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3.3: Haste Gear or Set Bonuses?   4 comments

So, this is my dilemma and, at this time, I do not have an answer.  But with 3.3 upon us today, I need to get it figured out pronto!

After much thought, I, personally, will be picking up the 18/0/53 celestial focus spec.  To do this, I will be giving up the following 7 points from my current 11/0/60 resto spec:

  • Living Seed (3)
  • Improved Barkskin (2)
  • Empowered Touch (2)

 The reasons that I am doing this are:

  • I am primarily a raid healer in 25 man progression content.   Getting back as close to our current 1 second GCD will be important for me (I think).
  • Living Seed is frequently less than 2% of my overall healing.  While it is nice to have, I think the haste is going to end up being more throughput for me as a whole.
  • Empowered Touch (Nourish, Healing Touch) is also frequently less than 5% of my overall healing.  While it was nice to have those bigger nourishes when I used nourish, the haste is again going to give me more throughput for what I’m tasked to do in our 25 man settings.
  • Improved Barkskin.  I loved this talent.  I really did.  It seemed to a lot of people to be a throw away talent, but I can’t tell you how helpful that extra mitigation was as we worked hard modes.  However, in the big picture, it was 2 points that were pretty easy to give up for the extra haste.

I know that not everyone will agree with the reasons, or the talents, that I’m opting to drop for the 3% haste offered by celestial focus, and that is fine.  But it is something that I am going to test out and see if it is beneficial for me and if I how it affects my throughput.  That, however, is a decision that I already made…and not, per se, the topic of this post.  The big question at hand, which I do not have an answer for is:  Should I drop my 4 T9 set bonus for non-tier haste gear?

I have looked for an answer to this question, and so far have not found anything definitive.  If I keep my 4 piece T9, along with my current 245/258 items regardless of if they have haste, I sit just under 600 haste.  Recall that to reach the 1 second GCD you require 750 haste, assuming all of your raid buffs and 3/3 Celestial Focus, which I will have.  If I swap around an item of two here and there, namely my breastplate and off-hand, I reach just over 700 haste, with only a slight loss to spell power…but I also lose my T9 set bonus.

Now, at the point I am at haste wise, we are talking tenths of seconds with regards to my GCD reaching 1 second flat.  How much will that matter?  Are those tenths of seconds worth giving up the set bonus for?  Tentatively, I think not.  But I could be quite wrong about this.  I won’t know for certain until I get into a raid setting and see how sluggish I feel, and analyze the parses to see where everything fits.  However, if things seem hugely slow, I may well decide that it is worth the loss of the bonus to equip a few haste pieces instead of set pieces.  I may also swap out a gem here or there for one with a touch of haste on it.  The last I recall reading haste and spellpower were scoring out about equally for throughput.

Now, getting into T10, I absolutely would not give up haste for the 2 pieces bonus, as it’s a rubbish bonus.  But what about the 4 piece T10?  I just don’t know.

How about all of you?  Are you giving up your set bonuses for haste pieces?  Are you keeping your set bonuses?  Are you flat out staying away from the haste train?

Is Gear Too Accessible?   15 comments

I know that I have talked before about my feelings on obtaining gear in WotLK, and the difficulty in coming by that gear.  In large part, I still feel the same…I think.  But something happened over the weekend that made me wonder: Is gear too accessible?

So, my little priest hit 80 this weekend (yay me!), to finish out my “set” of healers.  Let me be more specific.  My priest hit 80 about 12:00 Midnight on Saturday night/Sunday morning.  Yes, that is correct, less than 48 hours prior to the time of this post this priest was 79.  What’s my point?  I’m gettin’ there! 

For those of you that were too preoccupied to click on the link, you might have noticed that my priest is almost in full epic gear (~3/4), at roughly 1850 spell power, less than 48 hours from leveling.  Not only that, but if you take a closer look you will notice two things: that she is wearing a helm from Ony 10 and a robe from Anub (ToC 10).  She is also wearing 245 gloves from a lucky drop/roll on the flame dude in VoA 25.  Of the items she is wearing, I purchased only one from the AH (Je’Tze’s Bell), I have no crafted gear, and everything else was obtained via dungeons and raids.  I’ve had purples thrown at me from every which way!

Now, the leveling and gearing process for my characters has always been one of my favorite aspects of the game.  I love fleshing out upgrades, and devising ways to acquire new, shiny gear.  This is my first character to hit 80 since 3.2 and the inclusion of ToC.  This is the first character that basically can just farm upgrades through a twenty minute instance and be on my way.  And let me tell you…it’s pretty boring 😦  There really are no decisions to make as far as “where” to go to get my character the best gear to be raid ready.  No planning.  I don’t get to “shop” in atlas loot.

