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On Limited Attempts (or lack thereof!)   15 comments

Just last night, after a night’s worth of work on BQL, I turned and looked at Brade and asked “do you think we will get more than 20 attempts this week?”.  His response was that he felt it was unlikely.  I tended to agree with him.  However, when I woke up this morning, and began poking about in my usual morning routine, I saw it screamed from a number of places:  Limited Attempts on Normal Mode ICC bosses have been removed.

I will get to my thoughts on their removal in a minute, but before I did that I wanted to point out a comment from the blue post that I find intriguing:  ” especially since the Heroic difficulty has been unlocked by a significant number of raids.”  Why do I find this intriguing?  Because the last time I checked 25 man progress, only somewhere around 15 guilds in the world had killed The Lich King.  I’m sure that number is higher in 10 mans, artificially inflated by the swarm of 25 man guilds that ran multiples of 10 mans, on mains and alts, to get practice in for their 25 mans; but I doubt the number is much higher if you look at the strict 10 man progress. 

I guess what baffles me is that Blizzard apparently considers 15 guilds a “significant number”.  Actually, my guess is that they don’t really consider that number to be significant at all and would have preferred to keep the limited attempts much longer.  My guess is that they had an issue having the attempt counter differentiate between normal and hard mode attempts, and it wasn’t “working as intended” which would cause issues for guilds that wanted to work hard modes, and clear the zone each week.  Ultimately, I think the limited attempts were removed because of a programming problem that Blizzard couldn’t resolve, or perhaps thought they had more time to resolve.  Again, this is just my speculation going here, so don’t take anything for gospel!  It’s just what I think.

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Healing Valithria Dreamwalker as a Resto Druid   15 comments

(aka yes, you can be competitive with your paladins!)

Last night we knocked out Valithria in our 25 man.  We had an inordinately large amount of trouble with this encounter, for reasons I’m not sure I quite understand yet, but in the end we found a method that worked for us and got the job done 🙂  I will try to get at least some form of a parse up for you all to view, I had wanted to do so with this post, but the problem I have is that because I went down into the portals, every time I took a portal and came back it records as a fresh parse in WoL, which means that for the night it will look like we wiped 200 times!  (does anyone know how to fix this?).

However, I did want to get out a few tips that I found were very helpful for me last night in hopes that those working on the encounter will find them useful!  I also want to say that you should not let your raid tell you that you are not a good healer for the dragon on this fight, because that is just bollocks!  I was extremely competitive with every healer that went down into the portals, and I almost always topped their healing. Read the rest of this entry »

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Getting GRID Ready for ICC’s Frostwing Halls   12 comments

The newest wing of ICC releases today, and with it the healing fight!  Woooooooooo!  Eat your heart out DPS, a fight that is finally NOT about you!  Needless to say, I am really looking forward to it 🙂

As always, In my efforts to prepare for the new encounters, I will again be adding buffs and debuffs to Grid that I think will help me on my way.  Please keep in mind that this is all speculative at this time, so you should be flexible and amenable to making changes to your raid frames as you learn new things about the encounters. I will try to update mine as I experience the encounters and have feedback to add. (Again, I’d like to refer you to Kae’s excellent walkthrough on adding debuffs to GRID, if you need assistance with adding debuffs).  Also please keep in mind these are largely healer-centric!

Valithria Dreamwalker – Because this fight is very healer-centric, there isn’t a whole lot going on that needs to be cleansed, cured, etc.  But I did come across a few things that you may want to consider adding in.

