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A Day in the Life of a Raid Leader Learning Heroic Rag   4 comments

So one of my guildmates found the following comic over at Dark Legacy Comics yesterday and joked that “today’s comic was you, Beru”.  So I went over to have a look at it.  And do you know what?  It is a pretty accurate representation of the progression of my emotions as we go through our Heroic Rag raid nights!  Enjoy!

If you enjoyed the comic, I encourage you to go and check out their other comics and leave feedback!

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Moonkin Brade is ANGRY!   4 comments

So, Brade has been spending roughly half of his raid time lately as a moonkin. His feral heart bleeds. In fact, I was able to capture him in his feral habitat unnoticed one evening as he was ranting about how those scratchy chicken feathers give him a rash!

However, don’t fear for me, because the drama llama stepped in to soothe his angst!

It’s a good thing I had flight form to get to safety! 🙂

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A Day At The Zoo   6 comments

For my birthday, Brade bought me a new camera.  Since he’s very much “it’s your day”, I got to pick all of the activities that we did, and I thought we’d test out camera today at the zoo.  The trip was actually inspired by a guildmate who had recently gone to her local zoo and was very excited about it.  Since we had some time off to celebrate my birthday, and I’d never been, we decided we’d check out the Woodlands Park Zoo.  It turned out to be a ton of fun.  The day was beautiful, and we spent over five hours walking around and enjoying all of the exhibits. I even got to feed a giraffe!  Sadly, however, I learned that the life on my camera battery is about 4 hours, and so I missed some really great stuff at the end of our trip.  I’ll have to remember to get it next time!

Anyhow, since it was so much fun, and I took a ton of pictures, I thought I’d share a few of my favorites (you can find them after the page break).  If you’d like to see them all you can view them here – just note that some are better than others as I learn to use my new toy 🙂  Read the rest of this entry »

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Monday Musings – A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words Edition   9 comments

As the title hints, today’s musings are going to be somewhat picture oriented.  Partly because I’m in a picture sort of mood, but mostly because I had all these screenshots lying about for a post, and instead of making a million posts, I figured I could wrap them all up into one 🙂

On Raiding

Many things have happened since we spoke last week!  First and foremost being that we had extra time in our raid week this week to finish up the last of the achievements that most folks needed for the Glory of the Cataclysm Raider meta.  We still have a few more to trudge through for folks, but the majority of our raid team walked out Wednesday Night looking a bit like this:

Glory of the Cataclysm Raider

We also found the time this week, after several sub-10% wipes, to knock out heroic Rhyolith.  In fact, we went in last night and nailed it so quickly that I regretted our “warm up” on Beth’tilac, as it meant that we didn’t get the opportunity to start Hard Mode work with her.  So it goes!  Gives us a full raid night to circle back for some of the last few achievements folks need for the T11 meta  – and I’m OK with that!  Oh, and here’s the video of our kill.  I may or may not have used Walk This Way as the music for it.  Don’t judge!  I found it hilarious.

I have spent enough time with the encounter in learning it that I feel comfortable enough to go ahead and work on a video guide for the fight, so you should see that here in the near-ish future.

Heroic Rhyolith Video (guide incoming soon!)

Oh, and before I forget.  Guess who got the fire kitty staff from Fandral last night?  That’s right!  THIS TREE!

Fire Kitty!
Fire Kitty

On Dailys 

I’m still trudging through my dailys each day.  I can’t say that I’m overly thrilled by them, but I will tell you that the other night when I opened up the Druid of the Talon dailys Brade and I had a good bit of fun doing the achievements together.  The kicker of this whole daily mess is that I don’t need anything from them.  But being the pet collector and odd, fun thing fanatic that I am, I find myself obligated to trudge through them to get my toys.  Although I have yet to expand past doing them on anyone but Beru.

Speaking of dailys.  Guess who I found in my Setheria’s roost quest group the other day?  None other than EJ’s Gurgthock himself.  When I noticed I hollered “OMG I HAVE GURGTHOCK” to Brade – and then we both took a few minutes to explore his extremely creative attire while having a good laugh over the whole thing.

I wonder who his tailor is.

Meeting Gurgthock

On My Hands

They are still bothering me quite a bit, sadly.  I’ve been back to the doctor about it again, and they ran blood work for Rheumatoid Arthritis.  I haven’t received the results from those tests yet (someone remind me to call the damn doctor and find out what is taking so long), but I remain on the quest to improve the pain on my own.  You all may recall that I purchased a new chair awhile back – and it’s wonderful.  I absolutely love it.  And while it did solve some of my posture and back pain from extended time spent in the chair, it did not, unfortunately, alleviate all of my hand pain.

