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Who Are You?   7 comments

For a very long time I didn’t know Brade’s log in information. It’s not because he didn’t trust me, or thought that I’d delete his characters out of spite if I got angry with him, it was because Brade felt that his characters were an extention of him. They are characters that he created and developed and that have his personality. In essence, they are a pixelated form of who Brade is on the other side of the screen and he wanted to maintain that.

Even today I do not “play” Brade. I may assist with the guild bank and managing the auctions, but I don’t actively play any of his characters. Of course, there will be times when he is AFK and I might reply to someone via him…and that someone might get a screenie of “Brade” declaring that he’s going to go and get wasted on Peachbellinis *ahem*, but generally speaking I don’t communicate via Brade. Brade is Brade. Brade is not Beru.

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To Buff or Not to Buff…   12 comments

That is indeed the question.

Unless you’ve been living under a virtual rock, you are probably aware that Hellscream’s Warsong (and some alliancey named, but far less cool sounding, version from Wyrnn) have been added into Ice Crown Citadel as of yesterday.

I am a little bit torn about this.  I mean, I knew that the instance was “self nerfing”, but I guess I sort of thought that the buff wouldn’t be active quite so soon.  I mean, my guild has only gotten 2 nights of solid Lich King work in the 25s (and 2 nights in the 10s as well!).    Granted, we aren’t a cutting edge progression guild, but we certainly aren’t a slouch of a guild either, generally falling within the top 3-5% of guilds in the world as far as 25 man progression is concerned.

Why does it bother me?  Because I know that as a guild we don’t need this buff to kill the Lich King.  We just needed more time to work through the mechanics of the fight.  Our DPS is fine.  Our tanking is fine.  Our healing is fine.  We just needed time.  That’s it.  I suppose that perhaps I feel that by using the buff, my first kill is going to feel tarnished.  Dirty.  I’m always going to know that we could have done it without the buff.

However, now that the buff is here, we have a decision to make:  To buff or not to buff.

While my moral high ground is screaming at me in my head to shun the buff in all it’s 5% glory, giving it a proper two finger salute, and say “we’ve come this far without you, we can finish without you”, my realism is also screaming at me.  “Sure, you can do it without, but why make it harder than it needs to be?  Why not access your Hard Modes sooner?”.

In all honesty, who is going to know that we didn’t use the buff other than us?  Now that it’s out, I am sure that the assumption is going to be that anyone who killed the Lich King after 03/02/2010 did so with the added benefit of the zone wide buff.  Of course…I will still know if I did it with or without  help.  But, I am also one of a team of many, and I am sure that my feelings on the matter are different than others.

My moral dilemma aside, at this point it truly almost seems detrimental to our guild as far as progression goes not to use the damn thing.  If it means we kill the Lich King even one week sooner, it means that we will have access to our hard modes sooner, which of course means more progression for us, which in turn boosts guild morale (at least theoretically).  And I guarantee you that a good number of guilds out there won’t be having this internal discussion, and are happy to see the free boost to their performance.  So now if we opt to stick to our morals does it put us at a detriment?  Probably, as I suspect most guilds will not be opting out of the buff.

It seems to me that it puts a good number of folks in a bit of a damned if you do, damned if you don’t, situation.

So, what will we end up doing?  It’s still up in the air a little bit, as we’ve opened it up to discussion for our raiders to give their two cents on the matter.  But I will say that the overwhelming number of people who have responded have said “buff it and get to hard modes”…so I imagine that is likely what we will be doing.  While I am a little disappointed, there is a lot of good sense in using the buff as well, and I’m not so foolish as to not see that.

So how about you?  Will you be using the buff or turning it off?

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Exactly What’s Wrong With Just Having Fun?   21 comments

I came across this thread on my realm forums the other day that’s got me thinking a little bit.  The thread itself is your basic “lol you/your guild/your server sucks” thread that is ripe with all kinds of trolling.  However, there was a comment in there where a couple of posters commented that they not only clear all of the content, but have fun doing it along the way, and how they didn’t see anything wrong with that.  And of course the trolled response they got was basically if you aren’t a top 100 guild, you suck and should get a life.