  • Emerald Force – This one is probably more important for raid leaders to know about.  This one may also be a “buff” and not a “debuff”.  This is what your healers will receive in the emerald dream phase (after taking the portal).  They will get it from breaking the clouds.  It allows them to regenerate 200 mana every 3 seconds, increases their damage done by 10% and increases their healing done by 10%.  It will stack up to 20 times and lasts for 35 seconds.
  • Corrosion – This is going to be a DoT that is caused by the blistering zombies.  Those affected will suffer 2500 nature damage every 3 seconds and their armor will be reduced by 10%.  This can stack up on a player up to 5 times!  I suspect that it will be cleansable, but I am not certain.  Either way, we need to be aware of it!
  • Lay Waste – This will be caused by the blazing skeletons, if they are not killed quickly enough, and I’m not entirely certain that it is a debuff that can be tracked at all.  However, it does significant damage (~6k every 2 seconds for 12 seconds).  I believe that it is going to be a buff that the actual mob receives.
  • Gut Spray – This is a nasty debuff given by the Gluttonous Abominations.  It is a conal effect that will cause ~3k nature damage every 3 seconds and increases physical damage taken by 25% for 12 seconds.  This should be a debuff that is only on your tanks, and will be something that their healers need to be aware of dealing with.  However…with beacons from paladins healing Valithria, it likely going to be a non-issue while those healers are active and not in the emerald dream.
  • Acid Burst – Simalarly to Lay Waster, I am not sure if this is something that is going to be trackable.  This is caused by the Blistering Zombies, and it happens when they blow up.  It will cause ~15k nature damage on the explosion, and will cause ~1k a tick per second for everyone within 15 yards.

Sindragosa – The queen of the frost worms….and does she ever look like a lot of fun!  Similar to Saph, Sindragosa is going to have a raid wide aura that will tick for ~4500 damage every 3 seconds.  And druids of the world rejoiced!

  • Frost Breath (?) – This is a conal ability done by Sindragosa to your tanks (or anyone foolish enough to be in front of her!).  It causes 37k-43k frost damage and reduces movement speed by 15% and attack speed by 50%.  It may stack.  It is important for healers to know if a tank is affected by this, and which tank has it (if you decided to two tank her).
  • Chilled to the Bone – Physical dps will be affected by “Permeating Chill” which gives their melee attacks a 20% chance to cause this debuff.  While they are chilled to the bone, they will receive 1k damage every two seconds for 8 seconds.  This debuff will stack, so after they receive say 4 or 5 stacks, they will need to stop DPS and let their stacks reset!
  • Unchained Magic (?) – This causes the ranged DPS to have their spells “backlash” with instability after 8 seconds causing 2k arcane damage to the caster.  Casting multiple spells while the debuff is active will cause multiple backlashes!
  • Backlash (?) –  While I think it is OK to just track chilled to the bone for the melee and not the permeating chill itself, the mechanics of the caster debuff seem to favor knowing when someone has unchained magic, as opposed to backlash.  But I am not positive on that, and I am also not positive that backlash will show in GRID.  I will probably add both my first night looking at her, and then remove what I feel is not needed. 
  • Frost Beacon – This will be important for the entire raid to know!  This will mark 5 players with the beacon and after 7 seconds they will be Ice Tombed (and everyone else needs to be away from them!).
  • Ice Tomb – This will cause ~16k frost damage to the target, and while they are imprisioned they will suffer 8% of their maximum health via “asphyxiation”.  Help!  Need heals!
  • Asphyxiation (?) – I think probably just knowing who is in the Ice Tomb will be sufficient for knowing who is asphyxiated, but this will likely also be an option of debuffs to track!
  • Mystic Buffet (?) – this is a phase 3 ability of Sindragosa’s that is applied to all players within line of sight of Sindragosa every 5 seconds.  Healers and raid leaders may want to track this to see how many stacks people have to determine who is going to need a little extra heal love, and who needs to go stand behind an ice tomb to drop their stacks.

When I have an extra minute or two, I will see what I can dig up in the extremely limited information available for The Lich King, and give my best guess as to what we will need to know for that fight!

I will adjust these after I have had some experience with the fight, and know more about what works and what doesn’t!  And as always, any feedback that you might have from your experiences is helpful, and I will add updates on things that you find.

Good Luck and Have Fun!

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Getting Grid Ready for ICC’s Crimson Hall   8 comments

Good News Everyone!  The content is flowing again!

