?  What effect does it have on you?  If you don’t like it, just stay away!  As my mother used to ask me as a child “Does it hurt your big toe?  No? Then what does it matter to you?”.  (See Mom!  You knew someday I’d see the wisdom in your ways!).

If being highly competitive and the rush of being first is what you are looking for, then it is fine to place yourself into that environment.  But I think it’s important to understand that not everyone is after that, and not everyone should be expected to have the same goals that you placed for yourself.  For some people finding a pleasant environment to enjoy the game is more important; for others finding an environment that fits their playtimes and lifestyle is more important.  But what gives anyone the right to begrudge others for having a different set of goals than they have for themselves? 

Whether it be the person that is looking for the hardest of the hardcore, or the gal that just wants to see everything before the next chapter but takes her time doing it, or the guy that just wants to play with his friends, everyone is equally entitled to participate in the fashion that suits them best and in which they have fun.  And nobody has the right to begrudge them for that.  Ever.

So tell me, Mr. Forum Guy, exactly what is it that’s wrong with just having fun?  Who are you to dictate what makes something “good” or “bad”?

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