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Have Progress Rankings Lost Some Of Their Credibility?   23 comments

Awhile back I gave some of my thoughts on my feelings regarding progress rankings. My thoughts on this haven’t really changed since the last time I offered them, save for the fact that I am now even more frustrated by them than I was previously.

The Current Source of My Frustration

Really, all of my frustration with rankings can be boiled down to recruitment. Whether I like it or not most potential recruits will start out by researching a guild via a guild ranking system such as Guild Ox or WoW Progress. Fine, I understand that people want to see how a guild is performing, if their
advertisements are accurate, etc. That’s certainly reasonable (even if I don’t like the ranking system). However, right now the ranking systems are flawed and knowingly reporting less than accurate information. This has the potential to have a very negative impact on guilds trying to recruit – especially if the potential applicants aren’t informed about the current reporting issues.

But Beru, what do you mean they are reporting less than accurate information?

Here’s the deal. Right now in Blizzard’s system, there is no way to distinguish between a 10 and a 25 man kill. Blizzard purposely designed it that way to push their “raids are equal” philosophy, I believe. And when WoW Progress and Guild Ox updated for Cataclysm the both said “we are just going to rank kills regardless of raid size”. Except that really ruffled the feathers of a lot of raiders – specifically those that felt that 25s deserved separate recognition.

So WoW Progress and Guild Ox, in an effort to appease their “clientele”, decided that they were going to try to bifurcate the two raid sizes and jerry rig a way to track progress from varying raid sizes. Only, really, they can’t do this with any efficiency or relative accuracy.

Now to give credit to both sites, they recognize that this is a problem. Guild Ox even posted a statement regarding the issue. And to try to keep things “accurate” they have both chosen to display a “10s rank”, a “25s rank” and a “T11 combined” rank. Now for both sites the combined rank disregards raid size, as was their original plan, and just ranks you based on your kill count.

The problem becomes the “10s” and the “25s” rankings – and specifically has a huge negative impact on any guild that opted to run 10s before starting their 25s (which is a large portion of guilds, including mine).  Read the rest of this entry »

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What If I Don’t Want To Be First?   10 comments

I could talk about the recently announced changes to the talent trees, and how it seems that the choice for creative builds is pretty much being stripped from us, but I’m not going to. I could talk about the Real ID forum change that has the entire WoW community in an uproar, but Kae already said everything that I wanted to say here: . I will just state that if the Real ID forums go live, I will never be posting on Blizzard’s official forums, for any reason.

Instead, I’m going to talk about some rumors. Well…in a roundabout way, I’m to talk about rumors anyhow. Really, I’m going to talk about how those rumors influence my thoughts more than anything else. I know, I know, you are probably wondering if I’m going to get anywhere with this, and I swear I am!

No, these rumors don’t have anything to do with how someone found all of Bashiok’s private information after he posted his real life name on the forums, or how he made his facebook private after said clever people did all of this to prove their point. Instead the rumor that I’m going to discuss is one that I’ve heard any number of times over the past few months regarding the top progressing guild on our server. To be specific, the rumor is that they are imploding, due to burnout largely caused by two months of beating their heads against HM LK.

Now, let me be completely upfront here, I have absolutely no idea if these rumors are true. I don’t pretend to know the ins and outs of guild politics outside of my own guild, and I only follow gossip with a very loose ear to the ground, and even then I take 100% of what is floating around out there with a grain of salt. But, what this post is about is the thoughts that have been floating through my head as a result of these rumors. Read the rest of this entry »

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Is There Too Much Focus on Progress Rankings?   4 comments

Keeva over at Tree Bark Jacket had a post today about 10 man rankings that got me thinking about something that has been bothering me for quite some time.  It’s something that I have complained about to friends with growing frequency.  I thought that perhaps I’d articulate my thoughts on it, and see where other people stood on the subject.

Yea, yea…I know!  WTF are you babbling on about?!  Beru do you have a point?  Give me a minute!  I’m gettin’ there!

I think progress ranking, and progress ranking sites, are killing the fun in WoW for a lot of people.

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