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Make A Memory: Felwood   10 comments

Felwood. For some reason I have always really enjoyed this zone. I find its somewhat spooky, corrupted ambiance charming. I haven’t actually quested in Felwood in quite some time, I brought Elentari out to Felwood to quest, and despite the darkness of the zone I found it to still be beautiful.

One of my first memories of Felwood was when I was leveling Earen. Here I was, new to the game, having never left Kalimdor, and minding my own business in Ashenvale. I was doing some quest or another that sent me out to look for some hard to find item, when out of the blue BAM – I was wolf fodder. I recall being terrified of going back into the zone as I was leveling because I had no idea how I was ever going to manage taking out those damn wolves. And believe me, since that day they got a taste of me, they remember my scent and want more!

One of the best things in Felwood is sadly missed these days, as it had to do with the three ancients that told you the tale of Rhok’delar. The trees came to life as they sent you on your journey, and it was absolutely amazing to witness. If you’ve never seen it, see if you can find a hunter willing to farm for the Petrified Leaf and go through the quest line. It really was one of the most amazing quests that Blizzard put into the game. Not only that – it taught you how to hunter. It’s truly a shame that they left this model after MC. (For what it’s worth the story line for Benediction was one of the best hidden snippets of lore in the game, I’d recommend that as well!).

I suppose some of my fondness for Felwood may have come from the sheer amount of time that I spent in the zone. I would go there before and after raids, as well as on the weekends to harvest Night Dragon’s Breath and Gromsblood. I suppose that I always found the zone eerily peacful – even during all of the hours that I spent farming.

I also remember the Warlock’s quest sending you into the demon filled caves to purchase goods for your mount. I remember the silver lasso quest line, where you needed to obtain the blood red key to free a captured lover.

I remember the death runs through the timbermaw tunnel because it used to be such a pain to gain the reputation to freely pass through the cave – and you know that the first time you want to go there is to turn in the quest from Mauradon. I remember farming timbermaw rep for agility enchants back when it was nauseatingly slow. I remember when there was only one flight path and it took you almost as long to run the length of the zone as it did to traverse STV! I remember the first time that the alchemist at the horde camp wanted me to test her concoctions on her cat and jumping when it grew huge.

I think I certainly have very fond memories of this zone, and while I certainly enjoy it, I don’t think I feel as attached to it as I do some of the other zones. I am very interested to see what changes are brought to Felwood with Cataclysm.

What memories do you have of Felwood?

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Make A Memory: Stranglethorn Vale   9 comments


Stranglethorn Vale.  Loved by some, hated by many.  Me?  I fall into the “love” category.  Of course, that could be partly because the first few times that I traversed this wide expanse of jungle I got to cheat.  Aspect of the Cheetah and Travel Form make the long runs back and forth along the coastline here fairly tolerable.  Of course, now a days all the of whipersnappers have mounts…they do not know they pain of running up and down the Vale, barefoot, both ways!  Of course, being on a carebare server, I don’t have any of the war stories that some of my PvP counterparts may have to share.  If you ask nicely, I’ll bet some of them might even show you their scars!


One of the things that I always loved about this zone was the immersion into the jungle.  Everything is so green and lush and, well, exotic.  The first quests that you are directed to in the zone, for both factions, take you on a Safari, of sorts, with Hemit Nessingwary.  I always loved the “hunting” aspect of that quest chain.  Now, I will freely admit that I think I have only completely “The Green Hills of Stranglethorn” on a total of two characters.  And on my second time through, I bought all those damn pages!


There is some absolutely wonderful troll lore to be found in this zone, and the architecture that you see everywhere reminds you that there are most definitely things that go bump in the night.  I love the detail that was put into the zone, from the flowers, to the story lines that you encounter.  And maybe I’m a bit of an oddball, but I almost always hit up STV while questing.  It’s a good 15 levels of jungle fun if you start the zone as soon as those Nessingwary quests become available to you.  Even with all the the running back and forth, there is always something delicious to catch your eye and enjoy.


