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Kitai’s Prot Warrior Power Auras   2 comments

I’ve had a few people ask me about the power auras that I use for characters other than my druid.  I’ve been slowly working through posts of the auras that I’m using for both my warrior and my paladin, and via a very informal poll on Twitter on which set I should post next, the warrior won out.  I’m going to go ahead and throw out that I’m a mediocre to decent tank, and I’m certainly no Xav.  I play my tank largely for fun, and I’m far from an expert on Warrior tanking.  As such, you may find that the minimal auras that I use for Kitai’s tanking are insufficient for your tanking needs – and that’s fine!  What I tend to use my auras for are things that I tend to forget, think are important, and want to be reminded to make use of the ability.  You may find that you need more, or less, from your auras.

Before we get into the pictures and exports, I want to comment on my style. When I was learning Power Auras, the person that helped me learn the mod had told me that he tends to use icon settings so that he remembers what each setting is for, indicating that when he just used auras and squiggles and what not, he tended to forget what each “aura” indicated.  As I went on my Powa journey, I found that this was true for me as well, so all of my settings will mirror icons.

Now, there is no “right” way to do this, so if you prefer “auras” and that works better for you, you should set those up!  Everyone will find that something works different for them, and should experiment until they find something they feel comfortable with.

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Monday Musings: Brain Dump Edition.   6 comments

Last week I had the luxury of being a complete and total bum.  That is to say that I took vacation time with the sole purpose of pretty much doing, well, nothing.  Ok, that’s not entirely true.  I had wanted to get old update posts hosted on a different web host transferred over to the new host before the paid time expired on the old host.  However, my laziness won out and that task totally did not happen.

Sometimes you just need a week of lazy.  But lazy or not, the world (of warcraft) still turns.  And things must go on.  So in order to get back into the swing of things, I thought I should go ahead and let everything that has been gathering in my brain for the past week air out, so that I can perhaps get some fresh thoughts in the old belfry.

On Raiding

We have started work on our 6th hard mode: Conclave of Wind.  We spent about 3.5 hours with it last night, trying to work through the kinks and really with a few tweaks I think we should net a kill fairly soon.  We had the basic issues that everyone has with Rohash’s platform – but as people got more comfortable with it the mistakes slowed down.  We didn’t really have issues with surviving the ultimates – and generally had both Rohash and Anshal down to ~30% before entering the second ultimate.

Really, the only bad thing about the encounter, in my opinion, is that it is very reminiscent of Vaelstraz in the wipe/run back repeat approach.  When first learning the fight, you tend to wipe very early into it…repeatedly.  With there being no trash to clear, and the wipes coming very close together, this means that you have wipes in very quick succession while trying to work through all of the mechanics/kinks.  That in and of itself is one of the challenges in the encounter to my mind.  It’s hard to keep people fresh and on their toes for wipe after wipe, with little or no reprieve in-between.

It’s my hope that we can shore up this encounter and net a kill tonight so we can start a new hard mode next week – but it may take us another night or two to work through everything.

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Dear Ghostcrawler, I Promise I’m Trying! I Really Am!   21 comments

A while back Ghostcrawler wrote a post regarding the relative difficulty of dungeons and their heroic counterparts.  He said a lot of things in that post that made me really respect him a lot more than I already did, but for the purposes of this story I want to highlight a bit of the post that has to do with group coordination – and more specifically crowd control.

Tanks, you can’t pull and AE every group in a Heroic (again, until you overgear the content). It’s a good idea to crowd control at least one target — and sometimes two. As long as you have someone with a long-duration and/or renewable crowd control and someone else with a short crowd control such as a stun or even a snare, you should be fine.

Before I get to exactly why I’m highlighting this, I want to look again to commentary that Ghostcrawler made.

This time I’d like to point you towards a post he made regarding tank threat, more specifically he talked about how sometimes when pulls go bad, it’s not always the tanks fault.  In fact, sometimes other players in the group are equally, if not more, responsible for supposed “poor” tanking.

We do want players to pay attention. We don’t think it’s too much to ask for DPS and healers to wait a couple of GCDs for the tank to get the enemy under control — we’re not asking for five stacks of Sunder Armor these days

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Green and Glorious   6 comments


Friday night Kitai hit 80.  WooHoo!

In the weeks that I have been leveling her I have been gathering gear for her so that when I hit 80 I wouldn’t be laughed out of LFD as I made my early attempts at tanking heroics.  Like most problems in life and WoW, you can solve them by throwing a little money their way.  And so I threw a little money and crafted myself the starting tank gear, and while I was at it, made myself a couple of “treats”, being the two 245 crafted items.  (P.S. Screw titansteel.  No, really.  What a huge pain in the patooty that every last single item for plate wearers takes massive amount of titanstell!).  I had also made sure that every day that I played Kitai I did they daily dungeon, which at level 70 starts awarding 2 emblems of triumph.  In those 10 levels, I had managed to collect enough emblems to buy one of the 30 emblems items at 80.

I was very close to 80 going into the weekend, and so I knew my goal would be to hit 80.  Friday night when I got home, I was halfway there, so I hunkered down to finish it out…only to be distracted when Brade got home and asked ‘want to go out for dinner”.  So few hours, and a couple of peachbellinis later, I was back at home, a little giddy, and ready to get down to business.  I was sooooo close!

Brade was sleepy and headed to bed early, but I was on a mission.  80 or bust!  I was starting to get sooooo sleepy, but that little leveling bar was so close to full!  Just a few more quests, I can do it!  And sure enough, 5 quest turn ins later I had succeeded and immediately logged.  I was tired!  Training could wait for the morning. Read the rest of this entry »

And This Is Why There Are No Tanks…   44 comments

When Kitai hit 70, after much encouragement from our resident prot warrior, I decided that if I had enough gold on her after purchasing my epic flight I would dual spec her prot.  As the level came, I got her all the “cobalt” tanking gear crafted, added up my defense and hit the dual spec button.  My first reaction was “OH GOD WHY ARE THERE SO MANY BUTTONS?!?!”.  And then, panic.  I was positive that I had just flushed my 1,000 gold down the drain and that I was never going to tank on this toon.  I mean, I had more than two full bars of “useful” buttons.

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