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The Snob in the Sissy Robe™   2 comments

Today we will spin the tail of the snob in the sissy robe, aka Earenn.  Yes, this little priest is turning into quite the prima dona.  It’s something else, if I may say so myself!

Yesterday was just one of those days.  So by the time I got to my priest I was feeling pretty snarky.  I logged in with the intention of doing the daily heroic with Brade’s warrior, so we could get rep and much-needed badges.  It was Utgarde Pinnacle, ugh.  I loathe Utgarde Pinnacle.  I have spent too many hours wiping on Skadi with any number of bad tanks that I basically flat out refuse to do the zone without Brade tanking.  It just isn’t worth losing my sanity over.

So I set out about my happy way to set our group up, asking in guild first if we have any interest (having been late, there wasn’t).  As such, I decided to take it to LFG and pug our way to the zone.  Because we live on the west coast, but play on an east coast server, we frequently PuG for instances because it’s so late by the time we get “free time”.  It isn’t always easy to find a PuG after raids when we have time, largely due to the fact that it’s after midnight for a good number people.  Regardless, through the LFG channel and the City general/trade channel I had a mage, warrior and death knight respond to my shout out for “LF3M DPS Heroic UP” in fairly short time.  Cool, the group was ready and it didn’t take too long.  Time to head out!  Power rangers HOooooo!  (uh…no clue where that came from :P) Read the rest of this entry »

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Laser Bubbles – Adventures in Priesting   1 comment

As I mentioned the other day, I’ve been leveling my priest up to level 80.  Having stepped down from leading the optional 10 man raids on our off nights, I now have all this free time again!  In this free time, I’ve pulled Earenn out of her hiatus and perma-position in Dalaran as my enchanter.  I’ve had some interesting experiences with her so far, so I thought that I’d share!

My current state in priesthood has me at level 76.  For 76 levels I have been shadow, and for 76 levels I have remained a terrible shadow priest.  No, seriously!  I’m not making this up!  It makes leveling a snap, sure, but I just cannot get the grip of shadow priesting.  I’m so terribly horrid at it that I’ve thought about completely dropping the spec altogether on her once I reach 80.

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Looking for Guidance on the Priestly Ways of GRID!   4 comments

This coming weekend, I’m going to be assisting one of our priest healers with setting up GRID as a trial to see if he likes it, as his current raid frames seem to be falling a bit behind, which is impacting his healing.  While I am confident in the actual setting grid up part of the project, I want to make sure that I am providing him everything that I can for priest healing.

I set my own priest up awhile back, but as she’s just a baby priest still (70), I haven’t really perfected, or figured out, what all of the pertinent, priest specific, information I may want to see.  I know there are the basics: Raid Debuffs, what I can cleanse, etc.  But what else is there and what GRID tools are there available for him?

Here is a list of things that I think will be beneficial for him (he is holy/disc dual spec):

  • Renew – I am comfortable setting this up with Grid Status HoTs for him
  • Power Word Shield – I have seen set ups using Grid Side and Corner Icons.
  • Weakend Soul – I have seen set ups using Grid Side and Corner Icons.
  • Grace – I have seen this set up with charges on it, how was that done?
  • Inspiration – perhaps just a normal corner indicator for this?
  • PoM – What is the best way to track this in Grid?
  • Power Infusion – I think this can be set up with either timers, a corner indicator, or an icon indicator.
  • Pain Suppresion – I think this can be set up with either timers, a corner indicator, or an icon indicator.
  • Inner Fire – I was thinking that just a corner indicator would be good for this, like I use on my shaman for earthshield and water shield.

So what am I missing?  What are the best ways to set things up as a priest?  I’ve seen a module for GridStatusShields, is that any good?  Is it worth recommending?  Gah!  Any help would be wholeheartedly appreciated!  I just really want to make this switch a pleasant experience for him! 🙂

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