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Not Quite Stanley Kubrick   5 comments

This year Windsoar decided that she would once again play muse to those who were interested in receiving a topic from her.  I did not participate last year, but when I saw she was once again taking on the project, I was excited to request a musing of my very own!

Here was my musing:

You’ve recently been doing a lot of boss videos. Can you walk me through the recording/editing process?

Since I have been doing a lot of videos, I thought “why not!  I can talk about this”.  And now here we are 🙂  To get started, I should let you know that I feel I’ve graduated from Ed Wood levels, but I’m also not producing anything of Francis Ford Coppola quality either.  However, I have enough of a hang for what I’m doing, that I think I can offer some tips for people just getting started. Read the rest of this entry »

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Ed Wood – Take Two (Nefarian Video)   8 comments

If you’ve been reading over the past week or so, you know that I’ve been playing around with FRAPS and video capture.  Actually, it’s been more than that really.  Over the past week I think it’s safe to say that I’ve become mildly obsessed with it.  Truth be told, I’m pretty much having a blast – running around recording things, playing around with the features in the video editor, picking out music that is YouTube friendly.  It’s fun learning how to do something new, and with each clip I take and edit, I learn new tricks.

Anyhow, I’m going to be taking video of a lot of our encounters moving forward.  I’m having a ridiculous amount of fun with it (who knew?!) and we thought it would be cool to post the videos for everyone to see through a link on the front page of the guild website, both for our members and for potential recruits.

Of course, since I’m the one FRAPSing the videos, they will all be from a Resto Druid perspective.  Which sort of brings me to the point of this post – are these videos something that you’d be interesting in having posted here regularly as I create them?  I think they might be useful and/or interesting for people, while we aren’t on the bleeding edge of progression, we are fairly well progressed so most of the videos should be somewhat timely with many people’s progression – but I don’t want to flood everyone’s feeds with Resto Druid videos if you guys aren’t particularly interested in seeing them.

Which brings me to my next set of questions!

  • Are videos something you would be interested in seeing here regularly?
  • Would you be interested in “commentated” videos, where I walk through healing the encounter?
  • Would you be interested in videos outside of raids, such as “setting up Power Auras”, etc?
  • If you are interested in videos, what other kinds of things would you be interested in seeing?

I’d love to know your thoughts on this and hear your feedback!  While we discuss, I hope you enjoy the Normal Mode Nefarian 25 Video that I took on Sunday Night – note that it is best viewed in either the 720 or 1080 settings on YouTube.  (I will probably be doing some capture of heroics this week – I needed a “test” run of how my capture set up would work in a high graphics raid setting before I tried it on heroics!).

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Ed Wood   11 comments

Back when I walked uphill both ways to get to Molten Core – I used to do video recording for my guild.  Back before the days of YouTube, when you uploaded your video for sharing via FileFront, I was somewhat prolific with FRAPS and Adobe Premiere Elements.  At some point several years ago, I ran out of the time that was required to produce the videos, and it fell to the wayside.

However, when someone mentioned yesterday that it would be interesting to see snippets of people’s UIs in combat, I decided that perhaps I would dust off my director’s chair and play around with some video again.  I mean, I still have a fully liscened copy of FRAPS.  I had already been waffling with updating my Adobe programs for several…years and decided to go ahead and upgrade the software, although mostly for the photoshop aspect (seriously huge upgrade, I was running Premiere Elements v. 2 – and upgraded to v. 9!  That should tell you how longs it’s been since I’ve played around with this stuff!).

Here I was – capture software, editing software and a shiny new YouTube account all in hand. 

I logged in, and headed out to Durotar to try and get a short snippet of my UI in combat (the AV queue failed me, so I was resigned to having to get a raid shot during trash this week).  I had remembered the basics of how FRAPS worked, I had remembered the basics of how Premiere worked.  Surely it would be like riding a bike and all come back to me, right?

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Posted March 30, 2011 by Beruthiel in FRAPS, Video