Hell, I healed a 10 man raid of the current tier content less than 24 hours from the time I reached level 80, half in blues…and we did not wipe one time.  Not only that…but I felt like I fairly reasonably carried my weight throughout the zone.  *sigh*

Sure, there are still plenty of upgrades out there for my priest to obtain, and she is nowhere near finished as far as I’m concerned.  But there is very little of the planning that I loved about leveling my other four 80s involved.  I will still run all of the heroics, because I love instancing, and because I’m a completionist that way.  But no longer will I be running them for gear to get me ready for the next thing, I will merely be running them for some personal perverse desire that I have to complete them.

Learning to heal in heroics was always a challenge, especially since I always healed an undergeared tank (some form of Brade) as he was gearing his way through heroics as well.  It was sometimes hard, and it made me learn things about how to better play my class.  Like…Pain Suppresion has a relatively short cooldown.  Don’t panic in a dire moment, just use it, save the day and move on!  Or learning what your limitations are as a healer, and had to maximize your strengths to offset those limitations.  Of course, you need to actually experience those strengths and weaknesses to be able to identify them…

Hell, maybe I’ll even go far enough to say that ToC is part of the reason that we have such poor players in the community right now, and why expectations are being set so low as a whole.  Nobody has to actually learn  to play their class anymore to feel that they have succeeded as far as gear goes.  While exceptional players will still learn and remain exceptional players, others will just faceroll their way to nifty gear never learning how to work and truly excel.  Never having to truly work to obtain their spoils.

I will still follow some loose form of a progression chain as far as gear goes…I guess.  It’s just that now my starting point is more ToC 10 and I’ll be progressing to Ice Crown when it comes out.

As a recruiter, I truly do love how easy it is for people to gear up.  It makes them more viable raid assets much sooner and without having to back gear them through an entire content’s worth of shit or carry dead weight around in progression raids.  But, I have to say, as a player, I find it pretty lackluster.  And in all honesty, it’s pretty much ruined one of my favorite processes of leveling up a new toon.

So, what do you think?  Has gear become too accessible?

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What Keeps You Here?   1 comment

Tarsus posted the other day about the things that have kept him playing wow for going on 5 years.  The post got me to thinking.  Damn…I, too, have been playing WoW for almost 5 years!  I tried to quit back at the start of TBC, but failed miserably.  So, what is it that keeps me coming back?

  • Much like Tarsus, probably the number one thing that WoW has going for it is that my significant other also plays.  It’s generally a lot of fun to get to play with Brade, and it gives us a lot to do and talk about.  Sure, we both have other hobbies and things that we enjoy, but WoW can be a lot of fun with your SO!
  • I love raiding.  Generally I think Blizzard does a very good job with the raid content.  I usually love the atmosphere that I am immersed in, and for the most part enjoy the challenges.  I like the concept of having to work together as a team to accomplish a common goal. 
  • My guild.  Even with all the complaining that I do on my blog, I couldn’t imagine WoW sans Monolith.  If my guild were ever to fall apart I’m not sure what I’d do, honestly.  Would I look for another?  Would I take it as a sign it’s time to move on?  I’m just not sure!
  • The social aspect of the game.  I am somewhat anti-social in life.  Hate parties, hate bars, hate strangers.  If I didn’t play wow, I’d probably be that lady with the cat that does nothing but sit by the fireplace, enveloping myself in novel after novel…but never really talking to anyone outside of work (well, at least that is largely what I did before I picked up WoW!).  WoW provides me with some socialization, and this is most definitely one of the reasons I am still playing.  I consider the vast majority of my guildmates friends, and I feel their triumphs and pains just the same as I would anyone else.
  • I love the lore.  There are certain story lines that I like much more than others, but the stories are fantastic and I think they certainly play a part in why I’m still playing the game.  I have become invested in what happens!
  • My Alts.  I enjoy the process of trying to master something new and different.  I enjoy the variety that they bring in the game.  I enjoy that they give me some entertainment outside of raiding.  I love finding new, and often humourous, tidbits that I missed on my main.  And most of all I enjoy that I can pick them up and leave them at any point that I want!  I really do think that Alts keep the game fresh.
  • I suppose if I’m being entirely honest, part of what keeps me coming back is that I just haven’t found anything else that fills my free time as effectively.  Even when I just take a night or two off, I find myself getting bored.  I can go out, I can read, I can cook, I can watch some telly or play a different game…but I always end up twiddling my thumbs a bit bored after a while.  WoW is still fun, cheap entertainment for me, and to date nothing else has come in to fill its place!