And so I continue to make improvements to my home office to try and help.  This past weekend I altered to top of my desk so that I could attach a keyboard tray.  While I know that it’s better ergonomically for me, the jury will remain out on if it makes it less painful for my hands.  I am truly at the point that I’ll try almost anything if I think it will help.

On Non-WoW Activities

I am going to tell you all something that may make you think less of me.  Brace yourselves.

I am completely, 100%, addicted to The Glee Project on Oxygen.  I’ve always been a Glee fan, but I am seriously loving this show, I can’t even tell you.  I have my favorites and my least favorites.  And every week I cross my fingers that my favorites don’t get selected to be removed.  It’s silly, I know, but it’s a lot of fun and a good way to wind down after a long night of Sunday raiding!

Non-Glee related, I am still working through the first Song of Fire and Ice book.  I think I’m about half way through and I’m enjoying it quite a bit.  Even though I watched the HBO series and know what’s going to happen, I still find that the author’s writing is page turning and at times I have a bit of a hard time putting the book down.

And because I can, have a cute picture of my dog.

How was your week?

Mini-Me You Spoiled It!   2 comments


I recently decided that I was going to push my second druid, Elentari, to 85.  She used to be my “mini-me”, before Beru became a troll.  Now, however, she is  my swift flying, fast herbin’ tauren druid.  I have learned a few things while I have been leveling her – such as if you wear all of your heirloom gear through level 81 you cannot queue into the LFD becuase your iLevel is pitiful and you must visit the Auction House to put yourself in order.  Through use of said LFD, I have also reconfirmed (again) that some people completely subscribe to the internet fuckwad theory.

But that’s not what I wanted to talk about – let’s get back on track, shall we?

As you may recall, I have been working my way through the Warcraft novels, and I’ve recently just started the third book in The War of the Ancients Trilogy.  The battle with the Burning Legion is still raging, Illidan just had his eyes burned out by Sargeas, Tyrande is being held hostage and Malfurion is becoming a bad ass.  I also just met Maiev Shadowsong, and it took me practically being beat over the head to realize that Jarod Shadowsong was her brother (never put two and two together!), but I did figure out what her role will be with regards to Illidan without much trouble.

As I’ve been reading, I’ve also been questing in Hyjal with my mini-me.  Now, this will be my third trip through Hyjal but I never really gave the quest lore that much thought on any of my other trips.  So here I am putzing around Hyjal – and to be honest, it’s almost like I am doing it for the first time with the new in depth lore knowledge I have acquired.  Which is actually pretty neat.  I’ve really enjoyed this trip through Hyjal.

As you may know if you’ve quested through the zone, I am tasked with asking the ancients to help in our fight.  And one of those ancients is Aviana.  Of course, I’ve just recently met Aviana in my reading, when Krasus and Malfurion take a visit to her.  So imagine my surprise when I open up one of the quest givers and she asks me if I’d like to learn more about Aviana.

Hell yes I would!

So I enthusiastically click the option to educate myself – and I learn a few things:

  • Aviana fought valiantly in the War of the Ancients, against the burning legion.
  • Aviana died in that battle, overcome and unable to continue her defense.
  • Rumor has it that Aviana’s blood even fought as she died – casting itself on the legion and destroying anything that came into contact with it.

Which is great!  Right?

Except, it’s not!  Because Aviana/Cenarius/etc haven’t joined the battle in the book yet!  So now I not only know that they will be fighting against the legion – but that Aviana will die in that battle.  WAY TO SPOILER YOUR BOOK BERU!  /facepalm

But it gets better!  Oh yes!  As my mini-me continues through the quest lines (I stopped clicking optional “information”), I am tasked with freeing Jarod Shadowsong (to which I went, out loud mind you, “wtf, he’s 10,000 years old!).  I am advised that Jarod was instrumental in convincing the ancients to fight alongside the elves – and not only that, but that the ancients had so much reverence for his command, that they permitted themselves to be commanded by him throughout the battle.

Now, I pretty much knew that Jarod was going to be an important figure as the fight progressed because I had just read about how he was able to convince the tauren and dwarves to help the fledgling night elf lines in one part of the battle, and how he could see things in battle to which that priss Stareye was completely oblivious.  So I knew he was destined for greatness.  But I didn’t know just what he was going to be able to accomplish.  Not until Mini-me had to go and ruin it for me.