There are a few quests that stick well in my mind in this zone.  The first one being tracking King Bangalash and gathering his head.  Sure…it may seem easy now!  But when that sucker was elite, he was HARD!!!  I remember the first time I ever pulled him, and I thought I was kicking ass…and then the adds came and ate my face.  Ouch!  I remember thinking to myself “I’m going to tame that sucker” and sure enough, I went back and acquired the great white tiger as my companion.  As a matter of fact, he is still in my stable.


The second quest that really plays on my memory is the one that you have to go into that damn ogre cave and get, is it Dizzy’s eye?  I don’t think I have completed that quest without wiping at least one time.  And those ogres out there are mean!  Of course, my opinion has nothing to do with agroing them as I searched for Bagthera.  Nope, not at all!

Or how about those damn blue pearls!  What do a bunch of goblins and gnomes need with blue pearls anyhow!  Don’t they know how dangerous that coral reef is?!


Of course, you can’t have a coastal environment without having pirates and buried treasure!  I can’t recall how many times that little goblin protecting Booty Bay saved my bacon when a deal with the pirates went sour.  We also won’t talk about how many times I may have had to run back to a certain set of pirate ships after agroing 3/4 of the ship!  Oh, and don’t forget to find the map for Cortello’s riddle on the boat.  What an amazing quest line.  There aren’t quite enough riddles in WoW anymore.

Of course, no good pirate is any good without his Snuff and Rum!  Yo-ho Yo-ho!  *ahem*  Sorry…got a bit carried away there.


All in all, I really enjoy Stranglethorn Vale.  Even if you are in the zone for many, many levels, I have always enjoyed the time that I spent there.  I am curious to see what changes Cataclysm brings to this coastal area.

So, how about you?  Do you love or hate Stranglethorn Vale?  What memories do you have of the zone?

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Make A Memory: Western Plaguelands   9 comments

Western Plaguelands.  Most people’s first opportunity to join forces with the Argent Crusade in their fight against the Scarlet Crusade and the Scourge.  It is also most people’s first experiences with the lore of Arthas, and how these areas became plagued.  Personally, I love the lore in the Plaguelands more than any other zone in the game…through all three expansions.  These were the end zones of vanilla WoW, and I think that they were fabulously done.  The lore is rich, and the zones are very immersive.  Down to the quest where you dress up as a member of the Scarlet Crusade to infiltrate their ranks to gain information.

Most horde will start out at the Bulwark…where you were lucky to have Lord Barov alive.  Actually you were pretty lucky to have any of the NPCs alive if there were alliance doing their Barov quest.  It is here that you get recruited into the Argent Crusade, in their fight to preserve Azeroth.


Of course, part of that journey takes you into the lost town on Andorhal.  Where you couldn’t get in or out without agroing half of the damn zone.  Or looking through those tomes only to be cursed time and time again, trying to uncover the history.  I remember when you had to complete “All Along The Watch Towers” to spawn A’raj, and that A’raj was bugged.  When it took a full group of people to kill him, and the death runs back praying that you returned in time to loot the mystic box for your quest item before it despawned.

Let’s not forget our first forays with Chromie here either!


Western Plaguelands had a ton of quests, but most of them were hidden at the cauldron camps.  You were sent out to the camps, but unless you were curious, you likely missed many of the quests in the zone.  Of course, it’s in completing these quests that you found a lot of the lore of Azeroth.  Such as how Jeramiah Peyson came to be lonely, sad, and selling cockroaches under the stairs in the Undercity.


One of the Heroes of Azeroth that you learn of is Uther.  Of course, while most people may remember him for his deeds, the Horde were required to defile his tomb.  Which of course PvP flaged them.  Which, much like the Barov Family, meant world PvP.  Of course, if you let those memories go, the Tomb is a very beautiful place in Western Plaguelands.