How about you?  How long have you been playing?  What is it about WoW that keeps you coming back? 

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Healing of What Flavour?! – Questions and Answers!   6 comments

It’s been an incredibly busy week for me this week, and I’ve had the good fortune to catch the office bug and have been quite ill (hence my lack of posts :().  I actually had a fun post planned for today about the adventures my priest is having, but much to my delight Tam has asked me to chime in on a questionnaire that Ms. Medincina posted about, to get a feel for why we heal, how we heal, and well just healing in general!

So, I thought I’d graciously take Tam’s light nudge, and give the questionnaire a spin!  One thing that I’d like to do that is a bit different though, is I am going to answer the questionnaire from the perspective of all three of my healing 80s with raid experience: Druid (Beru), Paladin (Dannie), Shaman (Mynn).  I will refrain from the priest, since I haven’t priest healed since BWL and while I am quite enjoying healing with lasers beams of light, she’s only level 73 🙂  I am also going to post my answers, and then go back and read what everyone else has written…so I don’t get outside influence on my replies!

Before I get going, I’d like to offer my own gentle nudge to the following bloggers who I’d love to see respond: Lath over at Hots and Dots (*grumble about being days behind and seeing Lath already tagged!*); Lissana (if she hasn’t been tagged yet) from Restokin; and The folks over at Divine Aegis.  I’d also like to invite anyone who reads this, wasn’t tagged, but IS interested in participating!

Read the rest of this entry »

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Is WoW Really Too Easy?   13 comments

I’m sure that you have all already seen Larisa’s Post over at the Pink Pigtail Inn (and if you haven’t go check it out!) regarding the difficulty level of WoW.  She is refuting a comment made that WoW has become too easy.  It is an exceptionally good read, and I really do recommend that everyone give it a gander.

Larisa points out that she feels that WoW is still challenging for most people, and that a lot of the people complaining that it is too easy are people who really haven’t even experienced what WoW has to offer.  It was this comment that actually reminded me of something that I experienced the other day.

I was reading Icedragon’s most recent post on upcoming changes to the patch and saw this tidbit of news:  “Top-level helm and shoulder faction-related enchants are now available as Bind-on-Account items that do not require any faction to use once purchased (they still require the appropriate faction level to purchase). ”  I thought it was fantastic news!  And since nobody had mentioned it yet, I quoted it in guild chat. Read the rest of this entry »

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Looking for Guidance on the Priestly Ways of GRID!   4 comments

This coming weekend, I’m going to be assisting one of our priest healers with setting up GRID as a trial to see if he likes it, as his current raid frames seem to be falling a bit behind, which is impacting his healing.  While I am confident in the actual setting grid up part of the project, I want to make sure that I am providing him everything that I can for priest healing.

I set my own priest up awhile back, but as she’s just a baby priest still (70), I haven’t really perfected, or figured out, what all of the pertinent, priest specific, information I may want to see.  I know there are the basics: Raid Debuffs, what I can cleanse, etc.  But what else is there and what GRID tools are there available for him?

Here is a list of things that I think will be beneficial for him (he is holy/disc dual spec):

  • Renew – I am comfortable setting this up with Grid Status HoTs for him
  • Power Word Shield – I have seen set ups using Grid Side and Corner Icons.
  • Weakend Soul – I have seen set ups using Grid Side and Corner Icons.
  • Grace – I have seen this set up with charges on it, how was that done?
  • Inspiration – perhaps just a normal corner indicator for this?
  • PoM – What is the best way to track this in Grid?
  • Power Infusion – I think this can be set up with either timers, a corner indicator, or an icon indicator.
  • Pain Suppresion – I think this can be set up with either timers, a corner indicator, or an icon indicator.
  • Inner Fire – I was thinking that just a corner indicator would be good for this, like I use on my shaman for earthshield and water shield.

So what am I missing?  What are the best ways to set things up as a priest?  I’ve seen a module for GridStatusShields, is that any good?  Is it worth recommending?  Gah!  Any help would be wholeheartedly appreciated!  I just really want to make this switch a pleasant experience for him! 🙂

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Are You Becoming a WoW Snob?   5 comments

This was the question that I asked myself about 10:00 am Sunday Morning.

Sunday’s are often one of my favorite days.  I can sleep in, when I get up I can make a proper breakfast, I get to actually cook a proper meal for dinner, and generally I can just laze around and do whatever I want until it’s time to raid.  I tend to take the time to bake (peanut butter cookies this week!), and watch some telly or read.

