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Flexibility   3 comments

No, I’m not talking about the way that world class Yogi’s can contort their bodies to do things that shouldn’t occur in nature. I’m not talking about improving your downward facing dog.  I’m talking about being given lemons and making lemonade.

One of the first, and probably most important, lessons that you learn when you start down your career of choice is that the more rigid you are in how you think things should be done, the more stressed and frustrated you become when they don’t work out they way you had envisioned them.  As such, if you don’t learn to think outside the box, and you don’t learn to “roll with the punches”, you end up with an ulcer and more grey hair than you should have at such a young age!

It is equally important that after you have learned these valuable lessons in the workplace, that you let them flow over into the other aspects of your life…including WoW.  The fact of the matter is, there are just somethings that you cannot control. Read the rest of this entry »

On Being Human   42 comments

When you run a guild, there are certain ways you are supposed to behave and react to different situations.  You are supposed to be diplomatic.  You are supposed to react without emotion.  You are supposed to be infallible.  Essentially, you aren’t supposed to be human.

See, I fail at that whole not being human part.  I make mistakes, I react poorly, I am emotional. Read the rest of this entry »

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What Is The Value of Alts?   13 comments

There are a lot of people out there, and a lot of guilds for that matter, that just flat out hate alts.  I don’t know if they’ve had a rotten experience with them or just enjoy a monogamous relationship with their main toon, but the result is often the same: someone says “alt” and you can just see them cringe.  It does not matter who is behind the character, they just don’t want to deal with an alt.

I think that this is the wrong attitude to have, and that there are a lot of benefits that a guild can enjoy from fostering the growth of their alts. Read the rest of this entry »

Milestones   13 comments

I often think of our guild as a giant, functioning machine.  Just like many machines, I am sometimes amazed at how the gears continue to grind and how each individual piece plays its role, continuously turning its cog wheels to catch the next and so on and so forth.  Even though our officer team may be the motor that powers the machine, without each cog, the machine would cease to function.  I am sure that you are wondering where I am going with this.

When we set out for this expansion we set out a few goals for the members of the guild.  One of those goals was to see all of the content this expansion had to offer before the next expansion.  Last night, our guild hit a milestone in achieving that goal.

Going into this raid week, we had exactly 5 things in the game we hadn’t killed yet: The three new bosses of the plaugeworks, Algalon and HM Anub.  While we did kill the first two bosses of the plague wing the first night we encountered them, which was exciting, that isn’t what I’m hear to talk about.

Last night Monolith hit a milestone in achieving our goals, defeating Algalon and “finishing” Ulduar.  Nine months after the release of the zone, this is a task that only about 1500 guilds in the world have accomplished to date.  We were the second guild on the server, and only horde guild, to accomplish this task.  Was it easier for us than some others because we had better gear?  Yes.  Did that make our kill any less exceptional for us?  No.

Not only did we kill Algalon, but we also hit a progression milestone on HM Anub, getting him down to 19%…in our first night of seeing phase 3, ever.  I have a sneaking suspicion that his days are numbered.  And I also have a suspicion that I’m not the only member of our guild excited by this new development.

When we made the decision to “beat” the raid game, as it were, we sometimes received criticism from those outside of the guild…and, at times, even from those within the guild, but not part of our progression team.  I have to admit that the night one of our friends and family members, who had recently left his guild and accepted a non-raiding spot with our guild…just to get away from his guild, questioned why we were still doing Ulduar and advising me how worthless it was and how we were wasting our time, I was very close to going “Sebudai” on him, and borrowing the “your guild sucked, that’s why you’re in my guild” line.  Alas, I am not Sebudai…and relayed a similar message, just in a far more diplomatic way.