Ice Crown’s new wing, the Crimson Hall, will be opening and available on Tuesday, January 19.  I have decided to call this “Twilight”, because clearly there aren’t enough vampire things going on these days and those BELF guys are hot in their dresses!  ahem  In my efforts to prepare for the new encounters, I will again be adding buffs and debuffs to Grid that I think will help me on my way.  Like always, this is all speculative at this time, so you should be flexible and amenable to making changes to your raid frames as you learn new things about the encounters.  I will try to update mine as I experience the encounters and have feedback to add.  (Again, I’d like to refer you to Kae’s excellent walkthrough on adding debuffs to GRID, if you need assistance with adding debuffs).  Also please keep in mind these are largely healer-centric!

The new wing consists of two new encounters:  The Blood Prince Council and Blood Queen Lana’thel.  Here is what I will be on the lookout for during these fights!

The Blood Prince Council – There is very, very little information about this encounter currently available outside of spell abilities.  I have taken my best guess at what healers are going to need to take special note of, but it is likely that after a night with these three gents I will learn there is much more to be added!

  • Shadow Resonance (?) – If I understand the debuff correctly, it will be from the Dark Nucleus and cause the nearest target to suffer extra damage until the Dark Nucleus has dissipated.  I believe it will be for 6 seconds, but I am not positive.
  • Shadow Prison – The player that is caught in this will take some initial damage, but will then take additional damage for each second that they move.  Standing still for 10 seconds will reset the stack for them.  Therefore, I think it is going to be important to know who has this, as it seems they will need some extra heals!
  • Glittering Sparks (?) – I’m not sure if this one will be worth tracking, or if this will even be the name of the debuff.  I have added it here, though, because those hit will take extra damage (I think) and will have their movement speed reduced for 8 seconds.  They may, or may not, be in need of extra healing.

Blood Queen Lana’thel – I am more confident in these abilities, but I am sure that there will be changes as I learn more!

  • Swarming Shadows – This will be an effect very similar to the fire on Lord Jarraxxus, where it will target one person and then they will make a trail behind them.  This will cause ~2500 damage every two seconds to the target and will leave a trail that will cause damage to those that cross it.
  • Pact of the Bloodfallen/Darkfallen – She will cast this on multiple members of your raid and link them together.  While the members are spread out, they will take ~5k damage every 2 seconds.  Once they are withing 5 yards of each other the debuff will fade.  Think of it as a reverse Mother Sharaz, if you will.  However, while they are spread out, the will need some serious heals!
  • Frenzied Bloodthirst – This isn’t so much a “healing” debuff as a “need to know” debuff.  A raid member will get this debuff and must go “bite” one of their party members to satiate their desires.  Failing to do so within 15 seconds will cause them to become mind controlled.
  • Essence of the Blood Queen – This may be a buff or a debuff.  Those effected with it will have increased damage (by 100%!) and will be healed for 15% of the damage inflicted.  Additionally, their attacks will not cause threat while they have the buff.
  • Shroud of Sorrow (?) – This will be an aura and I am not sure if it comes from the boss or is cast on a member of your raid.  However, it will cause ~4500 shadow damage every 3 seconds to those nearby.  This leads me to believe that it will be placed on a raid member.
  • Vampiric Bite (?) – I do not know if this one will register or not.  When a member gets “bitten” they will suffer ~15k damage and gain Essence of the Vampire Queen/Essence of the Blood Queen.

Remember, stay flexible!  Please let me know if you find any changes or things that I need to add that I may not catch. 

Good Luck and Have Fun!

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*Boggle*   20 comments

It’s not often that I have an entire post writen in my head as I drive to work.  But the topic of this post has been gnawing at me since last night, ever since I stepped foot into the Plagueworks.  We ran 10s last night, being an off night.  We manage two field two strong groups for the zone.  The goal: learn everything we can about the 3 new bosses to prepare ourselves for the 25.

I had three reactions to the new content: Confusion, Frustration and Happiness.