This Sunday started out no different from any of the others.  I stumbled out of bed, brushed my teeth, played with the puppy for a bit, and then sat down and started up WoW.  I thought that I’d go do the new argent tournament dailies, since I haven’t done them yet…like ever.  I got chillmaw and the jousting done, and someone in guild was looking for more folks for an Ony 10 and asked if I wanted to come help heal.

I thought hey, why not, so I logged out and hopped over onto Dannie who desperately needs a new healing weapon (yes…I know it has hit, but it’s a fabulous paladin weapon too!).  As they were still scrounging for a tank, I asked Brade (who was playing some PS3 game called Infamous?) if he wanted to come along.  He said “sure”, and brought his ghetto fabulous Death Knight.  This ensured that he would be the add tank, as the toon needs a lot of work yet and while I’m sure he *could* tank Ony, someone with a bit more life would probably be the better option. 🙂

As it was, we had a Feral druid in the raid much better geared who ended up being our Ony tank.  We told everyone to hop on into vent, and moved about our happy way.  The DPS was largely all guild, but we had one tank and the other two healers who were picked up via the LFG channel.  Normally this wouldn’t have been a problem.  I generally have the patience of a saint when it comes to PuGs, and I’m pleasant and I walk everyone through the fight and keep a positive attitude as we wipe our way along.

But Sunday, I don’t know what came over me.  I don’t know if it was the druid tank that took Ony through the raid (killing half the raid) to a tanking position in phase 3 that meant the healers got either tail whipped or cleaved, or if it was the fact that I had provided 70% of the heals with my paladin while the two HOLY priests together comprised the other 30%, or if it was because I’d not had my morning tea, but for the first time ever I snapped.  With a PuG.  In Vent.

“WTF why did we wipe?”, was the question presented in vent.  And where I would normally have calmly analyzed the situation, and provided direction to those that needed improvement, I didn’t.  I hit my push to talk button, and what came out of my mouth was a clipped, blunt, not quite rude, this is how we failed analysis that is similar to what I might give our raiders when we are struggling with something for a boneheaded reason.  While I didn’t tell the Bear he sucked and torched the raid, I also didn’t sugar coat the fact that he was the main cause of our failure in that wipe.  While I didn’t tell the other two healers that I was doubling their healing combined, I did comment that a little more healing support would be nice.  I think I might have even been snappy at Brade’s poor DK for botching something up.

Was I horribly mean about it…no.  I’m quite certain that these fine folks have probably been treated to far worse than my snappy response to them in the gamut of their PuG experiences.  But I  felt like a total bitch.  I honestly really do like PuGing.  I like providing a positive experience to something most people expect to fail.  I like getting those tells after a raid thanking me and telling me that it’s restored their faith in the PuG and that they had a lot of fun.  It’s really nice to go into a raid with zero expectations and come out totally surprised and thrilled with your success.

So what the hell happened that Sunday?  I’m used to tanks that need a bit more direction, I’m used to dominating the heals in a PuG with healers that may have lesser experience and/or gear.  Am I really so spoiled that I can’t deal with less than stellar play?  Have I really become such a snob that I faulted these folks for not doing as well as I would have liked?

Dear God, I hope not 😦  I truly hope that it was just a combination of early morning + lack of caffeine + mild peachbellini hangover + random crankiness that lead to my mouth to open without filtering what my brain was thinking.  Even Saint Teresa had to have a bad day every now and then, right?  I’m hoping the fact that I recognized my less than stellar behavior and felt really bad about means there is hope for redemption.

How about you?  Have you ever had an experience where you were a bit of a WoW Snob?  Did you regret it after the fact?


Bits of Randomness
Dannie Update – While I am still pining away for a weapon upgrade (I can’t even get the ToC 5 mace!), I took her into our Ulduar 10 this weekend for a full hard mode run that I was running for folks to finish our their drakes and got a her a rusted protodrake of her own!

Ulduar 10 Update – Never. Going. Back.  WooHoo!  I have done my last Ulduar 10 clear…and I am thrilled to announce that I will finally have some free time again!

Algalon Update – We pulled him.  I know…not much of an update.  But I at least wanted to get a look at the guy.  We’ve had our keys for a few weeks, just never went in to check him out.  It was pretty nifty.

Currently Reading – The new Dan Brown Book “The Lost Symbol”.  I’ve heard some mixed reviews of it, so here is hoping I find it a good read!

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