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Wednesday, er, Wonderings? Marvelous Mynn Edition!   8 comments

It’s not Monday, and I’m a bit behind on everything, so here is my weekly brain dump on, er, Wednesday.  But with good reason!  Which I will tell you about later.  Maybe.

On Raiding

Things are pretty static on this front, without much to report!  Which isn’t necessarily bad.  We snagged a second Baleroc kill (not without some effort, but it wasn’t too painful) and ended up with a good amount of time to flirt with Heroic Ragnaros for the first time.  Except it was a holiday weekend.  And no matter how many times you ask people to give you a heads up on their holiday intentions, it’s always a scramble at the last-minute when raid time comes.

That means we only got one of two nights to focus on him – but were able to go in an 24 man Heroic Cho’gall and Sinestra on Sunday with a few friends and family members tossed in to help.  Alas, she was stingy with her Shard of Woe, which made us all a little sad.  But Monday, with the healers showing that they don’t believe in vacations and free beer, we were able to go in and play around a bit with the big fire kahuna.  And it was a lot of fun.

I’m quite sure that after week 3 the novelty of finding new and interesting ways to wipe on Heroic Rag will wear off, but for now it’s still fresh enough that people seem to be enjoying the progress.  We have approached the fight with the mentality that this will take months to master, and each night we look at the next small step we need to accomplish to get to the end goal – a kill.  Breaking the massive encounter up into smaller pieces of progression markers makes the encounter a little less intimidating for me, and I’d like to think others as well.  While the end result is still a kill, we are trying to make sure that we don’t burn out our guild trying to get there.  Each small achievement is one more step down that path.  And eventually enough small successes will combine themselves into a large success.

We’ll get a kill on our time, and my only goal is to see that happen before the next content patch.  Personally, I’m looking forward to the challenge. Read the rest of this entry »

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Magnificent Mynn Update!   15 comments

A little while ago I did a post asking for help with my shaman. I read through everyone’s comments on the post and read a post on Power Auras, and made a few changes to Mynn (special thanks to Lash who took the time in game to help me figure out configuring power auras!). Drug was curious on how my shaman adventures would turn out, so I thought that I’d give a little update!

First, let me say that I have not completely re-gemmed yet. Most of my gems are SP/Haste, but I know that I should rock straight haste gems in my yellow sockets. I’m a’workin’ on it! Oh…and while I did enchant my boots since my last post, I got NEW boots that need a gem and an enchant still. I’m a’workin’ on that too! 🙂 Ok, now that we have that out of the way!

I made a few changes. Most notably, I picked up Power Auras and made some very minimal settings for things that I needed help with. Such as:


Keeping earthliving on my weapon. This was something that I absolutely sucked at doing. I’d go an entire instance/raid without realizing that I had forgotten to put up/refresh earthliving. That is why this particular setting is massive and “in my face”. It only comes up when earthliving drops from my weapon, and it will stay on my screen until I refresh earthliving. Needless to say, my absentee earthliving days are in the past 🙂


The next setting that I did was to let me know when Riptide was on cooldown.  While I had previously thought that I did a fair job about incorporating riptide into my rotation, I was flat out dead wrong.  I had apparently been a riptide failure!  I just didn’t realize it until I had something pointing out how god awful I was at making sure I kept riptide active.  The actual text in this shot is from MSBT, I need to go in and turn it off, as it’s repetitive and un-needed, I just havent’ done so yet.


Much like riptide, I never really noticed how much I let my earthshield fall off until I had something pointing out when it wasn’t up.  Now, I have GRID set up to show me when earthshield is active on a target but in the heat of battle would often look and see that it had fallen off, and I wasn’t sure how long ago.  I also really struggled at keeping it up when I was in 5 man settings and not using GRID.  This bad boy pops up when earthshield has fallen off my party/raid and needs to me applied.  Much like my earthliving reminder, it will sit on my screen until I refresh it.

Water Shield

And lastly, watershield!  Just like everything else, I was shocked to learn how frequently I was letting this drop.  This reminder acts just as my earthshield reminder above.

So, how did that work out for me?

Well, here are a couple of parses from raids I did with Mynn since my post, and making the changes to both my healing and adding a few power auras settings (you will find Mynn only in the 25N ToC portion of these parses, and the second parse provided had a fair few of our progression raiders healing with me, which means I was much lower overall on the meters, but my personal performance breakdowns were still much better I feel).  Overall I was quite pleased with the changes.  My healing shows a much higher diversification of spell usage, and much higher uptimes on both my earthshield and riptide usage.  The higher uptime on riptide also meant I had more uptime on tidal waves, which was significant as well.  And while I know there is a still a long ways to go, I feel slightly more confident in my abilities to heal as a shaman, and didn’t feel as if I was floundering around quite as much!

