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Phew!   3 comments

I’m not an overly prolific poster, but I do try to post fairly regularly.  This past week though was tough!  We moved to a larger place, which was nice as we were living in a tiny 692 sq. ft. one bedroom unit.  But along with all the moving, comes a HUGE time commitment…and oh god, the boxes.  Please, no more boxes!

Why am I posting about this here?  For two reasons, so that the handful of you that happen to follow me know that I’ve not died and gone to tree heaven, and to give some tips on how to stay connected while doing something like moving!

We picked up our keys on Thursday night, and we turned in our old keys on Sunday.  Not only was I able to move, I was able to complete my Children’s week achievements and maintain our guild’s raid schedule without a hiccup as a result of our change.

Now, some people would say “Beru…you crazy!  Why worry about the game when you have such a big event occurring in your life!”.  And my response would be that the game, and my guild is very important to me.  I work hard to make sure that we function like a well oiled machine, and I don’t want to be the wrench caught in the cog that causes the clock to stop.  If there is a way to achieve both things, I want to try to accomplish that! Read the rest of this entry »