Many of my memories of Western Plaguelands are from Scholomance.  I was one of the first group of people on the server to clear out this zone in a 5 man group and obtain my Barov Peasant Caller.  Believe it or not these trinkets used to be worn like a status symbol “look what I did”.  Scholomance was hard.  Before they removed all of the trash, and made it a slightly more friendly zone, it would take a 5 man team more than 5 hours to do a full clear of the zone with quests.  I still remember the other 4 people I cleared this zone with, including the shadow priest who healed us through it, and how he would artfully stay out of combat until he was sure we had a good pull…so that he could rez if we did it poorly. 

Even now I still clear this zone while leveling if I can.  I think it was beautifully zone, the lore within it is fantastic.  If you haven’t done this zone in its entirety, inclusive of all of the quests, it really is worth going back and checking it out.

How many people know how to activate the teacher and students in the library?  How about purchasing the recipe for Major Mana Potions?


Of course, part of the rich lore out here is dealing with the Scarlet Crusade.  However…that isn’t what I remember about this particular tower.  Enchant Weapon: Crusader.  This is the only place that it dropped.  If you wanted it, and believe me it’s value was well worth it, you spent many hours in this tower.

However, this is also where Tirion came out and kicked some serious ass avenging his son.  This is quite honestly one of the best quest chains in the game.  A lot of the lore that we find in Northrend starts here.


I will always remember Hearthglen as that area you accidentally wandered into and got your ass handed to you by the elites at the gate.  That is until you were disguised to infiltrate their ranks and could move about freely.  Of course, the area itself is also very beautiful, which is part of why I enjoyed it so much.


Really, the best thing about this zone is how much you learn about Azeroth while experiences the area.  I think that in all of the quests and zones that Blizzard has done, in all three expansions, this is one of the best areas.  I truly enjoyed this zone, and I hope that there isn’t much changed in Cataclysm.  I would be very sad to lose the lore that was built here.  And honestly, I don’t think there is much to improve on quest wise!

What experiences do you have with Western Plaguelands?  What memories were made in this zone for you?

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Make a Memory: Undercity   4 comments

Undercity is one of those towns that you either love or you hate.  Me?  I love it.  Largely because I am fascinated with the Forsaken lore.  When I first came to horde, I will admit that I was constantly lost in Undercity.  Much like when I roamed in Ironforge or Stormwind, I needed my map 100% of the time to locate where I was going.  Wait…who am I kidding?  I still need my map to know where I am going!  Outside of the lore Undercity has many fond memories for me.


My first experience, and memory with Undercity was as newly minted 60 hunter. See, on alliance there was this crazy little gnome rogue named Hatter. He loved his PvP and would go into horde towns just to stir up trouble. Somehow one night he asked “anyone want to come to Undercity with me?”, and I was like “why not”. And so we went…with him stealthing inside the city and attacking aboms to draw the horde out to us. Ultimately the few of us that tagged along ended up meeting our demise, but it was still a lot of fun!


I think part of what draws me to undercity is the history. The legend behind it. Here we have what was once a beautifully built alliance stronghold. A town of legends and kings. So much so, that one of them is still even interred here!


Yet, Undercity has been abandoned…forsaken, you could say! But even in the ruins, some of the original beauty can still be seen in the structures. And if you look hard enough, you will find plenty of pieces of Undercity history around the town. Not to mention a few famous folks…have you ever looked at the names of the bankers in Undercity?  (10 gold if you can tell me where their names are from!).


One of my other fond memories of Undercity also comes from my days on alliance.  Have you ever done Scarlet Monestary as alliance?  Have you ever had to run to Scarlet Monestary as alliance?!  If not…it’s a real treat.  The “safest” route was often to swim/run around the back side of Undercity.  Let me tell you…it’s a daunting task at such a low level!  But it is also mysterious.  “What’s inside these walls?”, I often wondered!  It also was interesting completing your Barov quest…with the Barov brother so close to a horde capital!


