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Monday Musings: There Are Squirrels in the Walls Edition   7 comments

On Being Completely Off-Topic – Most of today’s musings don’t have much of anything to do with WoW, so if you came here looking for something druid, or WoW, related you may want to check back tomorrow!  Today I’m going to talk about the family of squirrels that have been living in the wall of our apartment. 

This whole Squirrel Saga started back on April 1st – which is oddly fitting when you come to think of it.  You see Brade heard what he thought was a squirrel fall down our chimney.  We called the office to inform them that a live squirrel was in our chimney only to be repeatedly told “sorry, we can’t do anything about it until Monday”.  After listening to it bang around and cry for 24 hours, we decided that “waiting until Monday” was insufficient.

The long story short – Brade and I ended up contacting someone to come out and remove the squirrel from the chimney.  Only to find out that it’s not a squirrel that had fallen down our chimney – a momma squirrel had gotten into the wall behind the chimney and had nested.  So there was now a momma squirrel and 3-4 baby squirrels living in the wall behind our chimney.  The banging we heard were the baby squirrels moving around, and the crying we heard were them letting momma know that they were hungry.

Somewhat dissatisfied with how things had gone to date, we figured we’d just get it resolved quickly so that we can move along with our lives.  Only that didn’t happen.  Not only did that not happen, but on my first call with our apartment’s management the woman made me so angry that I immediately called Brade and told him that I wanted to move.  I hate moving.

He told me to wait a day and see how I felt then.

So I waited a day.  In fact, I waited over a week and a half to hear back from the apartment management (who was going to contact me “tomorrow”) on how they were going to resolve this issue.  And still, we heard nothing from them.  Finally Brade called them – deciding that almost two weeks was pretty much sufficient time for them to have gotten back to us.  And after that phone call calm, level headed Brade called me to advise me that “that woman” (the apartment management) was “a piece of work”.   Not only did she deal with him poorly – but she actually hung up on him.  HUNG UP.  On a four year tenant.

Many phone calls later, including a conference call with the apartment management and a conference call to the corporate office, everything is still pretty much unresolved.  Well, that is not entirely true.  Brade and I pretty much resolved to move.  And now, 17 days after the original incident, our resolve to move is still pretty much the only thing that has been sorted out.

We went out this weekend and searched high and low for a new place to call “home” and were fortunate enough to  find a new place (squirrel free!  and with 24 hours maintenance 7 days a week!), where we will be moving at the end of May.  (Oh God – the packing).

Why am I telling you this?  Partly because the saga of the Squirrel has been dominating my life for the past 17 days.  (No, really, it’s driving me nuts!).  But mostly because I wanted to let you know that if I’m somewhat sporadic over the next month it’s because I’m packing, scheduling the appropriate appointments, and pretty much in a constant state of panic about the upcoming move. 

If you email me, it may take me longer than usual to get back to you, so please don’t be offended!  The same will probably go for replying to comments the closer it gets to our move date.  Also if I seem grouchier than usual – don’t take it personally!  Just blame the damn squirrels!

(Oh, I suppose there is some WoW thoughts after the break…if you’ve made it with me this far!) Read the rest of this entry »

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Guest Posting – Zen and the Art of Healing Assignments   2 comments

Ecclesiastical Discipline is going to be /afk for a few days while she moves and settles into some new digs. While she is busy getting settled in I offered to help her in the moving process by writing a guest post for her blog, giving her readers something to read in her absence.

I had asked ED what she’d like for me to ponder on, and she indicated that she was curious about how I worked through healing assignments for raids. And so, it is with great pleasure that I present you with Zen and the Art of Healing Assignments. I encourage everyone to pop over, take a gander, and leave your thoughts!

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Guest Post: Are You Insane Yet? Tips for Insane in the Membrane.   3 comments

Beru Note: I’d like to introduce you all to one of our crazy resident rogues, Rholm. Rholm not only has one “the Insane” title, but is working on his THIRD (dear god…why, Rholm? Why?!?!?!). A while back he posted the following guide in our forums, and I asked him if I could utilize it as a guest post on my blog, as I cannot think of anyone more qualified to give pointers on this crazy achievement than the guy taking his third trip towards insanity. If you are going insane, I hope that you find it helpful!

