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Your Mission, Should You Choose To Accept It…   24 comments

*queues Mission Impossible theme music*

I am on a quest, for which I seek your help!  It’s actually more like two separate quests, that are in fact very different…but I still am looking for outside information!

The Quest for The Chair

It is that dreaded time again.  Yes, sadly it is again time to replace the computer chair.  My current chair has been faithful and loyal, but it is starting to grow weary and tired, and would like to go to that chair heaven in the sky (aka sitting outside with a “take me, I’m free!” sign on it).  But that leaves me with quite the predicament: finding a new chair.

I have decided that this time, I don’t want any old chair, I want nirvana.  I want to sit in my chair and I want my rearparts and lower back to sigh in relief after a weary day.  I don’t want to have to use a pillow from the sofa for lower back support.  I want it to have a wide enough seat that I can sit cross legged in the chair, which is one of my favorite ways to sit while I play.

Here are some guidelines/requirements:

  • I do not have limitations in cost, but I’m a fairly conservative spender, so I probably won’t buy a $4,000 chair.  That being said, I spend a large portion of time at my computer, and for the right chair, I will not have an issue handing over some of my hard earned cash.
  • My cover of preference is leather.  I know it doesn’t breathe well in the summer heat, but I live in Seattle where excessive heat is a fairly rare occurence.
  • I do not like the “mesh” style chairs.  I have one of those at my office at work, and I hate it.  The hard frame on the outside of the mesh is prohibitive to sitting on my feet and/or crossing my legs, and if I wear a skirt or thin pants, I end up with the mesh print on my legs/rear and after sitting for an extended period of time the mesh hurts on bare skin.  So any and all mesh chairs, regardless of their great ergonomics, are out.
  • Any kind of “microfiber” type of fabric is out.  They generate high static, and Brade actually had one of these and fried his hard drive via a static charge from his mouse as a result of the static built while he sat in the chair.  I don’t want to have to ground myself for day to day computer activity.
  • I like “big” and “cushiony” chairs.  Basically, if I could take my oversized sofa, give it good back support, and make it into an office chair, I’d be in heaven!
  • It needs to have back support.  I intend to sit in this chair for many hours each day.  I tend to suffer from a tired, sore back due largely to poor posture.  As such, I’d like a chair that will offer back support, which in turn helps correct poor posture.
  • Lastly, and this is where it probably gets tricky, I need to actually sit in the chair before I purchase it.  I live in the Seattle area, which is a very large metropolitan region, so most national chains should be within a short drive for me, I would think.  However, I’m very picky about my chairs, and just like goldilocks, it needs to feel “just right” when I plop down into it the first time.  So, I probably won’t mail order anything that I can’t test drive first!

Based on that information, does anyone have any suggestions for an office chair?!  Where would you recommend shopping to find chair nirvana?  What have been your own chair experiences?  Does anyone already have chair nirvana?!

The Quest to Build a Better Warlock

My second quest is probably much simpler in nature 🙂  I am looking for some really good warlock resources (I am already familiar with EJ, so no need to replicate that resource recommendation).  More specifically, I’m looking for some warlock blogs that touch on everything from specs to glyphs to optimal UIs to add ons to help performance.

I am aware of a few out there, but being more a healer than a warlock, I was wondering if anyone else had any suggestions for some good warlock reading that is kept up to date.  Any recommendations would be appreciated!


This message will self-destruct in 30 seconds.  *Beru runs away in slow-mo, just barely making it behind that conviently placed boulder, sheltering herself from the blast while humming the mission impossible theme song*

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Shaman SoS: Help!   21 comments

I am a pretty fail shaman.  Amongst other things, I constantly forget earthliving on my weapon…but I think I’ve gotten pretty good about keeping watershield up now!  I desperately want to unfail as a shaman, but I just am not quite sure how.  I am pretty stubborn and hard-headed at times, and generally try to figure things out on my own by researching, “reading the manual” and trial and error.  Unfortunately, these things aren’t helping me 😦

If you follow my blog, you know that my main is a fairly accomplished resto druid (Beruthiel).  What you may, or may not know, is that I also have each of the healing classes at level 80, with a Holy Paladin (Dannie), Disc Priest (Earenn) and Resto Shaman (Mynn).

It’s Mynn that we are here to talk about today (Hello, Mynn).

I leveled Mynn as pure enhance from level 1-70, and played exclusively enhance throughout TBC.   I was good at it, and I really loved it.  However, with WotLK I found that I didn’t care for the enhance changes and I decided I’d try something different and went Elemental giving her dual spec resto.  With the constant need for heals, resto became my main shaman spec quite early on in her leveling process, with Elemental becoming just a means to level.  And even now, my resto gear has so far surpassed my elemental gear that I’m not even sure why I mention she has an elemental spec.

But here is the problem:  I am not at all comfortable in my shaman skin, and feel like a failure of a resto shaman.  If mediocrity was my thing, I’d be golden.  But it’s not.  And I want to do well.

 My struggle is this: I feel that I’m a fairly competent healer, but I find that I struggle horribly with my shaman in just about most settings from 5 mans to 25s.  In 5s with a good tank, and DPS that doesn’t do too many stupid things, I am fine.  But, put me into a challenging situation (say, H HoR) with a slightly undergeared tank (say, Brade’s DK) and some DPS that doesn’t always assist and I just flail.  Give me a simple 25 man raid where there is just lots of raid damage and I can fall asleep on my chain heal button I feel OK…but put me in a 10 man, such as a TotGC where I have much more responsibility as a healer and I just feel like I can’t keep up my end of the deal.