What a lot of people seem to forget is that every guild is different, and has different goals.  That doesn’t mean their goals are “wrong”, it  just means that they are different.  And I, personally, think that is something that should be respected.  Regardless of what anyone else thinks, I’m confident that we’ve made the proper progression goals and decisions for our guild.  Our members generally seem very pleased with our progression, many being more excited about our Yogg 1 kill than most of our TotGC kills to date.  (And quite frankly, it was a much more challenging encounter than most of what we encountered in TotGC).  Hitting the Algalon milestone last night felt very much the same to me.  Zoning into work on Anub afterwards and seeing damn near 25 “Astral Walkers” was proof enough for me that this was an important milestone for everyone else as well, and something that they were proud to have been part of accomplishing.

And for me, Beruthiel the Astral Walker, I don’t need any other justification than that.

ICC 25, GM Surprises and Other Ramblings   5 comments

Monolith entered the 25 man Ice Crown Citadel last night for the first time.  I had spent hours of time preparing for the first four encounters in the zone, and trying to remain reasonable set expectations at killing the first two or three bosses.  When we entered the zone, I asked the guild to focus and take the zone with a vengeance.

And we did just that.  No boss took us more than a handful of pulls, and in our 3.5 hours of raid time, we cleared the 4 bosses available to us.  remember above when I said I was hoping for 2-3?  Yea, that was a lie.  I was trying to convince myself that it would be just fine if that is all we got down.  But I knew that deep down inside that I wanted to have the wing cleared or I’d probably be disapointed…I just wasn’t admitting it to myself 😉

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Making Difficult Decisions   15 comments

We have always looked at Monolith as a family.  We celebrate successes together, we struggle through difficulties together, and we grow as a group together.  Like all families, we have people who will grate on your nerves, like your annoying Aunt Martha who thinks that the only way to do something is her way, and will tell you about it until you feel like you are going to puke.  Sure…you want to tell her to just shut the fuck up, but instead you politely smile and nod as she speaks, as if you really care, all in an effort to keep the family peace.

Why, you might ask, am I talking about my Aunt Martha?  Well, we had to let someone from our family go last night.

I’m sure you are thinking “so what, people get kicked from guilds all the time”.  That might be true for other guilds…but we really do view our members as part of our family.  We have not guild removed anyone outside of their trial period in…well, it’s been so long that I can’t even recall when the last time we did it.  It was a difficult decision to make, and one that saddened me quite a bit.  However, when all is said and done, I really think it was probably for the best and that ultimately we made the right decision.

Let me spin the tale of Chas (I have changed the name of my guildmate for purposes of this post). Read the rest of this entry »

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Taking Flight   8 comments

We missed the first round of 25 man 310 speed mounts for our guild by not focusing on The Immortal early enough.  This was 100% the fault of the leadership, we made a mistake.  We told ourselves that we wouldn’t make that mistake again with Ulduar.  We nearly had to eat our words when they announced the release of 3.2 and we thought they would be removing the drakes, with us only part way through the hard modes.  We nearly had to eat our words as we came to realize how challeging the hard modes were for us as a guild and grew uncertain at our ability to finish what was needed for the meta.

But we weren’t going down without a fight.  We’re stubborn that way.  When so many other people gave up on the zone, we went back every week and poured our blood, sweat and tears into what we had remaining to complete.  And you know what?  It was worth every second of time we spent in the zone post 3.2.  Perhaps we are “months” behind, and I will admittedly state that the 245/258 gear helped with some of the later hard modes immensely (good god, the people who did things like Yogg 1, Freya and Firefighter 226 gear…how?!?!  /salute). 

But none of none of those factors make our victory any less sweet 🙂  Celestial Defender Beruthiel here I come!

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What to do with Shadowmourne?   3 comments

*Updated to reflect 11/18 datamined informtion for Shadow’s Edge and 11/19 for Shadowmourne.  Updated information is courtesy of mmo-champion.  Updated information will be notated in Orange.

Orange does strange things to people.  It always has, and it likely always will.  In order to prevent any sort of drama that tends to follow the orange pixels around, anyone that intends to step foot into Ice Crown Citadel should start thinking now about how to award the newest legendary, Shadowmourne.