The commentary going back and forth almost got me riled up enough to post on the realm forums, but then I remembered that I should “never argue with an idiot.  They will only pull you down to their level, then beat you with experience”, and abstained.  But as the post goes back and forth, my mind is still perplexed.  I am curious exactly what is wrong with just having fun?  Why is being “ranked” they only measure of a guild’s strength for so many?

Why is it that people are criticized for just enjoying something without concern for competition?  In the thread above one of the posters even comes out and says they aren’t about the same things as other guilds.  They place their values in different places, and they quite enjoy the game the way they play it.  And yet they are criticized for doing things they way they would like?  They don’t want to be the best, and they 100% understand and make no claim that they are, yet critics tell them that because they aren’t the best they are a failure.  How does that work?

So many times you will see someone achieve something that is huge for them, only see some jerk comment “grats on being months behind noob”.  It’s to the point that people have to qualify their accomplishments with “I know it’s old” or “I know we are months behind”, which in my opinion is just flat out wrong.  An accomplishment is an accomplishment regardless of when or how it is achieved.  Everyone is entitled to celebrate their accomplishments, regardless of how small they may seem to someone else.  Who cares if they killed Boss X 3 months after Guild A?  They still killed Boss X.  They still put in the time, and had the fortitude to set a goal and meet that goal.  That is a lot more than many people can say about themselves in, and out, of game.

So what is so wrong with having fun?  What is so wrong with being “months behind” if you are enjoying the journey along the way?  What effect does it have on you?  If you don’t like it, just stay away!  As my mother used to ask me as a child “Does it hurt your big toe?  No? Then what does it matter to you?”.  (See Mom!  You knew someday I’d see the wisdom in your ways!).

If being highly competitive and the rush of being first is what you are looking for, then it is fine to place yourself into that environment.  But I think it’s important to understand that not everyone is after that, and not everyone should be expected to have the same goals that you placed for yourself.  For some people finding a pleasant environment to enjoy the game is more important; for others finding an environment that fits their playtimes and lifestyle is more important.  But what gives anyone the right to begrudge others for having a different set of goals than they have for themselves? 

Whether it be the person that is looking for the hardest of the hardcore, or the gal that just wants to see everything before the next chapter but takes her time doing it, or the guy that just wants to play with his friends, everyone is equally entitled to participate in the fashion that suits them best and in which they have fun.  And nobody has the right to begrudge them for that.  Ever.

So tell me, Mr. Forum Guy, exactly what is it that’s wrong with just having fun?  Who are you to dictate what makes something “good” or “bad”?

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Your Mission, Should You Choose To Accept It…   24 comments

*queues Mission Impossible theme music*

I am on a quest, for which I seek your help!  It’s actually more like two separate quests, that are in fact very different…but I still am looking for outside information!

The Quest for The Chair

It is that dreaded time again.  Yes, sadly it is again time to replace the computer chair.  My current chair has been faithful and loyal, but it is starting to grow weary and tired, and would like to go to that chair heaven in the sky (aka sitting outside with a “take me, I’m free!” sign on it).  But that leaves me with quite the predicament: finding a new chair.

I have decided that this time, I don’t want any old chair, I want nirvana.  I want to sit in my chair and I want my rearparts and lower back to sigh in relief after a weary day.  I don’t want to have to use a pillow from the sofa for lower back support.  I want it to have a wide enough seat that I can sit cross legged in the chair, which is one of my favorite ways to sit while I play.

