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Secret Santa is Secret!   7 comments

I opened my email yesterday and found my Furtive Father Winter gift!  It was lovely, but my gifter remains anonymous!  I have a few ideas on who it might be, but I’m not positive! And because I’d love to thank them personally, I’d love your help to sleuth out my secret santa! If you have thoughts, clues or hints, please share them below! Whoever you are, thank you!  I very much enjoyed your entry – and I wish you a happy holiday as well!


Joy to the Guardians of Green Bars

Merry Christmas everyone (or since I’m a bit late on sending this, Happy Holidays may be more appropriate)!

Beru’s Secret Father Winter is here, spreading a little bit of joy. I thought I’d add a some Holiday Spices to the post, and write it anonymously. Blog Azeroth regulars will probably figure it out in no time, though.

It took me awhile to decide what to write. “What do our blogs have in common?” I asked myself again and again as I reviewed all her posts from the past year (which I hope doesn’t make me a creepy stalker. I promise I had the best intentions!). It kept coming back to this: we’re both healers and most of our readers are healers. And thus, I wrote a poem for all the healers out there, the Guardians of Green Bars.

Holiday cheers for the priests, their Lightwells and their Penance;
Holiday cheers for the druids, their trees and their sweet Rebirthing;
Holiday cheers for the paladins, their Beacons, bacon and Radiance;
Holiday cheers for the shaman, their totems and rains of healing.

A cheer for all who’ve lost hair due to Grid,
Or Vudho, or Healbot,
Every patch.
And who can form a sentence with the words: “mouseover macros”

Merry Christmas to those who see little coloured boxes in their dreams,
Sometimes square, sometimes rectangle.

A drink to those who just know, who feel it in their bones,
When a tank misses a cooldown.
Sometimes before it happens.

Best wishes to anyone who’s ever wondered why,
When Arthas lived, trees moved with grace,
And paladins, build for melee,
Healed rooted to the ground.

Happy New Years to those who’ve leveled in random groups,
Keeping strangers alive,
Sometimes against all odds.
Sometimes against better judgement.

Raise a glass to the mana bar patrons,
To those who ask “Regen or Throughput?”,
And to those who reply.

Cheers for healer chat, for the team.
For the laughter, for the rages.
Cheers for the friendships, cheers for the high fives.

Cheers for a job well done, for jobs done together.
Cheers for the strategies, for the adjustments to adversity.
Cheers to those who defy the RNG.

Happy Holidays to all the healers, young and old.
From Vanilla, BC, Wrath or Cata.
Happy Winter Veil fellow healers!


Additionally, for those of you who are curious, you can find my entry over on the lovely Angelya’s blog.

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