Right now we know very little about the weapon itself, and if it’s very much like Val’ynar we won’t know much more about it until the time is upon us to make the decision to award the weapon.  Great…once again we need to semi-blindly pick a good candidate without all the best information to base the decision.  Bleh.  Well, let’s review what we do know about Shadowmoune:

  • Shadowmoune is a two handed axe.  This will limit who may wield this weapon to 4 3 classes: Death Knights, Paladins, Warriors and Hunters.  However, based on the proc (explained later) we can effectively rule out this being a hunter weapon (more on this below).  *edit: Datamined information confirms that this weapon will only be equipable for Warriors, Death Knights and Paladins.
  • The weapon proc is stated as such: “Your weapon swings have a chance to drain a Soul Fragment from their undead, demon and elemental victims.  When you have acquired 10 soul fragments you will unleash Chaos Bane, dealing 6849-7560 shadow damage split between all undead, demons, and elementals within 8 yards.   *edit: “Your weapon swings have a chance to drain a soul fragment granting you 40 strength.  When you have acquired 10 soul fragments you will unleash Chaos Bane, dealing 1900-2100 shadow damage split between all enemies within 8 yards”
    • The language “your weapon swings” I think pretty clearly indicate that this is intended to be a melee weapon, and effectively rule it out as a stat stick for hunters.  Feel free to disagree with me on this, but I am willing to bet that hunters will not be on the class limitations of the weapon.
  • It seems from the pretty cool lore behind the weapon that there will be quests involved to upgrade the weapon to its maximum potential.  My guess is that there will be three stages/quests for the weapon.  Some of the things stated about Shadowmourne:
    • To contain the energies that dance across its cold edges, Shadowmourne must be hewn from piles of impure Saronite: the hardened blood of the Old God, Yogg-Saron, treated only by master metal-shapers.
    • To fuel its power to kill, it is vital that Shadowmourne be drenched in the souls of the most potent servants of the Scourge as they are slain, one by one, with the unfinished blade.
    • To help break through the Lich King’s armor, Shadowmourne is to be adorned with fragments of the Frozen Throne, originally crafted by Kil’jaeden out of the ice from the Twisting Nether.

So, how do you decide who gets this weapon in your guild?  What is the best way to go about making this decision?  Let’s take a look at some of the things that Monolith is looking at in making our decision.

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Getting it Right.   1 comment

Running a guild is more than just recruiting (oh god), leading raids and dealing with bullshit.  One of the most important things that comes with running a progression raiding guild is making decisions on prioritizing content.  Now, if you are in a cutting edge guild, it’s pretty easy, because you just have to push to the next thing available.  However, not all guilds can be cutting edge, and not all decisions can be so black and white.  For those of us still trucking along with Ulduar when ToC came along, we had a decision to make: Keep at what remains in Ulduar or can Ulduar and focus solely on ToC.

There are plenty of guilds that opted to never step foot in Ulduar again, and just focus on the ToC content, and that is fine, if that is what worked for them.  We decided, however, to take Monolith in a different direction, and it’s this decision that I’m proud of, and think that we “got right”. Read the rest of this entry »

On things that make me mad, and things that make me happy.   1 comment


Attempting to teach forum decorum on the WoW forums is an act in futility.  I know this.  Yet there are certain things that are so damn tacky, that I can’t help myself.  I reach out my hand, filled with cookies for the trolls, and open my mouth (or keyboard, as it were!).  There was an incident that warranted exactly this response on our realm forums the other day.

Like most realm forums, ours has a “progression” thread that is updated with varying regularity to inform others of the progression of the various raiding guilds on the server.  People tend to post their accomplishments in the thread so that the owner of the thread can update their progress.  Personally, I think it’s kinda neat to keep track of what people on the realm are doing, so we participate in adding our progress to the thread.

One of the more progressed alliance guilds on the server recently was able to add Hard Mode Twins to their list of achievements.  Like all of the other guilds, they went to the forums, posted their accomplishments, and moved on.  But here comes the part that pisses me off…some asshole, on a level 1 alt comes along behind them, quotes their post and then adds his own commentary of “i hear door strategy is hard lulz”.  Grrrrrrrrrr. Read the rest of this entry »