I will also never forget all of the running to Undercity while questing in Western Plague Lands.  You’d think they would have put a close flight path in for us!  Of course, there are also all of the memories and hauntings in WPL that send you into Undercity to seek out their lost loved ones.  And honestly…where else can you buy a pet cockroach?!


I am interested to see what changes will come to Undercity with Cataclysm.  Outside of my memories and the lore, I can’t say that I am as attached to this capital as I am to some of the others.  But at the same time, I think I would be sad if something drastic happened.  Of all of our capital towns, I do think that this one hosts the most lore, and I think I would like to see that it is preserved.  (Although, I was a bit sad to see the Aboms take leave of UC).  How about you?  What are your memories of Undercity?

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Make A Memory: The Barrens   2 comments

Today’s make a memory is a little bit different from the others that I have tackled thus far.  To date, I have generally covered zones that I really enjoyed and have fond memories of myself and hope that there are little changes to those areas.  However, today I thought I’d change that up a bit and cover one of my least favorite zones, and one that I am excited to see change (and from the preview data we’ve been fed, there is a lot of change that is going to happen here!).  Today, I am going to cover The Barrens.

I actually disliked this zone so much that the only character I ever did it with was Beru.  Anyone after that found ways to quest outside of the Barrens.  I would go to zones that were a bit high for me just to avoid having to do the Barrens.  The zone was extremely large, the camps hugely spread out, and you never had a mount for the duration of the zone.  Stranglethorn has got nothing on the Barrens!  On top of that, the zone was so…brown.  And well, Barren.  I never minded running up and down some of the other zones because they were absolutely beautiful to look at while you trekked across them, but the Barrens was largely just brown grass.

One positive thing that I will say about the Barrens is that there is a lot of Horde pride here in this zone.  It was “our” zone.  Granted, chat was horrible and I had to turn off the city defense channel because the non-stop “The Barrens is under attack” messages.  But back in the day, Horde flocked to this little starting zone and defended it.  It was a mecca of World PvP before BGs came, and it was the bane to every poor little horde trying to complete quests.  Some of my best memories of the zone were from Crossroads PvP.

In looking back on it now, there really are some pretty vistas that can be seen in the zone.  But they tended to lose their allure after 20+ levels in the zone.  Oh, and see that little green deer…yes my druid friends, you know what that is for!  And let me just say to my NE brethren, if you thought you had it bad in Darkshore, try having to heal your sickly fawns in a world PvP zone…or in a zone that people spent 20+ levels in!  Not fun.

Like all starter zones, there are Harpies in the Barrens.  Only I think we got extra evil harpies out here.  It must be from the heat and sun that shines down on them!  And they have a particularly nasty leader of the pack.  Oh…and unless I’m quite mistaken, if I recall my questing out here there was a total of two graveyards for the massive area.  If you died northish you got to run back from The Crossroads, and if you died southish, you got to run back from Camp Tarajo.  Did I mention how extra evil the harpies out here were?  Maybe it’s just my poor ghost feet misremembering!

Now, even Savannah’s have their touches of green oasis’ (oasi?).  And these little spots of green in the Barrens were aptly filled with lush greenery and lakes…and centaur.  But we won’t talk about those!  I did however spend an inordinately large amount of time in these oasi, so much that it came to be a bit of a joke within the guild.  You see, in Vanilla WoW, I didn’t have tree form to hide my terrible tauren casting, so I required many thousands of deviate fish in order to raid.  (yes…required!).  I would spend literally hours in these little pockets of green fishing.  It was this zone that fetched my “1 Ring”.  I will probably always relate the Barrens to their delicious deviate delights 🙂

One of the things that I like about the Barrens, despite all of the things that I disliked is that it was a zone, much like Durotar that said “I am horde”.  Everything about the zone had a certain…well, hordeness about it.  It was a zone for survivors.  A zone that was cultivated by those pushed from everywhere else, and built a culture that thrived regardless.  The Barrens is most definitely a zone that to this day I feel more “horde” as I pass through it, and honestly is a zone that I think defines all Horde.  Even though I never came back and quested this zone out after Beru, I am glad that I had the experience with Beru.  Because really, it helped identify who I am.

