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Unplugged Part II   2 comments

It was my intention to have this post out earlier, but I caught the plague. Probably from someone on the airplane home, or maybe from Brade who caught it from someone on the airplane home. ¬†Either way, I’ve spent the past three days drowning in tissue, mucinex and OJ while lying on my sofa protesting to anyone who would listen that I was dying. It was fairly miserable and a pretty shitty way to spend the second half of my vacation. I guess at least I was at home and not at the office? I got to be sick without using sick days? Silver linings, right?

Anyhow! Back to more delightful animal photos ūüôā

The first day we were in San Diego, we drove out to the San Diego Safari Park.  It was actually a very cool place that has a heavy focus on conservation and study. We got to see a lot of animals in what is very close to their natural habitat and even some that  are close to extinct, or have been nursed back from extinction at this park.  My only regret is that we got their too late int he day to get to do the segway tour, because that looked like it would have been a lot of fun! Anyhow, here are some pictures (and a video!) from our visit.

I think this is probably my favorite picture from this park, it was almost like this little guy was posing for the shot!

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Unplugged Part I   3 comments

As I mentioned in my last post, I was taking a short holiday and then upon my return had a decent bit of time off. I had a really good time in San Diego and I am proud to say that I was completely unplugged the entire trip. It was…really good. It was also sunny and 75 the entire weekend that we were there! Brade and I walked around for three days, and were generally so exhausted (and a little sun burnt) by the time we got home we just crashed. A couple of the nights, after dinner, we stopped by and caught a movie. It was a nice break from everything.

Anyhow, I thought I’d share a few of the 600 or so pictures that I took while I was away. These are all from Sea World ūüôā

This one here is my absolute favorite from the trip!

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Lions and Tigers and Bears (Oh My!)   14 comments

I know that I mentioned awhile back that Brade was taking me on a holiday. Well that time is here and we leave bright and early tomorrow. We will be heading to San Diego with the specific purpose of taking in Sea World and the San Diego Zoo. Upon our return, we have some additional time off to enjoy as well. What you can expect from me over the next week and a half or so is lots of pictures, but perhaps not so much writing. I’m trying to take this time to unplug a bit, relax and sort through my thoughts. I do hope that you understand and enjoy any wildlife that may appear in this space until I’m back ūüôā

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Fairy Tales   4 comments

I wonder if there is magic in the air lately. Perhaps it’s just in my mind – but I’m doubtful that I’m the only one who has been sprinkled by a touch of fairy dust. Admittedly, I’ve been a devotee of Once Upon A Time, and have found myself hooked on Grimm. But I think I’m probably not the only one, or two separate movie studios wouldn’t be venturing into Snow White’s world.

But that’s okay, I’ve always been a fan of the Fairy Tale. What’s not to love? Good always triumphs over evil, the guy always get the girl, vanquishing evil along the way, and you can’t help but feel good at the end result. I’m sure that you are wondering where I’m going with this. Or maybe not, but I’m going to tell you anyhow. You see, I’ve been suffering some insomnia the past few nights, and last night to try and fight it I queued up Tangled and joined along as Rapunzel journeyed through the outside world. Of course, it was sitting right there in my favorites pile right next to Beauty and the Beast, and I could probably recite either show from memory, I’ve seen them that many times.

But as my sleep addled brain continued to work, and Tangled played on, I started to wonder what it is about the fairy tale that draws in so many people.

Is it the happy ending? Is that what we all ultimately all yearn for? Happily ever after? I mean, obviously the thought has merit and people buy into it, as Disney’s been selling it for almost a century. But is that really all it is or is there something more about the fairy tale that makes little girls, grown women and Julia Roberts playing a hooker dream of being Cinderella?

At first I wondered if it was the escape from reality that makes fairy tales so tantalizing, but the more I thought about it the more I felt that wasn’t really true. I mean, sure, wouldn’t it be divine if everyone had a Prince Charming that would ride up and sweep them away from life’s troubles – I mean even Pretty Woman grasps at this desire. But I wonder if the draw isn’t more the thought that evil can be conquered and overcome, and that’s something that we subconsciously cling to as we navigate our lives.