I’ve done a decent amount of research, realized that I made some errors in my gemming/gear that I’m working towards fixing (silly shaman trying to gem like a paladin, get yourself some more haste already!).  I think I have a decent spec and viable gear, but I could be wrong, and I know that some of her pieces need upgrades (and her boots enchanted!).   Perhaps it just all comes down to that I just don’t “get” shaman healing.  I feel so clumsy and uncomfortable when I heal with her and often at a loss when it comes down to being in a pinch.  With my paladin, priest and druid everything feels so natural to me, yet my shaman feels so…forced.

The best way I think I can describe it is that with my other healers I feel that they have something they “excel” at, but my shaman truly feels like she’s a jack of all trades, and master of none.  Now from reading varying sources, I know that this isn’t necessarily true.  But for the life of me, I can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong or how to make healing on Mynn feel more natural.  Hell, I’d even settle for just being a more competent shaman healer!

So I ask you, my fellow trolls, tauren, orcs and spacegoats, what am I doing wrong?! (You will find Mynn in the normal parses, and to be slightly fair to myself both Nazyud and Virile are main healers on our progression team).  What are your secret tips and tricks in tough situations?  How do you remember to keep earthliving on your damn weapon?  (I swear, I never had trouble remembering to keep WF on them as enhance!).  Have I completely failed in my gear, gemming, glyphing choices?  I want to “get it”, I want to learn, I want to hear the wind, dammit!

Will trade the secrets of the grove for totem talk!

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To Bubble or Not To Bubble?   6 comments

After some hem and hawing, I have decided it’s time to finish out my army of healers and get Earenn up to level 80.  Why?  Well, because everyone loves healers…and I kinda want to finish out my set!  🙂  Maybe I’m also a masochist, but trying to psycho analyze me would likely take more than this one little post!  Seriously though, I really do just love healing.  I also think that knowing the strengths and weaknesses of all of the healing classes from personal experience helps me with healing assignments and working through healing issues in raids.

Anyhow, I digress!  Back to the preistess.

A little while back, I paid to dual spec her, her main spec being shadow even though I’m (truly) horrible at it.  I ultimately opted to go with a holy spec because, well…I don’t know, it seemed the right thing to do at the time and I like that little angel thingie.  Except, of course, when I’m trying to battle rez the damn priest with the friggin fail angel!  I mean, seriously?  Can’t you just cancel that damn thing so you can take your rez and I can stop waiting for it to go away?!   Oops…sorry, a little side tracked.  Back on topic! 

Where were we?  Oh, yes, my decision to go holy.  So, I have been going about my happy, holy, circle of healing, angelic way, none the wiser until I got drawn into this little bit of hilarity, and I started to wonder…did I make the right choice going Holy?  I mean…the pretty angel is cool, and circle of healing owns, but I, too, enjoy sparkly bubbles.  Then, quite inadvertently, I stumbled across this new blog, where there is a fantastic write up on discipline talents, spec-ing and glyphing (really fantastic material there if you’ve not checked it out yet!).  Wow!  Discipline looks…kinda fun, and interesting too!

Uh oh.  A decision.  And nowhere near enough information to decide!  You know…not everyone likes Baskin Robins and all of those 31 flavors!  Some people like vanilla and the simplicity that it brings!  Why, WHY, must we have all these options?!

Ok, I do like all the flavors options.  I rarely choose just vanilla.  I just hate being un-informed and wondering “what if the dark side really is better, and if they really do have cookies”.  And it’s not like there is guy behind the WoW counter with those little pink spoons going “would you like to try a sample?” so I can try it out before committing.

So who is right?! The Bubble Queen or The Crack Elves?  If you were leveling a priest that is going to heal through instances from 70 – 80, what would you do?  Laser beams and bubbles, or fantastic fail angel?

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Grid – The Final Try!   10 comments

So, I have finally caved in and decided to give Grid one last run for its money.  I have installed it, set it up, and have convinced myself to raid with it for two full weeks before making a decision on it.  Thanks to Phae and Keeva, I was able to get my raid frames set up, with a minimum amount of cursing 😉

I have installed the following modules with Grid (note: this may be incomplete, but I will double check when I get home tonight!):

  • Grid Status Lifebloom
  • Grid Corner Text
  • Grid Status HoTs
  • Grid Mana Bars
  • Grid Status Raid Debuffs
  • Grid Status Res

I took the time to get it all configured and set up, and I’ve run two raids with it so far.  One of the things that I like most about it is how it can display my HoTs right on each players frame.  One of the things that I dis-like about it is how confusing it is to get set up, and I’m still not sure I’ve got it optimized in the best way =(

As a raid leader, it’s important for me to see EVERYTHING that is going on in the fight, I did however set my poison and curse priorities over the magic and disease priorities.  I don’t know if this is the best way to monitor everything or not.   Using Grid Status Raid Debuffs, I am able to see the debuff icon in the center of the affected frame.  This is a HUGE improvement with Gridfor me, and one of the things that I didn’t like about the original GRID and kept me using a different raid frame.

I do, however, have a question for you Grid veterans!  During the Yogg-Saron fight, it is not refreshing Mind Controls once they get dispelled, so I cannot determine who has had their MC cleansed, and who is still in need of a cleanse.  Anyone have a suggestion on how to fix this?  Additionally, I added “Sara’s Blessing” to debuffs for my center (where my raid debuffs show), but I am not seeing it show up in my frames, have I done it incorrectly?

Are there any nifty Grid Modules that I am missing that you think I should pick up?  Any suggestions about settings that you might recommend?

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