You probably all know by now of the Insane in the Membrane feat of strength.

I am currently grinding for a third title, on Sholmie this time. Most of the required items are already farmed. The planning and some basic gathering are on the way for a fourth title too; my paladin.

The purpose of my post here is to help some of you who often asked “how to”. I will not write a full guide but simply share my thoughts, experience and opinion on the whole thing. It is a great personal challenge and multiple facets of it can be applied to raiders and even PvPers out there. There is more to be said about it, but too long to discuss here.

You do not need to be a good player, as far as pressing buttons or incredible situation awareness goes. Be a keyboard turner if you wish. However, planning, schedule, daily goals are all key words to work efficiently in order to see the end of it. Lots –and I mean it– lots of dedication and patience are required. It is easy to give up. Your sanity is your end-game boss.

Trust me, the feeling is the same as when you finally beat that one particularly tough raid encounter after weeks or months of hard work. But this time, you won’t see a screenshot with 25 players dancing on a corpse. It is you alone. The pride and feeling of completion. Alone. Read the rest of this entry »

You Asked, I Answered pt 2!   Leave a comment

In continuing with my guest posts for Virile while he is in Hawaii (ok…how much sun does a tree need? really?! you can come back now, mmmkay?!), I went ahead and opined on another topic that was suggested here on my blog: the differences between 10 and 25 man healing.

You can find the post here if you’d like to read it 🙂

Feel free to leave comments over at Rejuvo or send them to me via email.

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You Asked, and I Answered! pt. 1   2 comments

A little while back I posted asking for topic feedback for my stint as a guest poster for Virile while he was soaking up the sunshine in the tropics. Well, I am still jealous…but I’ve also finished my first post in the series: What’s the Rush? Another look at Druid Haste.

I just wanted to give those of you that posted asking questions a head’s up that you can venture over to Rejuvo and find the post 🙂  If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them over at Rejuvo or send them to me via email, and I will do my best to get to answering them!

Ahem *embarrassed* ah…also…I am so proud of my very first photoshop efforts (with a lot of help from Lash!), that, um…I wanted to shamelessly send everyone over to go look at it, in case you might not have seen it already!  (/blush).  Yes!  I actually photoshopped!  Glee! 🙂

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Tell Me: What Would You Like to Know?!   6 comments

One of my favorite druids is abandoning me here shortly to wear flowers around his neck and drink out of coconuts in nice, balmy 80 degree weather for a week (yes, yes I am jealous!  I admit it!  TAKE ME WITH YOU!!!).  Unfortunately, I don’t think that I’ll fit in his luggage, and thus must stay here in dreary, rainy Seattle contemplating if my lack of vitamin D has me emo enough to drown myself in Lake Washington (don’t worry!  I’m not that sun deprived yet!).  However, during his absence I told him that I’d do a few guest posts for him…and have also managed to sucker in two of my other favorite characters into the fray as well.  Now, I gave these two comedians a topic and told them to make it fun.  I’m curious to see what their combined creativity comes up with! 🙂  (And you should be too!).

But, that got me thinking, well…if someone (read: ME!!!) gave them an idea of what to write, why can’t someone do the same for me too!  Although, I am admittedly not as entertaining as the two of them…so results may vary 😉

I do have a topic or two up my sleeve for my stint as a guest poster for Virile, but I thought it might be fun to take suggestions for topics as well and see where they send me.  (And even if they don’t make it up during Virile’s tropic getaway [still jealous, btw!], you never know what you might find here one day!).

Topics aren’t limited in scope, and suggestions can be from anything fun and goofy to something more serious.  But now is your chance!  If you ever wondered “I wonder what Beru would say about…”, now is the time to take advantage.

So, without further ado, tell me what you’d like to know!