I’ll admit that as I lie in bed watching Tangled last night I was looking for…something. I’d had a long day. I felt pretty beat up on, and good lord is that high road exhausting. But why is it that when I’m feeling a bit weary, my go to is always some version of the fairy tale? Is it because I want Prince Charming to sweep me away and tell me that all of my problems have been solved?

As we watched this week’s episode of Once Upon A Time, I couldn’t shut up at how deplorable I found the Mayor/Evil Queen. Brade¬†advised me “You aren’t supposed to like her”, to which I naturally responded “well, good! Because I don’t!”. But the bad guy is what drives most fairy tales, when you think about it. Without that evil antagonist, there would be no princess in need of rescue, no realm to save, no children to free from the gingerbread house.

And you know, not only do the bad guys get the best songs, but it’s also very easy to incorporate the people in your life who you dislike or struggle with into those positions. It’s not a big stretch of anyone’s imagination to cast manipulative, difficult people into those roles. And in a way, I suppose it’s a little cathartic – because in the end the bad guy always gets his. And in a world where “good” is keeping your head up and walking the high road and “evil” is hitting below the belt, I suppose it feels good to think that what goes around comes around and think that good always triumphs. Even if that isn’t always true.

Perhaps in looking at this brain dump, my inner-child is screaming to get out, or maybe I just never grew up. And I will admit that if a complete stranger rode up to me and grabbed me, even if he was my Prince Charming, I’d probably mace him, not burst out into song. But in the end, don’t we all desire (and can’t we all see) a little bit of the fairy tale in our lives?

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The Hat Shop   4 comments

There is this delicious gelato shop a few blocks from where I work that I love. After I ate the (mostly) healthy lunch that I brought from home today, I decided that I needed some gelato and walked down to get some. Next to the gelato shop is a hat shop. Not a division of a store that sells hats, but a shop that is dedicated to nothing but¬†hats. Every time I walk by it I stop and wonder how a shop that sells nothing but (high-end) hats can stay in business. I mean, I never see anyone in the store, and even though it’s always very rainy in Seattle, you don’t see many people walking around sporting hats.

I remember the first time I went by the shop, and there was the giant Stetson advertisement, and I sort of figured that it mainly sold cowboy hats – and while I didn’t really see a lot of cowboy hats around town, there must be a popular market for them in the Seattle area. Maybe Bill Gates was a huge fan of the Stetson or something.¬†In the window next to the cowboy hats were “old man hats”. You know the ones I’m talking about, with the flat bill and the button that snaps down. My Great Uncle Ray used to favor them when he went out. But then came something I wasn’t expecting. In the window next to the old man hats were some of the most lovely ladies hats that I’d ever seen. I was mesmerized by the array of woman’s hats in the window. (And I had flashbacks of the Disney short, you know, the one with¬†Alice Blue Bonnet and Johnny Fedora).

Anyhow, every time I walk by the hat shop now, in addition to wondering how the shop thrives, especially in this economy, I always look at the ladies hats in the windows. Not only the hats, but the hat boxes. I’ve never had a hat that requires a hat box or has warranted a hat box upon its purchase. In fact, I didn’t even know that hat boxes still existed. But the hats are beautiful and have so much personality and panache.

Today as I walked by the hat shop, I again stopped and looked at the ladies hats in the window. And even though I’ve never really worn hats (unless you count the baseball cap I threw over my bed head on the way to class in college as I was running out the door…), I decided that I’m going to buy a hat from that front window.¬†One that warrants¬†a hat box.

I haven’t picked one out yet, but just because I’ve never worn hats before, doesn’t mean I can’t wear one now. And I intend to wear¬†my new hat¬†gracefully, with personality and panache.

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Down Time   14 comments

This post is probably really boring.¬† Just so you know.¬† You have been warned.¬† Feel free to pass it right on by…unless you want tips on how to make the most delicious ham in the world.¬† Then you should probably read it.