(really, though, I’m enjoying both the books and leveling mini-me quite a bit.  I was just highly amused at inadvertently spoiling myself and then pretty much facepalming myself in real life at the situation!)

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Fin. (mostly!)   18 comments

Seven days.

That is how long I have spent in the world of boxes, bubble wrap and packing tape.  Somehow we have managed to unpack every last box – a true feat considering that the last time we moved it took my mother coming to visit, over a year after we moved, for me to finish unpacking the last few boxes.  Yet every box is empty.  Save the one in the closet with the random old computer bits and pieces that we looked at and went “this box is perfect for storage!”, and then promptly shoved into the closet.

Since I shared my painting experiences, I thought that perhaps I’d also share the completely finished products 🙂

The Red Wall

I am still absolutely in love with this wall.  In fact, this room has easily become my favorite room.  It really did turn out very well, I think.  I’m still debating if I want to put something on the top of that cabinet or not, as I’m not entirely certain if it will detract or clutter the picture.  (Please forgive the grainy picture – iPhone + dark room doesn’t mesh well, and a new digital camera is still on my “wish list”.)

The Yellow Wall

This wall has grown on me quite a bit now that the room is filled with our office equipment. I am quite pleased with it, my only gripe are the ugly wires coming down the wall where we mounted the television. I intend to put some sort of decorative foliage there – if I could only find something that I like.

The Table

We did search a bit for a table, and opted to nab one at Ikea. You see, having our office in what was officially our “dining room” and eating at our computers for the past four years left some doubts about our ability to sit down and enjoy dinner properly. As such, we opted for a more economical option to see if we will make use of it (as something other than a catch all) before “upgrading” to something a little fancier. I’m fairly pleased with how it turned out, and I’m proud to say that we had our first meal at said table this evening! 🙂


That will conclude Beru’s version of whatever the TLC home decoration show du jour currently is – and we will now be returning back to WoW 😉

On that front…I captured some video of our last heroic Al’Akir kill that I am working on putting together for a video guide.  Sadly, I didn’t have any clutch cat sprint squall line dodging this go, but I’ll be sure to add in some tips and tricks in the commentary!

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Paint!   8 comments

One of the things that we are doing to the new place is adding a little of “our” flavor by painting some of the walls. I spent pretty much all day yesterday painting, and I have to tell you – it’s hard work! I ache pretty much everywhere and have a blister on my right hand! But the finished results are really good – so it was worth it 🙂 Since I talked about the colors some on Twitter back when I was picking them out, I thought I’d go ahead and post up a few quick pictures that I took with my phone yesterday once we were finished.

The first wall here is in the main room. I’ve got a beautiful copy of Jack Vettriano’s The Singing Butler that I’m going to put on this wall. The red in the dress is about the same color as the wall, and I think it will play very well with the wall. I was nervous about this bold choice in color at first, but I fell in love with it after just the first coat of paint (and it took three coats to even it out!).

p.s. ignore the bracket for the TV that was in the middle of installation over the fireplace!

The second wall is in what will be our “office”. Our desks and the treadmill will be in this room, and I’ve yet to decide 100% how I feel about the yellow, or what I’m going to place on the wall (if anything). It’s not bad, it’s just very – yellow. It’s been darkening as it dries, so I’m hoping when I go over today it will have darkened up a little bit more. It doesn’t have near the light of the first room, so we definitely needed a lighter color in the room, but I’ll have to see how the wall dried completely before deciding if I’m in love with it yet 🙂

Anyhow, that is what I was up to all day yesterday! There will be purchasing of bubble wrap and shopping for a dining table today. By the way – exactly where does one go to shop for a dining table?

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Sometimes It’s The Little Things   2 comments

I don’t think that it is unusual to have periods where you are frustrated with your guild.  In fact, I’d probably say that if you don’t experience these times you are probably living in denial of said frustration!  I think that frustrations have possibly run higher than usual in this tier of content: it’s a huge step up in difficulty, the hard modes are fairly unforgiving, and there is a lot of content to push through – which can be somewhat overwhelming.

I am likely not alone when I admit there are nights where I want to strangle my raid team.  Or when I admit that there are nights when I feel like I am perpetually giving my monitor the finger.   But I recognize that often times it’s so easy to focus on everything that is going “wrong” and forget to give equal attention to all of the things that are going “right”.  And often times it’s the little things that you forget to appreciate and notice.

Last night I had one of those moments where it was the little things that reminded me why I love my guild.