I think this is one of the zones that I am most looking forward to the changes.  To life, and growth, being brought into the zone.  I have already long decided that my goblin will be making a pass through the Barrens as she levels, because I want to see how the changes affect the zone, and how they effect the feel of the zone.  While I am very much looking forward to the savannah seeing a bit of growth, I do truly hope that it doesn’t cause the zone to lose its feeling and identity.  Because of all things, this is a zone that said “FOR THE HORDE!”, and no matter how much I complain, I definitely do not want to lose that.

How about you?  What are your memories of The Barrens?  Did you enjoy it?  Are you looking forward to the changes?

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Make A Memory: Winterspring   4 comments

Winterspring.  A place that few people frequented, even during Vanilla.  However, I have always felt that Winterspring held a serene beauty about it, and loved the snowy textures that were there!  Although, there were certainly times that I wish Donova Snowden would have done a few of her tasks for herself.  All of that snow made my feet chatter!  And who can forget Sian-Rotam, the great white lion?  How rare was it for alliance to have this beautiful beast, and how many horde were bribed into helping them capture it?

Of course, there is always the memory of herbing in Winterspring as well.  The only home to Ice Cap, needed for Major Mana Potions.  Perhaps that it why I so often frequented the peaceful white hills of the zone. 

There was also one of the best quests in the game in this zone: Are we there Yeti.  I still have my yeti guardian on any number of toons, afraid to use up his charges!  Of course, they added in a tranquil mechanical yeti that engineers can craft for you, so it’s not as much of a concern, but still!  Did you know that at level 60 your yeti guardian could solo Van Cleef?  Well, now you do! 😉

One of the other things that I remember this zone for was my Rhok’delar.  You may recall that I started my WoW adventures as a NE hunter.  I was the second or third person on our server to have this bow, I remember being frugal with my DKP so that I could get our first leaf.   I remember having friends come out and clear my path so I didn’t agro anything, or having them tell people not to interfere and despawn my demon.

 Of all of the demons, this one gave me the most trouble.  When I started this quest, I was a terrible kiter.  When I finished I could kite anything, and was an expert at the jump shot.  It’s too bad that the legendary quests don’t continue to teach you aspects of your class.  For this quest, I remember spending hours in Felwood kiting wolves up and down the road for practice (they were the only things that I had found fast enough to accurately portray the demon’s speed).  I feel that I can honestly say that this quest made me a better hunter.

To this day I still have my bow sitting in my bank.

Another thing that I can remember is bringing groups up here to farm for an Eye of Shadow for our priests benediction quests.  5 or 6 of us would trek on up to the demons and just wreak havoc until one dropped.  I don’t quite remember at what point they had added the drops in up here, I know that you used to only be able to gather the item from Kazzak.  None the less, we generally would have a good time in each other’s company as we tried mob after mob hoping to see one drop.

I have a sneaking suspicion that Winterspring might melt when Deathwing erupts the earth.  I really hope that it doesn’t, but it seems a prime zone for drastic change!  So, what memories have you accumulated with Winterspring?

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Make A Memory: Feralas   6 comments

Feralas is another one of my favorite places to quest.  In case you haven’t picked up on it as yet, I really enjoy the green, lush areas of Azeroth.  Feralas is extraordinarily lush, however almost to the point of seeming a bit of a rainforest, with its canopy of trees covering the zone.  I think one of the things that I really enjoy about Feralas is the elven ruins that you find throughout the zone, even if they are now taken over by the Gordunni ogres.  The structures are still quite lovely.  I wonder what happened to all of those elves.  I know that you learn quite a bit from the quests in Dire Maul, but it’s been so long since I’ve done them, I can’t say that I recall their stories with much accuracy.

