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Tell Me: What Would You Like to Know?!   6 comments

One of my favorite druids is abandoning me here shortly to wear flowers around his neck and drink out of coconuts in nice, balmy 80 degree weather for a week (yes, yes I am jealous!  I admit it!  TAKE ME WITH YOU!!!).  Unfortunately, I don’t think that I’ll fit in his luggage, and thus must stay here in dreary, rainy Seattle contemplating if my lack of vitamin D has me emo enough to drown myself in Lake Washington (don’t worry!  I’m not that sun deprived yet!).  However, during his absence I told him that I’d do a few guest posts for him…and have also managed to sucker in two of my other favorite characters into the fray as well.  Now, I gave these two comedians a topic and told them to make it fun.  I’m curious to see what their combined creativity comes up with! 🙂  (And you should be too!).

But, that got me thinking, well…if someone (read: ME!!!) gave them an idea of what to write, why can’t someone do the same for me too!  Although, I am admittedly not as entertaining as the two of them…so results may vary 😉

I do have a topic or two up my sleeve for my stint as a guest poster for Virile, but I thought it might be fun to take suggestions for topics as well and see where they send me.  (And even if they don’t make it up during Virile’s tropic getaway [still jealous, btw!], you never know what you might find here one day!).

Topics aren’t limited in scope, and suggestions can be from anything fun and goofy to something more serious.  But now is your chance!  If you ever wondered “I wonder what Beru would say about…”, now is the time to take advantage.

So, without further ado, tell me what you’d like to know!