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Time and Ten Mans   3 comments

Caveat: This isn’t particularly the informative post that I originally thought it would be.  To be honest, after re-reading it, it’s little more than a glorified whine session.  However, clearly it was something I needed to get off my chest, so there you have it.  If you aren’t in the mood for some QQ, move on and come back tomorrow for something useful.  If you feel like a good rant…or playing Dr. Phil, please read on! 😉

I did something this past weekend that I’ve not done since Ulduar released back in April.  I took the weekend off from raiding any 10 mans.  I had several people ask me to come in and help and I said “no”.  No, I don’t want to take my alt to heal.  No, I don’t want to take my main and heal.  No, I don’t want to bring in a DPS class to help out.  No, I don’t want to lead a raid you are fully capable of leading.

Instead I spent some time doing other things.  Things like Houswork (I never thought I’d say housework was more enjoyable than WoW, but it was).  I finally got around to unpacking all of my books from when I moved 4 months ago (just a few more boxes left!).  I hung some pictures that never got hung after the move.  I finally got my stereo set up.  My aparment almost looks as if it’s actually occupied by people trying to make it a home.  I cooked all of our meals over the weekend.  I made some truly delicious shrimp.  I tried my hand at grilling corn on the cob (it was also very yummy!).  I grilled filets.  I made apple dumplings and one of my childhood favorites, Monkey Bread!

And I realized how much I missed doing these things.  I like to cook.  I like to bake.  I like to veg out in front of the TV and watch horrible programming (E! True Hollywood Story, I’m talking about you!).  I like being able to play and then walk away from my computer for any reason at any time with no consequences, other than perhaps running back to my dead corpse.

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Just Say No: Taking Time for Yourself.   6 comments

No, I am not trying to I am not trying to bring back Nancy Reagan, mullets or acid washed jeans.  What I am trying to advocate is something that I, personally, really suck at:  making sure that you know how, and when, to take some time to yourself.

Everyone plays WoW in different moderations and for varying reasons.  I happen to play wow a lot.  No, really.  You know that log in tip that pops up and says “everything should be taken in moderation, even WoW”?  Yea…blizzard wrote that tip for people like me 😛

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