I have really been looking forward to this past week and the one that is in front of me.¬† Mostly because it meant I had some much needed down time.¬† In fact, I’ve had even more than I expected this week as we were able to do our first set of mount achievements in just one night.¬† Which subsequently means that we should be able to do our second mount achievements on Sunday¬†in one night as well.¬† And that means that after this Sunday I won’t have another main raid for a full week.

I strongly suspect that by next Sunday I will be chomping at the bit going “is it time yet?” as I feel the shakes of raiding withdrawal.¬† But until that time I’ve been taking advantage of the opportunity to step away a bit. Read the rest of this entry »

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Monday Musings: There Are Squirrels in the Walls Edition   7 comments

On Being Completely Off-Topic – Most of today’s musings don’t have much of anything to do with WoW, so if you came here looking for something druid, or WoW, related you may want to check back tomorrow!¬†¬†Today I’m going to talk¬†about the family of squirrels that have been living in the wall of our apartment.¬†

This whole Squirrel Saga started back on April 1st – which is oddly fitting when you come to think of it.¬† You see Brade heard what he thought was a squirrel fall down our chimney.¬† We called the office to inform them that a live squirrel was in our chimney only to be repeatedly told “sorry, we can’t do anything about it until Monday”.¬† After listening to it bang around and cry for 24 hours, we decided that “waiting until Monday” was insufficient.

The long story short – Brade¬†and I ended up contacting someone to come out and remove the squirrel¬†from the chimney.¬† Only to find out that it’s not a squirrel that had fallen down our chimney – a momma squirrel had gotten into the wall behind the chimney and had nested.¬† So there was now a momma squirrel and 3-4 baby squirrels¬†living in the wall behind our chimney.¬† The banging we heard were the baby squirrels moving around, and the crying we heard were them letting momma know that they were hungry.

Somewhat dissatisfied¬†with how things had gone to date, we figured¬†we’d just get it resolved quickly so that we can move along with our lives.¬† Only that didn’t happen.¬† Not only did that not happen, but on my first call with our apartment’s management the woman made me so angry that I immediately called Brade and told him that I wanted to move.¬† I hate moving.

He told me to wait a day and see how I felt then.

So I waited a day.¬† In fact, I waited over a week and a half to hear back from the apartment management (who was going to contact me “tomorrow”)¬†on how they were going to resolve this issue.¬† And still, we heard nothing from them.¬† Finally Brade¬†called them – deciding that almost two weeks was pretty much sufficient time for them to have gotten back to us.¬† And after that phone call calm, level headed¬†Brade¬†called me to advise me that “that woman” (the apartment management) was “a piece of work”.¬†¬† Not only did she deal with him poorly – but she actually hung up on him.¬† HUNG UP.¬† On a four year tenant.

Many phone calls later, including a conference call with the apartment management and a conference call to the corporate office, everything is still pretty much unresolved.  Well, that is not entirely true.  Brade and I pretty much resolved to move.  And now, 17 days after the original incident, our resolve to move is still pretty much the only thing that has been sorted out.

We went out this weekend and searched high and low for a new place to call “home” and were fortunate enough to¬† find a new place (squirrel free!¬† and with 24 hours maintenance 7 days a week!),¬†where we will be moving at the end of May.¬† (Oh God – the packing).

Why am I telling you this?¬† Partly because¬†the saga of the Squirrel has been dominating my life for the past 17 days.¬† (No, really, it’s driving me nuts!).¬† But mostly because I wanted to let you know that if I’m somewhat sporadic over the next month it’s because I’m packing, scheduling the appropriate appointments, and pretty much in a constant state of panic about the upcoming move.¬†

If you email me, it may take me longer than usual to get back to you, so please don’t be offended!¬† The same will probably go for replying to comments the closer it gets to our move date.¬† Also if I seem grouchier¬†than usual – don’t take it personally!¬† Just blame the damn squirrels!

(Oh, I suppose there is some WoW thoughts after the break…if you’ve made it with me this far!) Read the rest of this entry »

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