Here are some guidelines/requirements:

  • I do not have limitations in cost, but I’m a fairly conservative spender, so I probably won’t buy a $4,000 chair.  That being said, I spend a large portion of time at my computer, and for the right chair, I will not have an issue handing over some of my hard earned cash.
  • My cover of preference is leather.  I know it doesn’t breathe well in the summer heat, but I live in Seattle where excessive heat is a fairly rare occurence.
  • I do not like the “mesh” style chairs.  I have one of those at my office at work, and I hate it.  The hard frame on the outside of the mesh is prohibitive to sitting on my feet and/or crossing my legs, and if I wear a skirt or thin pants, I end up with the mesh print on my legs/rear and after sitting for an extended period of time the mesh hurts on bare skin.  So any and all mesh chairs, regardless of their great ergonomics, are out.
  • Any kind of “microfiber” type of fabric is out.  They generate high static, and Brade actually had one of these and fried his hard drive via a static charge from his mouse as a result of the static built while he sat in the chair.  I don’t want to have to ground myself for day to day computer activity.
  • I like “big” and “cushiony” chairs.  Basically, if I could take my oversized sofa, give it good back support, and make it into an office chair, I’d be in heaven!
  • It needs to have back support.  I intend to sit in this chair for many hours each day.  I tend to suffer from a tired, sore back due largely to poor posture.  As such, I’d like a chair that will offer back support, which in turn helps correct poor posture.
  • Lastly, and this is where it probably gets tricky, I need to actually sit in the chair before I purchase it.  I live in the Seattle area, which is a very large metropolitan region, so most national chains should be within a short drive for me, I would think.  However, I’m very picky about my chairs, and just like goldilocks, it needs to feel “just right” when I plop down into it the first time.  So, I probably won’t mail order anything that I can’t test drive first!

Based on that information, does anyone have any suggestions for an office chair?!  Where would you recommend shopping to find chair nirvana?  What have been your own chair experiences?  Does anyone already have chair nirvana?!

The Quest to Build a Better Warlock

My second quest is probably much simpler in nature 🙂  I am looking for some really good warlock resources (I am already familiar with EJ, so no need to replicate that resource recommendation).  More specifically, I’m looking for some warlock blogs that touch on everything from specs to glyphs to optimal UIs to add ons to help performance.

I am aware of a few out there, but being more a healer than a warlock, I was wondering if anyone else had any suggestions for some good warlock reading that is kept up to date.  Any recommendations would be appreciated!


This message will self-destruct in 30 seconds.  *Beru runs away in slow-mo, just barely making it behind that conviently placed boulder, sheltering herself from the blast while humming the mission impossible theme song*

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How Does Your Attitude Affect Your Raid?   11 comments

Last night we started our raid week as we are wont to do, killing new “farmed” content for gear upgrades before we start tackling the encounters we haven’t mastered yet.  In this case, we started in ICC, clearing up to Putricide.  Despite the occasional lag the first wing went fairly smoothly, however we did have one wipe on Saurfang do to some sloppy play.  I largely wrote this off to the “cocky” factor.  You know the one I’m talking about.  The one where people are largely on auto-pilot and think “we’ve done this I don’t have to think”.  Except that doesn’t really work well on that fight, and it seems to take a wipe to remind people that it’s time to wake up.

As we moved into the plagueworks, the trash was also a bit sloppy.  Not to the point that it wiped the raid, but people failed to kill things before they exploded, completely ignored whether or not the tank had agro before AEing on larger packs, and just all around were a bit sloppy.  Someone commented to me that we seemed a bit sloppy that particular evening, and I told him “eh, it’s just trash, I try not to holler unless it’s wipey and wasting our time”.  When he pointed out that Saurfang was a bit messy too, I gave him my theory on raid cockiness. Read the rest of this entry »

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K’s Pretentious Questions   3 comments

Keredria has started her own little “I want to know about you” post, and I thought that I’d oblige by completing it for her.  It’s not really about WoW, per se, but more about our blogging habits.  Which I think is pretty interesting.  So, without further ado, I provide you with my responses!

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Tam’s Gift That Keeps on Giving!   4 comments

So, recently Tam decided that his holiday gift giving should start a little early this year.  What did he give everyone?  Why, a question to which he would like the answer.  What did Tam want to know about me?  He was curious to know about the most difficult decision I’ve had to make in WoW and how I felt about it in retrospect.

At first I looked at the question and went “man, I think I would have preferred the murloc one!”, but to be perfectly honest, the answer came to me very, very quickly. Read the rest of this entry »

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