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Ask Abby Killed…News at 11!   2 comments

Ok…well, maybe not really killed!  Just made private =)

One of my guildmates stumbled across my blog yesterday looking for General Vezax strats.  So, now that I have been “found”, my private little corner of the internet has become a little less…well, private =)  I do not mind, but I did pull down my “Ask Abby” post in the event that someone else less…friendly, stumbles across it.  Right now the pond is very calm, and I’d rather not ripple it.

So, in case you were hoping to follow up on Abby, you will not be able to find the post.  I very much appreciate all of the advice that I recieved on the issue, you guys all rock!  I will probably resurrect Abby as different guild issues from either my guild, or other guilds, arise that I would love feedback on!

And…just in case you were curious, we did somewhat resolve the issue.  We addressed boyfriend’s behaviour, and player X was addressed and to date drama has been almost non-existent.  Hopefully this will remain the new status quo!

Posted May 28, 2009 by Beruthiel in Ask Abby, eh?, OMG You Killed Abby!