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Getting GRID Ready for Icecrown’s Plagueworks   9 comments

We were told 28 days.  That is how long it was going to take that single engineer to bust down the door into the plaugeworks.  Now, that same gentleman still tells us it will be 28 days…but making the assumption it was 28 days from that first week, I want to be ready for the Plagueworks!  I’m not sure what GridStatusRaidDebuff has updated up to this point for Ice Crown, but in the sake of always being prepared I thought I’d share which debuffs I’m going to be on the lookout for come tomorrow!

As always, these are all speculative, and I will update them as I have experiences myself with the encounters and I am open to adding in things I missed, but you found! (Again, I’d like to refer you to Kae’s excellent walkthrough on adding debuffs to GRID, if you need assistance with adding debuffs).  Also, please keep in mind, these are healer-centric!


  • Mutated Infection – This will be the most important debuff to add for this fight!  It will inflict ~4k damage every second for 12 seconds and reduces healing by 50%.  Not only will healers need to give the infected person some extra attention, but those that can cleanse disease will need to be able to follow that target and cleanse them once they are in the designated “ooze area”.
  • Sticky Ooze (?) – I’m not 100% sure about if this can/will be shown as a debuff.  But in reading the abilities in the encounter, it’s one that as both a raid leader and healer I want to be aware who has it.  The debuff itself will inflict ~3k damage every second and will decrease movement speed by 50%.


  • Vile Gas and Vile Plague – These will be important to note for everyone in the raid, as raid members will need to move away from anyone infected with vile gas/vile plague.  Healers will need to know who is infected as it will cause the target ~5k shadow damage every 2 seconds for 6 seconds.  If anyone is nearby the person infected it will also cause ~4k damage to those close.
  • Gastric Bloat – This will be a debuff that stacks on the tanks.  It will be important to note, because we cannot have a tank hit 10 debuffs or it will cause “Gastric Explosion”.  What is also important to note about this debuff is that it will inflict significant (~15k?) damage to the tank.  It is also important to note that as the stacks of gastric bloat increase, damage done by tank increases by 10% per stack.  I mention it because once a tank reaches 9 stacks, they will have to make a concerted effort to stop building threat, so they don’t overtake the new tank.
  • Inoculated – As a raid leader this will be the most important debuff to be aware of, as any players that are not properly inoculated will meet their untimely demise when the blight hits.  This debuff stacks 3 times, and anyone with fewer than 3 stacks of inoculated will take fairly hefty damage during blight.
  • Gas Spore – This will be important for everyone in the raid to know, as they will need to move to this person to become infected with “Blighted Spores” in order to become inoculated.  Additionally, it will deal ~2k shadow damage.  I would prioritize this over inoculated debuffs.
  • Blighted Spores – Healers will need to be aware of who has blighted spores as they will take ~2k shadow damage every second for 6 seconds.  Everyone in the raid will have this debuff as they become inoculated, so it appears that there will be some heavy raid healing involved.  Those that survive will become inoculated.  I would prioritize this over the inoculated debuffs.

Putricide  – It should be noted that I am less sure about these debuffs than the others.  This is largely because this content was mostly untested on the PTR due to various bugs.  As such, please make sure to note what you are or are not seeing and make adjustments as needed!

  • Mutated Abomination(?)/Mutated Transformation(?) – I am not sure which debuff will show, but you will want to know who has drunk the potion and has become an abomination for a number of reasons.  At some point, it is likely that the party occupying an abomination will need to be freed via a disease cleanse.  But, more importantly, abominations will cause ~4.5 damage to all nearby players.
  • Gaseous Bloat – This will be placed on players that are targeted by Gas Clouds.  The player will start with 10 stacks of this debuffs and will take damage every 2 seconds.  It will be very important to keep them alive!  It will be equally important for that player to move away from the gas clouds.
  • Volatile Ooze Adhesive (?) – I’m not positive how this debuff will be listed, but I think this will be it.  This will indicate the target that has been selected by the volatile ooze, and will be stuck to the ground.  The party with the debuff take ~6k damage PER SECOND.  Additionally, if the ooze is not killed by the time it reaches the target, there will be ~170k damage split between all players withing 10 yards.
  • Gas Variable (?) and Ooze Variable (?) – I saw these listed in one of the few write-ups that I found as possible debuffs.  Unfortunately, this is all the information I have on them right now.
  • Choking Gas (?) – I believe this will be the debuff that is applied if someone gets hit with a Choking Gas Bomb.  It will reduce the player’s chance to hit by 75%.  More importantly, if someone has the debuff, it is likely they got hit with the bomb and took ~16k damage.

