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Post Patch Day Thoughts   6 comments

Living on the West Coast has some significant advantages when it comes to patch day.¬† Most namely, the servers being live by the time I get off of work ūüėȬ† I did not have to sit around and wait for them to go live while twiddling my thumbs, which was nice.

I was able to get most of my mods updated, but I am still missing a few that I don’t know if there are updates for (anyone know if oRA2¬†updated?).¬† And for those using X-perl¬†as your party and target frames, there is a fix for the “target” issue over on WoWAce, just download the most recent “beta” version, and you should be fine.

By the time I got logged in last night, the server had already been live for at least and hour, if not two.¬† We¬† had 40(!) people online in our guild.¬† Most of them were already taking advantage of the new 5 man zone, I was still working out all my mods.¬† In fairly short order, however, everything seemed to be functioning, and I seemed quite ready to raid. Read the rest of this entry »

Posted December 9, 2009 by Beruthiel in Ice Crown Citadel, Shadowmourne, Strategy Planning

What to do with Shadowmourne?   3 comments

*Updated to reflect 11/18 datamined informtion for Shadow’s Edge and 11/19 for Shadowmourne.¬†¬†Updated information is courtesy of mmo-champion.¬†¬†Updated information will be notated in Orange.

Orange does strange things to people.  It always has, and it likely always will.  In order to prevent any sort of drama that tends to follow the orange pixels around, anyone that intends to step foot into Ice Crown Citadel should start thinking now about how to award the newest legendary, Shadowmourne.

Right now we know very little about the weapon itself, and if it’s very much like Val’ynar¬†we won’t know much more about it until the time is upon us to make the decision to award the weapon.¬† Great…once again we need to semi-blindly pick a good candidate without all the best information to base the decision.¬† Bleh.¬† Well, let’s review what we do¬†know about Shadowmoune:

  • Shadowmoune¬†is a two handed axe.¬† This will limit who may wield this weapon to 4 3 classes: Death Knights, Paladins, Warriors and Hunters.¬† However, based on the proc (explained later) we can effectively rule out this being a hunter weapon (more on this below).¬† *edit: Datamined information confirms that this weapon will only be equipable for Warriors, Death Knights and Paladins.
  • The weapon proc¬†is stated as such: “Your weapon swings have a chance to drain a Soul Fragment from their undead, demon and elemental victims.¬† When you have acquired 10 soul fragments you will unleash Chaos Bane, dealing 6849-7560 shadow damage split between all undead, demons, and elementals within 8 yards.¬†¬† *edit:¬†“Your weapon swings have a chance to drain a soul fragment granting you 40 strength.¬† When you have acquired 10 soul fragments you will unleash Chaos Bane, dealing 1900-2100 shadow damage split between all enemies within 8 yards”
    • The language “your weapon swings” I think pretty clearly indicate that this is intended to be a melee weapon, and effectively rule it out as a stat stick for hunters.¬† Feel free to disagree with me on this, but I am willing to bet that hunters will not be on the class limitations of the weapon.
  • It seems from the pretty cool lore¬†behind the weapon that there will be quests involved to upgrade the weapon to its maximum¬†potential.¬† My guess is that there will be three stages/quests for the weapon.¬† Some of the things stated about Shadowmourne:
    • To contain the energies that dance across its cold edges, Shadowmourne¬†must be hewn from piles of impure Saronite: the hardened blood of the Old God, Yogg-Saron, treated only by master metal-shapers.
    • To fuel its power to kill, it is vital that Shadowmourne¬†be drenched in the souls of the most potent servants of the Scourge as they are slain, one by one, with the unfinished blade.
    • To help break through the Lich¬†King’s armor, Shadowmourne¬†is to be adorned with fragments of the Frozen Throne, originally crafted by Kil’jaeden out of the ice from the Twisting Nether.

So, how do you decide who gets this weapon in your guild?¬† What is the best way to go about making this decision?¬† Let’s take a look at some of the things that Monolith is looking at in making our decision.

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