We’ve had a pretty good raid week the past couple of weeks.  We’ve cleared most of the content pretty efficiently, and have started working on Heroic Nef.  Last night we cleared just about all of the content we had left – and still had almost two hours of raid time.  So we decided to go ahead and head down and poke and Nef a little bit more – with some very specific goals on where we wanted to focus our time and improvements.  We took about 5 or 6 pulls, and in that short amount of time we made what I feel was some pretty significant progress on the encounter. 

But that isn’t the small thing that really made my night.

I mean, progress is always awesome.  But it’s also what I go into every raid expecting.  Rather it was what we did in the last 30 minutes of the raid that really made me appreciate some of the little things.  We decided after a bit of wiping on Nef that it might be good fun to go and tear up Stormwind a little bit (and idea I got from someone on Twitter).  Now, we’ve done other “fun” things to try and shake up the raid and engage people – and these activities are met with differing levels of excitement by the raid.  Some people love them, some not so much.

So when we announced that we would be heading to SW for the last 20 minutes or so of our raid, I had expected a few people to grumble or comment on how it was a waste of our time and ask if they could head out early.  Only that didn’t happen.  Not even close

What did happen was people seemed to get…excited.  We had people go fetch their PvP gear and vent got very chatty.  Several people asked if I would be FRAPing the run to put up on the website, and started offering suggestions for the music for the video clip.  We chuckled as we all tried to navigate the new and improved Stormwind (I’ve got to say – Garrosh hired the better interior decorator).  Even after we went in to meet with Mr. Wrynn – and were greeted by at least 100 Alliance and had our collective asses handed to us, people continued to enjoy the experience. 

There was much laughter as we watched an achievement for killing 2500 alliance in a capital city scroll across our screens – and even more laughter by those who hung around Org once we returned to our home town as we watched the alliance attempt to retaliate.

The simple fact that no one complained about our adventure, and that everyone truly seemed to have fun really just made my night.  I didn’t have to feel guilty about making a bad call.  I didn’t have to worry if someone was unhappy that we didn’t spend those last 20 minutes on another two Nef pulls.  And in all honesty – I think the kick back and opportunity to blow off some steam was good for everyone.

Sometimes the little things can really have a lot more value than the big ones.

Sometimes it’s hard to remember to appreciate all of the little things – but it is important to remember them!  What little things have impacted you?

Off Topic: More Fun With Photoshop   1 comment

I had an exceptionally bad evening last night.  As I came down from my frustration, anger and rage (with the help of a guildmate who really put things into place for me) – I was in serious need of a happy.  So I remembered the Bogart in the Harry Potter books – and how you used the Riddikulus spell to battle them by turning them into something funny and laughing your fears away.  I decided that if it worked for Harry Potter, it could damn well work for me!

Here are the results:




I’m not entirely sure how it worked, as Conclave isn’t quite banished. But I can tell you that it relaxed me and brought a smile to my face 🙂 I hope you find them as silly as I did!

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Monday Musings: Brain Dump Edition.   6 comments

Last week I had the luxury of being a complete and total bum.  That is to say that I took vacation time with the sole purpose of pretty much doing, well, nothing.  Ok, that’s not entirely true.  I had wanted to get old update posts hosted on a different web host transferred over to the new host before the paid time expired on the old host.  However, my laziness won out and that task totally did not happen.

Sometimes you just need a week of lazy.  But lazy or not, the world (of warcraft) still turns.  And things must go on.  So in order to get back into the swing of things, I thought I should go ahead and let everything that has been gathering in my brain for the past week air out, so that I can perhaps get some fresh thoughts in the old belfry.

On Raiding

We have started work on our 6th hard mode: Conclave of Wind.  We spent about 3.5 hours with it last night, trying to work through the kinks and really with a few tweaks I think we should net a kill fairly soon.  We had the basic issues that everyone has with Rohash’s platform – but as people got more comfortable with it the mistakes slowed down.  We didn’t really have issues with surviving the ultimates – and generally had both Rohash and Anshal down to ~30% before entering the second ultimate.

Really, the only bad thing about the encounter, in my opinion, is that it is very reminiscent of Vaelstraz in the wipe/run back repeat approach.  When first learning the fight, you tend to wipe very early into it…repeatedly.  With there being no trash to clear, and the wipes coming very close together, this means that you have wipes in very quick succession while trying to work through all of the mechanics/kinks.  That in and of itself is one of the challenges in the encounter to my mind.  It’s hard to keep people fresh and on their toes for wipe after wipe, with little or no reprieve in-between.

It’s my hope that we can shore up this encounter and net a kill tonight so we can start a new hard mode next week – but it may take us another night or two to work through everything.

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