I have a lot of memories of the zone itself from my years of playing.  I remember trekking out here and running endless sessions in Dire Maul trying for a Quel’Serrar book.  I remember Swazzy pulling shenanigans in Dire Maul, and coining the phrase “pulling a Swazzy”.  Although, he did quite enjoy his mad mind control skills!  I remember wiping countless times on the damn chicken escort.  I remember the first time I was here as horde quite enjoying the fact that I didn’t have to ride that damn boat everywhere!  And the silithid quest being perpetually bugged, which I am happy to announce that after 5 years if finally fixed!  I remember coming out and farming for Chimera chops with 3 or 4 of us having to make that swim to the island that almost kills you from exhaustion.  The awesomeness that was the warlock mount quest (and it’s a shame people don’t have to do it anymore!)  I think some of my best memories from WoW are in this zone.

I could probably go on for hours about my love for Feralas, but to keep you from falling asleep at the keyboard, let’s get to the pictures, shall we?!

I love the feel that the tauren bring to Camp Mohache, a touch of Thunder Bluff is felt in this outpost.

There are any number of waterfalls that you will find in Feralas, almost all of them lovely.  This one is right next to the flight master in Camp Mohache.

Here is some of the canopy of trees that you see throughout the zone.  I wonder if in Cataclysm we will have any deforestation here?  I really hope not!

The landscaping done in this zone often just takes my breath away.  I had about 6 pictures of different waterfalls in the zone, but Brade advised me that was overkill so I trimmed them down a bit.  This, however was my favorite.

Here are some of the elven ruins that you will find throughout the zone.  You truly get the feel that this was a thriving area for them, with Dire Maul being a massive capital town here.  Even in ruins the architecture is still beautiful.  Perhaps even more so than it had been originally.

I found this grave, all by itself, very intriguing.  There is not box to tell me who was laid to rest here, but it seems as if someone has recently visited to mourn.  These little tidbits around Azeroth are just one of the things that make the journeys here so great.  But they are also the things that you will often miss if you rush by everything.  I shared this with some of my guildmates who had been playing since vanilla and they had never run across it in their 5 years of WoW.

I actually just love this shot out on the coast.  The sunset is beautiful, and I enjoyed how I was able to capture it!

How about you?  What memories do you have of Feralas?  Are there things here that you hope don’t change?

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Make A Memory: The Hinterlands   12 comments

One of my favorite places in all of Azeroth is The Hinterlands.  I always make an effort to come out to this zone to quest.  I know a lot of people dislike it, but I love it.  I think I’ve done it on every character that I’ve got.  I think the troll lore is fascinating, and really enjoy many of the troll towns that are in the game.  I find this particular zone peaceful and tranquil, in a very sort of naturey way.  I think that this is the true habitat of the trolls of Azeroth, and I’m not sure if there is another zone currently in the game that exhibits it quite as well.  I also have fond memories of coming out and doing the Jintha’Alor quests, trekking up and through the cave for the Ancient Egg.  Dying as the runners got loose, or you made one too many friends 🙂

Of the zones that becomes drastically changed with Cataclysm, I really hope that this one doesn’t get destroyed.  I hope that the forest here stays mostly in tact.  I think I would become very sad if I came out here and found it a barren wasteland, torn apart.

I think it’s partly because of it’s rich Troll Lore, which I love (plus they’ve got great music!).

And I think it’s partly because of how beautiful the zone itself is.

What memories do you have of The Hinterlands?

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Make A Memory: Thunder Bluff   10 comments

When I first leveled Beru, I never spent any significant amounts of time in Thunder Bluff. In fact, of the three horde cities at the time, it was quite possibly the one that I disliked the most. I was constantly lost on the different tiers, and could almost never find where I was going. Outside of getting to Thunder Bluff, and being ported there to fly down to AQ, I am not really sure that I spent any time of significance in the zone.