As always with new content, be flexible!  Good Luck and Have Fun!

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Friday Fun!   4 comments

Ok, I don’t have a lick of my christmas shopping done.  It’s not for a lack of effort though!  It’s because CERTAIN PEOPLE *GLARE*, you know who you are, won’t provide me with 1) a list or 2) any form of an idea if what they’d like.  At this rate, I’m gonna just go get myself something really nice and a bunch of lumps of coal to pass out.  Yea…that’s the ticket!  I’M GOING TO GO TO THE SPA WITH MY CHRISTMAS BUDGET AND YOUR LUMP OF COAL!

Anyhow…back to WoW related topics!

I managed to snag up an Ephemeral Snowflake for Beru last night.  This little beauty is going to be due for a nerf I would bet 🙂  Why, you ask?  Because on a druid it ticks 0ff of every HoT tick, and ends up being somewhere along the lines of 600 MP5.  (HAH!  Nerf hit: “Snowflake now has a very short cooldown to prevent it from restoring inappropriately large amounts of mana”).  While I won’t give up either of my two current trinkets for it, I do believe that it will have some situational use on fights that are very mana demanding.  It drops from the second boss in the Halls of Reflection, so go snag one up if you haven’t yet!

I gave the Glyph of Rapid Rejuvenation a spin in our TotGC last night.  I put it in for Jarraxus, with the thought that it would be quite helpful for Incinerate Flesh.  This, in fact, did turn out to be true, people’s debuff came off much quicker than normal and my healing for the fight from the parses was insane.  But I learned something about this glyph: it will kill your mana.  Last night my rejuvs were anywhere from 9-12 seconds in duration using the glyph.  I forgot to swap it out before faction champs, so I had it on for that as well…which actually might have been a good thing.  After using it in a raid setting, I think I’m going to say that for a 25 man raider, it will definitely be situational, and only good in certain niches.  I am going to toy with it in the 5 mans…when I can remember to swap it out!

I am trucking along with Beru, pugging my way to Perky.  I learned last night that if you PuG with 50 random people, you get the title “The Patient”.  This title cracks me up.  I will have to opt to be Beruthiel the Patient in our raids…to remind myself what I am supposed to be!

I have also decided that I’d like to do the Quel’Delar quest line.  I think it would be fairly fucked up for me to do it on Beru, as that would mean that I would mostly likely be taking a hilt from a PuG with me having a legendary in my weapon slot, so I will hope that I can nab it on her in an all guild/main run where no one needs it.  In the interim I think I will try to get a hilt for my priest 🙂

I took a chance last night, and joined the PuG queue to heal the first of the new heroics on my priest.  It felt a bit more hectic that Beru.  Granted, Beru is much better geared…but with my disc. spec on the priest I sometimes found myself struggling to keep everyone’s health in order.  I don’t know if that’s because I haven’t played the priest for a little while, or if it’s because I’m a spoiled rotten druid that rarely sweats group damage in a 5 man.  I didn’t finish the instance, but not without a little elbow grease being expunged!

I also just now remembered that I wanted to share the front page post on the Monolith Front Page from our 5 year anniversay that Brade and I put together (you will now have to scroll down past the ICC update, but it’s still there on the front page).  I am fairly proud of how it turned out…I’ve just forgotten to advise everyone to go take a look at it.  🙂

In addition to all this new patch WoW fun, I am also currently finishing up the final book in the Codex Alera series by Jim Butcher.  It is a really tasty read, and I would recommend the entire series to anyone!  I am amazed at how well the protagonist in this book is developed and the story just flows, it’s probably one of the best things I’ve read this year.

How about you?!  Read anything good lately?  Got your holiday shopping done?  Still enjoying 3.3?

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