Mynn is still a project in the works, but one that I feel some improvement on and that I’m starting to enjoy a bit more!  As always, any additional suggestions on how I can continue to grow and improve are welcome 🙂

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Shaman SoS: Help!   21 comments

I am a pretty fail shaman.  Amongst other things, I constantly forget earthliving on my weapon…but I think I’ve gotten pretty good about keeping watershield up now!  I desperately want to unfail as a shaman, but I just am not quite sure how.  I am pretty stubborn and hard-headed at times, and generally try to figure things out on my own by researching, “reading the manual” and trial and error.  Unfortunately, these things aren’t helping me 😦

If you follow my blog, you know that my main is a fairly accomplished resto druid (Beruthiel).  What you may, or may not know, is that I also have each of the healing classes at level 80, with a Holy Paladin (Dannie), Disc Priest (Earenn) and Resto Shaman (Mynn).

It’s Mynn that we are here to talk about today (Hello, Mynn).

I leveled Mynn as pure enhance from level 1-70, and played exclusively enhance throughout TBC.   I was good at it, and I really loved it.  However, with WotLK I found that I didn’t care for the enhance changes and I decided I’d try something different and went Elemental giving her dual spec resto.  With the constant need for heals, resto became my main shaman spec quite early on in her leveling process, with Elemental becoming just a means to level.  And even now, my resto gear has so far surpassed my elemental gear that I’m not even sure why I mention she has an elemental spec.

But here is the problem:  I am not at all comfortable in my shaman skin, and feel like a failure of a resto shaman.  If mediocrity was my thing, I’d be golden.  But it’s not.  And I want to do well.

 My struggle is this: I feel that I’m a fairly competent healer, but I find that I struggle horribly with my shaman in just about most settings from 5 mans to 25s.  In 5s with a good tank, and DPS that doesn’t do too many stupid things, I am fine.  But, put me into a challenging situation (say, H HoR) with a slightly undergeared tank (say, Brade’s DK) and some DPS that doesn’t always assist and I just flail.  Give me a simple 25 man raid where there is just lots of raid damage and I can fall asleep on my chain heal button I feel OK…but put me in a 10 man, such as a TotGC where I have much more responsibility as a healer and I just feel like I can’t keep up my end of the deal.

I’ve done a decent amount of research, realized that I made some errors in my gemming/gear that I’m working towards fixing (silly shaman trying to gem like a paladin, get yourself some more haste already!).  I think I have a decent spec and viable gear, but I could be wrong, and I know that some of her pieces need upgrades (and her boots enchanted!).   Perhaps it just all comes down to that I just don’t “get” shaman healing.  I feel so clumsy and uncomfortable when I heal with her and often at a loss when it comes down to being in a pinch.  With my paladin, priest and druid everything feels so natural to me, yet my shaman feels so…forced.

The best way I think I can describe it is that with my other healers I feel that they have something they “excel” at, but my shaman truly feels like she’s a jack of all trades, and master of none.  Now from reading varying sources, I know that this isn’t necessarily true.  But for the life of me, I can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong or how to make healing on Mynn feel more natural.  Hell, I’d even settle for just being a more competent shaman healer!

So I ask you, my fellow trolls, tauren, orcs and spacegoats, what am I doing wrong?! (You will find Mynn in the normal parses, and to be slightly fair to myself both Nazyud and Virile are main healers on our progression team).  What are your secret tips and tricks in tough situations?  How do you remember to keep earthliving on your damn weapon?  (I swear, I never had trouble remembering to keep WF on them as enhance!).  Have I completely failed in my gear, gemming, glyphing choices?  I want to “get it”, I want to learn, I want to hear the wind, dammit!

Will trade the secrets of the grove for totem talk!

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What’s Up With Resto Shaman?   5 comments

Well…I did it!  Mynn managed to find herself at 80 on Sunday!  She’s such a big girl and grown up so fast!  I’m so proud! *sniff*

As soon as I hit 80, I went about my way spending lots of my suga-momma’s hard earned gold having some epics crafted to get me going.  I mean…a girl’s gotta look good on her first night out on the town, right?!  Of course she does 😉

I put on all my pretty new things, and set out on my way, mace in one hand and shield in the other, to see what kind of trouble I could find.  As I was doing this, I realized that we hadn’t see our raiding resto shaman in quite some time.  /sigh  Monolith is a shaman graveyard…no really, we are.  I can’t explain it, but we have been the last stop for many shaman since vanilla WoW. 