Thunder Bluff

Which in hindsight, is a bit of a shame.

When I faction transferred my baby druid (formerly Berutoo, now Elentari), she started in Thunder Bluff. And because I wanted to go slow and appreciate everything before it all changed on me, I left my hearthstone set to Thunder Bluff for a very long time. As a result, I came to realize that I quite enjoy Thunder Bluff. The music is peaceful and pleasant, and once you stop getting lost (and frustrated because you are lost), it is truly a gorgeous zone. Sometimes I just sit there and listen, and relax. I go there for all of my Auction House needs and all of my training just so I can enjoy the town.

Thunder Bluff

Thunder Bluff has become one of my favorite places in the game, it’s just a shame it took me 5 years to explore and appreciate the zone. The lore is rich, and you see it throughout the zone, and appreciate it. The colors are beautiful and well done, and the scenery everywhere is lovely.

Thunder Bluff

Now that I have appreciated the zone, I am a little bit sad that it might change. I wonder what is going to become of it in Cataclysm, I hope that it retains is grace and sense of peace whatever else happens. How about you? What memories do you have of Thunder Bluff? Is there anything that you hope Cataclysm doesn’t change?

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Beru’s Make A Memory Challenge!   7 comments

Unless you’ve been trapped under a boulder that was hurled at you by a Gordunni Ogre, you are probably aware of the many changes that are coming our way with Cataclysm. Including significant changes to the original two continents of Azeroth that we were introduced to 5 years ago. If the hype we have been provided is to proved true, the worlds will be sundered and changed forever. As a result, there will be life in places that were cracked and broken before, and destruction in places that were formerly lush.

Now, before I had learned of Cataclysm, I had seriously considered making this my last expansion. But when I learned what was in store, I was hugely excited, and couldn’t imagine hanging up my mace just yet, and so I committed myself to at least one more expansion of the game. Because, well, who doesn’t want to fly into Nefarian’s lair to enter a dungeon?!

However, Cataclysm has done more than just get me excited to see all of the changes that are in store for us, it has also sent me many trips down memory lane. It’s been years since I’ve done anything other than rush my way to Outlands/Northrend in the old world. But now that I know that everything is going to be irrevocably changed, I have been taking the time to re-explore the game as it was when I first picked it up. The game that I grew to love, not with the fancy demons of the Outlands or the frozen wastes of Northrend, but with the original artwork and lore that was presented to me 5 years ago.

I’m leveling one last tiny alt before Cataclysm hits, and I’m taking my time doing it. I’m appreciating everything as it is now, because in six months, I don’t know what it will be. And that is kind of exciting. I’m in no rush to get anywhere. I run places instead of flying just to explore, and when I do fly, I often do it with my UI turned off just looking at what’s around me. Sure, I have memories of what this was like when I first encountered it, but like all memories, sometimes time makes them dusty. In essence, I am making memories that will be fresh when the world sunders, so that I can vividly remember what has changed. And my screenshot folder is busting at the seams as a result!

My challenge to everyone is to make, and share, your own memories before Cataclysm hits, and then revisit those memories after the world sunders and see exactly what has changed. You don’t have to do it on an alt, you can take your main and explore somewhere that you remember from your first experiences with WoW but haven’t been back since. But the goal is to appreciate what is there now, and explore how it changes. To remember things before it’s too late for them to be remembered! Take screenshots and share stories of new and old memories. But tuck a few things away in your scrapbook so that you have it to remember before it’s too late! And share them with all of us either on your own blog, or in the comments below, or even in my own future make a memory posts!

Coming Soon: Beru cleanses in Thunder Bluff!

Posted April 14, 2010 by Beruthiel in Cataclysm!, Changes, Just for Fun!, Make A Memory