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Building a Better Moonkin: One Healer’s DPS Experiment   11 comments

When Dual Specs came out a year or so ago, I trotted right up to the trainer in Moonglade and bought one for Beru. I opted for balance as her DPS build, largely because I just hate chasing things around as a melee player…and because I had leveled as Feral in TBC, so I thought I’d try something different and hadn’t played moonkin since Vanilla. Ok, I’ll be honest, part of it was also because Brade is Feral/Feral and he’s a good feral. Really good. He also has a hard time shutting his mouth, letting me learn my own way and not backseat driving, and I knew that I would not feral how he does it…and I just didn’t want to deal with him constantly looking over my shoulder telling me I’m doing it wrong. Thus a very neglected Moonkin was born.

I did all of the research on what I was supposed to be doing for a rotation, gearing and gemming. I watched Foofy’s “Moonkin for Dummies” videos (that’s not their official title, and they are incredibly helpful!), and got my first gear set together. I gemmed it, enchanted it, and carried it around in my bags. Now and again I’d pop it out at the target dummy, but I never raided as anything but a healer. And largely, I am more than OK with that. It’s what I’m comfortable with, and what I enjoy doing.

However, every gear reset, I would build up my moonkin gear again. Keep it gemmed and enchanted. And then ignore it as it gathered dust in my bags. Sure, I kept up with changes in the moonkin community. I made adjustments in my gearing and glyphing accordingly, but the most use the gear got was if I was putzing around trying to solo daily quests.

Once in a very blue moon I would need to pull it out to DPS farmed content, and people quite literally laughed. I mean, I can’t really blame them, I laughed too. As a moonkin, I was a joke. As a moonkin trying to lead a raid in a spec I was not comfortable or competent with, I was even more a joke. I would have done better just randomly tossing moonfires out in between heals and stayed resto, I am a healer, I heal. And largely I was 100% OK with that…until recently. Read the rest of this entry »

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The Moonfire is Strong With You: Learning to Love My Inner Moonkin!   Leave a comment

As 3.1 approached, we made a post on our guild forums where we strongly suggested that our tanks and healers consider acquiring (and work on mastering) a DPS dual spec for raid utility.  For me, I opted to take a Moonkin dual spec.  Yessssssss!  You must now fear my lazor-chicken!!!  Pew, Pew, Pew!!!

One thing that is important to me is that if I am called on to contribute in this role, I can adequately perform my function as a DPSer.  This is especially prevalent as we start to focus on hard mode bosses in Ulduar.  So…I started collecting off-set gear and went about my way to learn the ways of the space chicken.  I had done a decent amount of reading on EJ but still felt a little bit lost, until I found a wonderful “how to moonkin” video series done by Foofy and a discussion about moonkin specs by Graylo.

With Foofy’s help I had my gear gemmed and enchanted, I had all my glyph’s chosen and I had a rotation in my head.  With Graylo’s help, I had what I felt was a viable PvE raiding spec.  That’s right, step back now!  I almost look like a real Moonkin!  Armed with my new knowledge, my eyes wide with newbly expectations of my new super-fantastic dps abilities, I boldly set off where no moonkin has gone before *dun dun dun* the training dummy!

*sad droopy feathers* So…perhaps I was a bit optimistic with what I would be able to do.  I beat up that training dummy until I thought he couldn’t stand anymore!  I just kept hitting him and hitting him thinking the more I starfired him, the better I would feel.  But I just couldn’t seem to get past 3500 DPS.

Dejected, I started to pack up my feathers and spells, when the oddest thing happened.  That training dummy looked me square in my beady owl eyes and said “Much learning you still have, mmhmmm.  Give up you should not my young feathawan”. 

My first thought was:  WTF!  How did Blizzard manage to hire Yoda from Lucas Arts?!  And how much did they have to pay him to sit in Org all day and get the shit beat out of him?!

I was quickly brought back from my thoughts (can Yoda read minds?  I sure hope not!).  “Foolish are you to think you could master the force so soon.”  (w.t.f.) “So young, so ambitious.  Perfect will practice make you”.  And just like that *snap* that training dummy left me with those thoughts.

Ok, ok…I get the message Yodadummy.  Of course I can’t just read a few things and expect to be OMGAWESOME, even if it is me.  So, my master, I will go out and bravely use the power of the starfire in my quest to master the moonkin.

And practice, I have done!  I don’t often get the opportunity to pew pew, but I do take advantage of the opportunities that I do have.  I am not 100% comfortable with the spec, yet.  It does not fit like an old shoe.  I still have to watch my timers like a hawk, and if I’m leading the raid where anything wonky happens that I have to focus on I find that my DPS, well, plummets.

Even though I still feel kind of clunky with the spec, I try to keep a positive attitude about it.  I don’t hate it, but I also don’t love it.  It’s akward and different, and certainly not second nature to me.  I struggle on fights where I have to move a lot.  But…practice makes perfect.  I will only get better by giving myself more opportunities to improve.  Every time I DPS, I try to do better than I did the time before, I try to remember to summon my treeants before the bloodlust, I try to not botch an eclipse proc.

And…it has paid off (sorta!  small steps!).  I ran just under 4500 DPS on a Patchwerk the other night 🙂  Next time…let’s see how close to 5000 DPS I can get!

Pew Pew Pew!   Leave a comment

So, by the time the servers came up yesterday it was roughly 7:00 pst.  Which meant that I got to enjoy a very delicious meal with the man before logging in for havoc!  The first thing I did was purchase my dual spec on Beru.  And then respec’d twice after I screwed up my blatant theft of Greylo’s raiding spec, and yes…I suck at alt tabbing and short term mermory apparently 🙂

So…I naturally did the first thing any good Moonkin does after speccing.  /dance!  Oh yea baby!  Read the rest of this entry »

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