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Quartz Procs: An Alternative to Squawk and Awe   8 comments

I don’t usually do Moonkin posts, largely because I just don’t spend that much time as a moonkin.  That and while I do decent DPS standing at the target dummy, when I try to lead a raid everything is so foreign to me that I either do a shit job of raid leading or a shit job of DPSing.  So, I tend to let others DPS and I just stay where I’m comfortable…healing!  Now, I don’t claim to be an expert on moonkining, or even a very good moonkin, but I do my research and try to keep on top of things in case there is a night when I am asked to DPS in my raid.  But, this is also why I don’t often give a lot of moonkin advice…I just don’t moonkin much!

However, last night there was a conversation going about Moonkining, and eclipse tracking and comments were made about how Squawk and Awe was buggy for some people.  Since this was I problem that I had with that particular add on (things not updating, tracking being off, etc), I switched to a Quartz Module at the time that was called “Quartz Eclipse”, which has since been replaced with a new module: Quartz Procs.  I mentioned it, and it seems that a lot of people had never heard of the module, so I thought I would take a minute to highlight the addon.  While I, personally, prefer it to Squawk and Awe, in large part because it’s just less buggy for me, I will let others decide for themselves if they think it will work better for them 🙂

Here is the basic Interface for the module once you have downloaded it.  One very cool thing to note is that it does proc tracking for ALL classes (and specs), not just druids!  So some folks out there may find it useful for things other than Eclipse procs 🙂  There are also a number of customization features that I don’t utilize, but I am sure will also a few changes.  Once you’ve downloaded it, you want to make sure to go in and enable starfire and wrath eclipse (along with anything else that you may want to use the module for!).


Here is what it looks like with an eclipse proc, while the other is not on Cooldown.  Please note in these screenshots that the giant Sun/Moon are from Power Auras not Quartz Procs!  Remember that part where I said I had a hard time DPSing and Raid Leading?  Yea…those giant eclipse reminders are for me.  The basic “hey dummy!  Time to cast something else now” 🙂  On the right side of my casting bar you can see my DoTs, FF, etc that need to be tracked for uptime.  On the left side of the casting bar is where you can see the eclipse procs.  It will show you 1) The duration left on your current eclipse; and 2) The time on the internal cooldown before another eclipse of that nature can be procced.



Here is what it will look like when both eclipses are on Cooldown.  Again, you can see DoTs, etc. on the right side of the casting bar, and your procs and proc cooldowns on the left.

Eclipse CD

Eclipse CD2

Things that I really like about the addon is that it tells me which eclipse is available, and it puts the information some where that I am already focused: My Casting Bar.  It is very similar to Squawk and Awe, at least to my recollection, it’s just a different alternative.  I didn’t play with any fancy settings, so there are likely things that can be done beyond what I have done with my own.  So for those of you that were curious about what I was talking about, now you know!  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask and I’ll do my best to answer them.

Posted March 10, 2010 by Beruthiel in Add Ons, Dual Specs, Quartz