Of course, this got me to wondering…what’s up with Resto Shaman?  What makes them so hard to come by?  You always see recruitment open for them.  And once you have them, what makes them so hard to hang on to?

  • Is the healing boring?  My limited experience so far has been fairly fun, certainly more interesting than my paladin.  More buttons to push 🙂  But maybe shaman healing isn’t the cat’s meow?
  • Is the healing weak?  I don’t think so.  Our most recent shaman performed very well, and I have certainly seen other shaman perform very well.
  • Leveling?  As anyone that’s made a shaman knows, the first 30ish levels are just horrid, in any spec.  I think this makes the shaman a rarer breed in general.
  • The awesomeness of the DPS shaman?  Perhaps?  We have had one of our TBC resto shaman go elemental.  And I personally preferred the enhancement tree in TBC, and find the elemental tree immensely enjoyable currently.  Perhaps the DPS trees are just more interesting than the resto tree?  I don’t see how this could be though!  Riptide is hands down the coolest healing graphic in the game!
  • And then it dawned on me!  Totems!  That must be it!  All that damn button pushing every single time we move from one place to the next has burned them all out!  I do hate having to constantly drop all those totems (yes!  I know…I know nothing of totems you say, Mr. vanilla shaman!).

In all seriousness, though, does anyone else have a hard time recruiting and maintaining resto shaman on their raiding roster?  I’m quite curious if it’s just our bad karma or if it’s something in the gameplay that makes playing a resto shaman less enjoyable to play after extended periods of time.

Bits of Update Randomness

Last Hodir Kill: 3 minutes 5 seconds

Val’ynar Fragment Count: 23 (almost there!)

Number of Yogg -1 attempts: 3

Currently Reading:  Book 3 of the Sookie Stackhouse Series – still enjoying them!

Next Alt: Isulde – Tank time here I come!  RAWR

Looking for:  a mod that monitors my earthshield charges.  Any suggestions?

Meet Mynn.   3 comments



Now that we’ve got Yogg-Saron down in 25, and our 10 man can clear the zone in ~4 hours (which means I am raiding 4-5 nights a week instead of 5-6 nights), I have a little bit of free time to get back to things other than Ulduar for a bit!  I will certainly admit that this is a very refreshing, and most welcome change!

In some of this fresh free time, I have decided to move my next alt up to 80.  Right now, in addition to my druid, I also have a Mage and a Paladin at 80. 

When I first created and leveled Mynn, she was enhancement.  As a matter of fact, she was the only melee class that I ever really managed to get anywhere!  (I’m a princess…I shouldn’t have to chase mobs to kill them :P)  I actually had a ton of fun with Mynn and played her very frequently. 

The bottom line was that Mynn was bad ass.  I mean, seriously bad ass.  Harley Davidson, chick in leather, bright red lipstick, bad ass.

There is just something incredibly liberating about punching things in the face and smashing that storm strike button that I just couldn’t resist.  Mynn made me feel rebellious!  Free!  Thelma and Louise!

And then something awful happened.  Wrath of the Lich King released, and I really didn’t like the changes made to the enhancement tree…Mynn’s bitchin’ leather pant wearing days were fast falling behind her, and not because she couldn’t squeeze into them any more!

No…this hot mama is now sporting a much more, uh, unique, don’t get caught in a lightning storm, type of look.

She is now resto/elemental.  And while I do find that fun, I just don’t get the same feeling of liberation from mashing the lightning bolt button that I did from smashing people in the face with storm strike.  (Not to mention that fist weapons look WAY cooler than healing weapons ;)).

I am, however, enjoying her nonetheless.  I find shaman healing to be a lot of fun, and riptide has got to have the coolest animation of any healing graphic in the game!  She is currently level 74, and hopefully will see level 75 tonight so I can run some more instances and get a better feel for her new playstyle!

As I level her, and have new healing experiences with her, I will be giving random Mynn updates with any healing tips that I come across in my endeavors!  (I am currently toying with different, shaman-y, things in my Grid!)

Random Trivia Fact!  Mynn is a variant of Min who is a character from Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series.  She was one of my favorite characters in the series.

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